• The Power of Action, Words, and Music: Lovefest's Interview with Macklemore!

    3 Jun 2009, 22:53

    Hip-hop just hurt me so good. It left me with an overwhelming sense of inspiration, encouragement, and affirmation. It reminded me that music and musicians can really change minds, lives, and worlds. I am a big believer in being involved with social justice and community activism, and nothing makes me happier than when these two things are combined with hip-hop to form the ultimate trifecta. It’s rare, but if a musician pulls this combination off with genuine sincerity and commitment, I’m a goner.

    It happened with Macklemore, a Seattle-based rapper who just finished a tour with Black Clover’s Grieves and his partner-in-crime and producer Budo. read more, check out

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  • QN5's Substantial Makes His MTV2 Debut This Week

    26 May 2008, 22:39


    QN5 Music is proud to announce its network television debut with the airing of Substantial’s music video for “It’s You (I Think)” on MTV2’s Sucker Free – every day from May 27-29, 2008 @ 4 PM & 8 PM.

    This Watch it! DVR it! YouTube It! Whatever you do…DO NOT MISS QN5 on the biggest music channel on television. And THEN, let your voice be heard by MTV and show them that you support Substantial and the New Hip Hop movement. We can’t stress this enough – this is a huge moment for us – let’s make good on the forward momentum and flood them with emails and positive comments.


    If we can show the world there’s enough of a buzz, this will open the doors for the rest of the qn5 collective. So, if you’re a CunninLynguists fan or a Tonedeff fan, or a PackFM fan, etc…show love for Substantial. As you can see, it all adds up. We’ve fought tooth and nail to get to this point and we’re one step closer – but we can only get to the next step with your support. Let’s let the world know we’re here to stay.

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  • Greatest Song of All Time

    29 Jun 2006, 19:57

    Though other tracks have come close to getting the title of "Greatest Song of All Time, Period." (Porcelain or The One or Regulate), The Painter is the dark horse that came from behind and TOOK THE PRIZE. Please take a moment to check these super fly lyrics -

    If I were a painter, mixing my colors
    How could I ever find, the blue of your eyes?

    The canvas can never, capture the light of your smile
    Of your smile

    And girl, if I were a sculptor, working in marble
    I couldn't hope, to copy your perfect face
    The curve of your body, the feel of your skin
    My hands could never, ever trace

    So I'll try and find a melody as beautiful as you
    Find the words to say your eyes are bluer than blue
    Fill my voice with the emotion I'm feeling for you
    And now, when the beat is so strong
    I'll give my heart in a song

    Oh girl
    If I were an actor, I could be someone
    Someone who'd always know, the right things to say

    But as soon as I'd see you, I'd forget all my lines
    And you'll never know, what I feel inside


    There's no other way (no other way)
    That I know to say (I know to say)
    Baby, how much I love you
    And if you'll only give me a chance

    Oh girl,

    Chorus x2

    I'll do, I'll do what I do
    You know why, know why?
    Your eyes are bluer than blue
    Uh huh, yeah,
    I said I'll do what I do

    I'll give my heart in a song

    You know I'm not a painter, actor, baby
    It dont matter

    I'll give my heart in a song

    Oh, you're so beautiful

    Give you my heart in a song

    The imagery the group members "paint" (heh heh heh, witty eh?) is just so vivid and realistic. When I listen to this song, it makes me feel as though I am RIGHT THERE! Nowadays, there are so many sexually-charged, racially insensitive, and explicit lyrics out there that it is difficult to find a song for the whole family to sit down and listen to. Long gone are Dear Mama and
    Perfect Fan. They've been replaced with I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor and Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off. Snaps for O-Town for bringing things back to the golden days. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for creating such a thought-provoking, powerful piece of music.

    Pour some liqour out and raise your lighters for this deceased group. Let their legacy live on in fans like you and I.

    One love.