POST #500! Song Of The Day - 29 May 2008: Exhausted


29 May 2008, 21:45

Foo Fighters / "Exhausted" / Foo Fighters (12) / Jul 1995

Artist: Foo Fighters
Original Album: Foo Fighters
Track: Exhausted

Well, looky here, seems like it took no time at all to reach 500 journal entries, and yet at the same time, the title of today's selection seems somewhat curiously apt. But this is a labor of love, a way to satisfy my craving to write, however much of a hack I am! No worries, though, I'll not be signing off here!

Really today's selection is because I am absolutely exhausted: being a corporate drone, you dont' get to just leave for time away. You have to pack in the effort up front just to be able to get away for a "vacation" - which is really just a hard-fought pause because all of it (and more!) awaits your return with baited breath! My first serious time away since the year-end holidays begins June 13, though of course only after yet ONE MORE multi-day trip out of town next week.

Enough of my bitching, let's have a listen to the first single off of the first Foo album! Available only on 12" black vinyl. Of course, this is really only Dave Grohl, since he did nearly everything for this and only added a bass player, second guitar, and drummer for the following tour.

Though Big Me is the one that got all the airplay - including that great "Footos" video...

- I like this track better. Lots and lots of fun distortion here!

\m/ (ò_ó) \m/


  • sablespecter

    [quote]I'm sure I'll run into more shared favorites sooner or later.[/quote] Sooner, I'd say, especially if you keep feeding me suggestions like this one! [i]Finally[/i] got around to it. Synchronicity [b]again[/b], too, because I just got it the day I saw it scrolling through your profile earlier this week.

    30 May 2008, 22:53
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