Punk Rock Bible

The first in a series of mixes I made for one of my friends.

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Punk Rock Bible (King Dick Version)

Second in a series of mixes I made for a friend. (All with tasteless titles.) Missing a track from a local band, a song by the Columbine Kids (Jennifer Ain't Got A Brain) was supposed to be number...

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Punk Rock Bible (Queen Sarah Version)

Number 3 in a series of 5 mixes. Tracks 10 and 16 were live tracks off Live in West Hollywood.

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Punk Rock Bible (Numero Quatre)

Fourth and meant to be final of the Punk Rock Bible series. Was eventually brought out of retirement for one more mix.

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Punk Rock Beeble (5)

Originally with the subtitle, "If you don't like any of this music you suck and probably deserve to get shot". Final mix in the Punk Rock Bible set for my friend Katie. Having 21 tracks, number 17...

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Maybe an untitled mix cd? It has Frederiksen at the top of the paper, but I was probably just double checking the spelling of his name.

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Mix-CD Exchange

Made this for a cd exchange for the Tegan and Sara banter site. My cd exchange partner, Vikkey Packard, never sent one back. Then the blogspot owner who said she would send me one herself never...

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I Wish I Had Lady Balls../B-Side

The first 10 songs are sappy and remind me of a girl, the last ten songs are thrown on there because I don't enjoy 10 song cds and because the cd was made for a friend and not the girl. The Tegan...

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Best of Relient K

A mix cd I made for a friend that had never heard of the band, in like maybe my freshman/sophomore year of highshool. I made it back when I still liked them when Christian themed music didn't...

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But It Always Has To End

I think this was my mix for last fall, maybe even summer. The Camp Out version was from the I'm Not Really Scared ep, not the album.

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Dressing Bads Like Loving You

Sometimes I like to woo through music. One of three.

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Cause Six Is Not A Pretty Number, Eight Or Three Are Definitely Better

Another one of the three "woo cds".

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Plotting Your Own Death On That Denim Couch, That I Found Hideous, To Help The…

Third and (current) final of the three wooing cds with long lyric titles.

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Erring On The Edge Of Safe

Originally meant to be one of two cds (for a gift), this cd was given away to someone else and its partner cd "I Know All The Words" has never been finished.

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