• Best 2010

    24 Abr 2011, 19:13

    So these are the 2010 releases that I enjoyed the most:

    1,Kammerflimmer Kollektief,Wildling
    2,Wildbrids And Peacedrums,Rivers
    3,The Alps,Le Voyage
    4,Emeralds,Does It Look Like I'm Here?
    5,Samsara Blues Experiment,Long Distance Trip
    6,Serafina Steer,Change Is Good, Change Is Good
    7,Voice Of The Seven Thunders,Voice Of The Seven Thunders
    9,Master Musicians Of Bukkake,Totem Two
    10,Zeitkratzer,[Old School] John Cage
  • CMEM Mix Tape Number 75 - Fraternity Of Wordsmiths

    19 Jul 2007, 16:04

    Been listening to this recently. I'm in the custom of following Evan's posts and mixtapes, and I sometimes listen to them (don't have time to listen to them all). Anyway, lots of big names on this one, which drew me to it, because although I'd heard about many of them, i'd never heard some of them. Others were complete unknowns to me:
    Time Has Told Me - heard much about this guy, he seems to have a legion of fans, now that he's been dead for some time, but hadn't actually heard him till now. It isn't what I expected, and I didn't like it much at first. It's growing on me.
    Lately I've Let Things Slide - Never heard of this guy before; this track's got a country feel that puts me off, but its too soon to make a definitive judgement.
    A Man Needs a Maid - I really love Neil Young's soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man, but one thing I never could stand in him was his voice, and in this track its at its worst.
  • [album artist=Various Artists]Nuggets[/album]

    19 Jul 2007, 15:45

    Have been listening to this comp of almost mythical proportions (in a talked-of kind of way).
    The concept behind it, from what I'd heard, is to showcase bands that never made a big impact, but somehow managed to capture the psychedelic spirit of the spaced-out 60s.
    For most of the record, you feel as if you're part of the audience, on a beach-side shack where the bands are playing. Some of the lyrics are on the corny side of things, not least on Invitation To Cry, where the lead singer gets in touch with his most inner feelings, and tells us how bad he feels at getting an invitation to his loved one's marriage with another guy - amazingly it works, musically. Other times, things get really out of hand - Moulty is just awful.
    Anyway, the second part of the record sounds better, methinks.