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22 Mar 2009, 20:59

I'd like to say just right off the bat that I'm by no means a fluent French speaker -- I had lots of help with my French dictionary and still managed to have rough spots within these translations, especially on certain songs. Either way it goes, if you're a native French speaker and you've a better idea for a translation of a certain phrase, please comment on this journal; making the translations better would make me happy and I'm sure everyone else happy, too. If, however, you're just a passer-by, please don't criticize my translations too roughly; if they give you a better understanding of how the songs are supposed to go, then I feel I've done a good job. So, here we go! Translations for the newest & last release by Amesoeurs. :)

1. Gas in Veins
2. Sick Colony || Les ruches malades
Strolling past the gray hives,
I raise my eyes
Toward a sky whose uninhabited
blue sound nails me to the ground
more absent than me again...

In the life that I take,
each day resembles the other
and, wasp among wasps,
I offered my wings
to the pleasure of idiotic queens

The night and its icy glimmers
transformed the sick hive
into a beautiful palace of crystal.

Then to the small morning,
the sun unveils the obscene wounds
of these sprawling metropolises
where venom and smells
suffocate and rape the souls
that they keep in their breast.

3. Collision || Heurt
Dirty nights, sleeping days
I live each instant outside myself
Looking, calling without response
The skies are deserts.
Sad heart, I invent monsters
within every shadow.
In quest for light, I lost my brightness.

I looked for an aura, but I only found emptiness
I dived toward the bottom.
Filthy caresses are my only affections.
I advance more and more coldly;
Anguish weakens me.

I lose my balance; you didn't have to bump me.
The present is a wound;
What am I waiting for, what am I waiting for?

Dirty nights, sleeping days
I live each instant outside myself
So alone, I scour the road
now in order to defend myself.

4. Meditation || Recueillement

Be wise, oh my pain, you must be still.
You claimed the night; it descends -- watch it:
An obscure atmosphere envelops the city,
for some it brings peace, for others fear.

While the vile mass of mortals,
under the whip of pleasure, this executioner without mercy
will gather remorse in the servile celebration.
Pain, give me your hand -- come here,

Far from them. Watch the defunct years lean
against the balconies of the sky in outdated dresses;
the smiling regrets arise from the bottom of the waters;

The dying sun sleeps under an arch
and, like a long shroud leading toward the east,
hear, my dearest, hear the sweet night march.

5. False Pretenses Faux Semblants

The night doesn't end
I become tranpsarent
You disappeqr far away
I forget our existence.

Absence suffocates each visage
moves me away and brings me closer
to false pretenses
whose appearance I become.

And in this sad room
I grow older little by little
Your absence guides me
toward the silent walls.

Absence suffocates each visage
moves me away and brings me closer
to false pretenses
whose appearance I become.



7. Disrupt (Infamous Awakenings) || Trouble (Éveils Infâmes)

Again one of these livid mornings
Where anguish patiently awaits
for my eyes to tear up
in order to slide into me,
Nervous and deceitful;
To persist on an incomplete drawing
Of past years
While continually extending the lines
And obscuring them;
Coldly sweeping the least of my joys.
In my skull something bothers me,
compresses my brain
And without my knowledge regurgitates dreariness
On what lives, radiates the surroundings.
My first visions (enchanting):
A ceiling that taunts me, grinning,
Dismissing me to my clean confines.
Dripping walls and well-compared
to the heart of those whom I debate.
After a short reflexion
of a single thing in my head:
To lose oneself in blackness: the profound blackness,
There where simply nothing exists...
Just emptiness and the refuge of silence.

8. Video Girl
You cross me sometimes
without ever approaching.
By the time of your return,
I'd already disappeared
because I do not truly exist

I am the girl behind the screen,
he video girl
and if you call me, I will join you

When they listen to you
without hearing
I could remain with you,
rest my head on your shoulder,
drink your words and understand you.

Living in their world will not give you anything.

I am the girl behind the screen,
the video girl;
If I call you. Would you join me?
9. La Reine Trayeuse*

Traversing the streets atop my stilts,
I overhang the city ahead of the one who stalks me.

When evening arrives, the blades no longer scare me
Stiff as bishops that break the interior

Around me the world splits its vices
And onto the queen whore I spit
All of their spiteful anger

But I am small, dry, and so combustible.

When I get myself dirty
one dream dies after another.
All of these black faces take no part,
I offer it all and everything opens, violently.
When I arch my back they force themselves and slip away.

10. Soulmates Amesoeurs

Living alone, far from everyone,
Standing on the rooftops of the world,
I always keep my eye one you.
When the night encloses the city,
which kills hopes,
I will take your hand at the detour of a road
to show you the blue lights
and to follow the evasive shadows.
At the detour of a road, I will take your hand
to never let it go
and so that together we run
like fools in the dark avenues.

11. To the Twilight of our Dreams || Au crépuscule de nos rêves

They die painfully to the ground,
one after another, my trampled dreams.
Hope betrayed me and I remain there, dumbfounded...
a look of renunciation upon my face.

I took your evil, let it tarnish me,
devouring my innocence a little bit more.
More surprises now -- none,
and time escapes without change.
I make a fist -- I want to scream,
to break the ice inside me
that stagnates, deadens me
and prevents me from feeling

So many colorless days
What's left? You were everything to me.
Promises not kept,
my murderous memories.

* I'd like to add here that une trayeuse is a type of milking machine. Yes, it's caused me lots of headaches to try to explain the title, but I just can't. This is the song whose translation has kept me up at night. If anyone can help, please do so. That one phrase is so awkward in the song!


  • towps

    awesome. great post. thanks a lot.

    23 Mar 2009, 1:12
  • 0k0k0k0

    eh, you switched trouble and amesoeurs is dead. also, la reine trayeuse = queen milkmaid?

    23 Mar 2009, 4:04
  • saarafae

    Thanks so much for these translations!

    23 Mar 2009, 19:17
  • TedizXBW

    Maybe 'the milking queen' would be a proper translation then, as it's as implicite of its actual content as the title is in French. Anyway, great job. I got the general content of most songs by using a combination of highschool French and my knowledge of Spanish, but it's good to have translations so that I can understand them much better. For some reasons Amesoeurs are harder to comprehend than those of Alcest.

    24 Mar 2009, 12:15
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    thanks for this, loving the new album.

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  • rex_nemorensis

    You're translation of the last verse of Baudelaire's recueillement is actually the finest I've read. It doesn't scan perfectly, but the words you've used fit the sense perfectly. Amazing!

    6 Abr 2009, 21:37
  • A-pW

    Thank you for the translations!

    27 Abr 2009, 15:00
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    Merci and all that. I have heard that Baudelaire cannot be translated, so good job!

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  • schink

    Awesome translations! :) Although since I'm a native French speaker here are a few light corrections: x) In the second track: "Plus absent que moi encore... " would be "Even more absent then me" (but my english is a bit flawed so maybe what you said makes the exact same sense though xD) In Heurt you actually forgot a line, the "S'éteignent les lueurs comme de mornes attractions" one (between 'I advance more and more coldly' and 'Anguish weakens me') It could be translated as "The glimmers extinguish themselves like dreary attractions". Also "I lose my balance; you didn't have to bump me." could be nuanced into "you shouldn't have bumped me" to use the same verb tense as in french. In Recueillement in the second line you have "watch it" that actually translates to "here it is" and the "like a long shroud leading toward the east," is somehow wrong, in the song the shroud doesn't lead toward the east but just trails in the east (as if she was walking away from the East and her shroud was still there because of its lenght) Then you have Troubles (Éveils infâmes) with "Of past years" that would be "for years already" and the 2 lines: "Dismissing me to my clean confines. Dripping walls and well-compared" that actually go like: "Dismissing me to my own confinment. Walls dripping and far too close" Same 2 line light mistake in Video Girl with "without ever approaching. By the time of your return," that go more in the lines of "without being able to approach me. By the time you turn around" In Reine Trayeuse the "take no part," of the visages is actually a "won't lead me nowhere" And then in the elventh song you forgot "Juste ton absence qui m'insupporte," which would go as "Only your absence that I can't bear" Otherwise aside from a few minors mistakes it's really great!! ...and now that I've passed through it I notice the date when you posted it and feel dumb since this journal is probably forgotten far back in time! xD

    29 Mar 2010, 2:59
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    Thank you! You made some messy spots in my brain clear! Respect! ^^

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    Wait, I don't get it. What does "Video Girl" translate to?

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  • Robard

    This seems pretty dated for a request, but can I get the lyrics for the last section of 'La Reine Trayeuse'? All lyrics sites seem to end right before the break, English and French. For all I know, it's a repeat of an earlier verse.

    24 May 2013, 22:38
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