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12 Jul 2010, 22:55

Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite

Normally - being a diehard Kylie fan - I rush out to the shops on the day of release and buy whatever Kylie is releasing. Bit different this time. I was on holiday last week so everybody has already listened to what is new to me today.

I am, however, proud to say that I avoided the temptation of listening to a single one of the leaked tracks. Yay! So, what do I think?

All The Lovers We all know this one, the lead single. Great pop track. It gets less exciting by the twentieth time you play it, but still great all the same. 10/10

Get Outta My Way I'm aware that other Kylie fans have raved about this and demanded it should be a single. It will be, in September - apparently. It starts with this beautiful ABBA-evoking intro which leads into a stomping, typically Kylie anthem. It is excellent and one of the tracks that you know will be an essential signature track of K's in years to come. 10/10

Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) Unusually, on this one, I feel the verses are better than the very strong and infectious chorus. The verses have this strong production quality that I can't quite put my finger on. Then we're into the chorus which is typical Kylie storming pop-dance fayre. There's a lovely middle-eight in this, too. I did try very hard to find something in this one to dislike, but failed. And, after listening to the album in it's entirety, this is the one I've walked away still humming. It's another that scores... 10/10

Closer It's always a shame when an artist releases a new track with the same title as an old, previous classic. Not that the first song recorded by Kylie with this title was all *that* magical. But it was distinct for it's rave-generation cheese qualities. This song has a really nice production quality that desperately wants to become this reincarnation of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love'... but it fails and some of the high pitched vocals just end up becoming inaudible lyrically. That's not to say this track is bad - it is far from it. It's very, very good. It just doesn't quite have that 'X' hits the spot feel for me. 9/10

Everything Is Beautiful A slight change in pace. A little less frenetic, while retaining the electronic synths to drive along the more laidback beats. Vocally, this is getting a little better. Not excessively high-pitched, which makes a pleasing change. Problem is, this song goes absolutely nowhere. It seems as though they wrote a beautiful middle eight (which it has) then tried to write a song to fit it into. Not convinced. 7.5/10

Aphrodite The lyric line 'can you feel me in stereo' had passed into Kylie fan folklore long before the album had been released, due to a megamix sampler put out by the record company. So, title track of the album with writing credits part going to Nerina Pallot. Now, if this track had been on 'Body Language' instead of the dreadful 'I Feel For You', I might not have hated on that album as much as I did. In terms of having moved on and this album? Oh dear. Same old mistakes not learned from. Chipmunk vocals, desperately trying to record this kinda street seductress thang. It's not fooling anyone. Sing a proper song, love. Horrible over-produced cack. 5/10

Illusion Do my eyes deceive me? Is that really Kylie Minogue's own name there in the writing credits? Why, yes it is! What, and she's put it on the album rather than hiding it away as a B-side? Why, yes she has! It's a bit rubbish though, in honesty. She can write fantastic songs as anyone who owns a copy of 'Impossible Princess' will testify. This, however, is not one of them. File under 'filler'. 7/10

Better Than Today This reminds me of a song that Kylie has already recorded. Can't quite place it. Like something off the dreaded 'Body Language' era. To be honest, I really want to skip this. It's quite horrible. Instead, we are left wondering why a female vocalist with high pitched vocals at the best of times feels the need to sing a falsetto note. Wonderful Kylie, you can hit the note. Marvellous. But it's no 'Dangerous Game' or 'Confide In Me', is it, this track? One of the worst Kylie tracks of all time.3.5/10

Too Much Having seen who wrote the last one, I was rather relieved to see that this is a co-write between Kylie, Calvin Harris and Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters. Now, if you were to physically weld together a typical Calvin Harris dance track and a typical Scissor Sisters moment of camp dancefloor shenanigans, it would probably sound exactly like this. Odd that, huh? Nicely infectious chorus. 8.5/10

Cupid Boy I was in HMV this afternoon, buying this album as it happens. And they played this on the in-store radio. Which annoyed me. As, up until then, I'd mostly kept the magic of a new album by Kylie for this moment. When I heard it in-store, some of the higher pitched vocals were annoying. However... now that I'm at home... know what? I'll forgive her the high pitched moments now. This is a briliantly anthemic track in places. There are a couple of moments that could have been tightened but that's to not to detract - this has a glorious bassline that throbs away. And we even get Kylie's signature reference to rockets and space in here. Ever since 'Light Years', she can't seem to keep her feet on planet Earth for an entire album... good song though. 9.5/10

Looking For An Angel A Kylie co-write with Stuart Price. It's inoffensive enough. It even has some proper sounding instruments in it after about two minutes in. And that's a nice, strong part of this track. Not stirred by this though. Don't like the vocal delivery. The lyrics become irritating. Nicely produced in parts, but it's a bit... twee? 7/10

Can't Beat The Feeling Richard X has some writing credits here, I notice. This is an old-school Kylie pop anthem. And, after an album that has some very strong moments and a few duds, it's nice to know the album is ending on a high. Not much to write. If I say this is a Kylie Minogue track, that's exactly what it is. Nothing more and nothing less of what you'd expect when she does what she does best. Lovely middle eight that I defy you not to start dancing along to. I really like this one. 9.5/10

Overall rating: 8/10
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