Playlist: Extended Session of Long-Ass Songs


29 Ene 2008, 6:36

Every once in awhile, I just need to do an all-night extended set of extended songs, and tonight is one of those nights. This is a full 12-hour playlist covering just 47 songs, none less than 10 minutes in length.

Primarily , , , , , and , but also , , , , , and .

Let me know how you think it fits, and whether any of these should be rearranged. Most of all, crack open a few, blaze up, or do whatever you need to do to kick back and enjoy!

Miles Davis : Bitches Brew
Funkadelic : Maggot Brain
Iron Butterfly : In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Creedence Clearwater Revival : I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Jimi Hendrix Experience : Voodoo Chile
The Doors : The End
Uriah Heep : Why (Extended version)
Genesis : The Musical Box
Dire Straits : Telegraph Road
Pink Floyd : Atom Heart Mother
Built to Spill : Cortez the Killer
Neil Young : Ordinary People
Fleetwood Mac : Rattlesnake Shake
Derek & The Dominos : Jam I
Lynyrd Skynyrd : Blues Medley
Deep Purple : Space Truckin’ (Live)
Rush : The Fountain of Lamneth
Riverside : The Same River
Porcupine Tree : Anesthetize
The Juliana Theory : The Black Page
The Cure : Watching Me Fall
Type O Negative : These Three Things
Monster Magnet : 25
Sleep : From Beyond
Electric Wizard : Weird Tales
Opeth : Black Rose Immortal
Machine Head : Clenching the Fists of Dissent
Chimaira : Implements Of Destruction
Nile : Even the Gods Must Die
Moonsorrow : Jotunheim
Helloween : Halloween
Iron Maiden : Paschendale
Iron Maiden : Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Dream Theater : In The Presence Of Enemies Pt 2
Wishbone Ash : Phoenix (Live in Memphis)
The Mars Volta : Tetragrammaton
Rush : 2112 Overture
Grand Funk Railroad : Inside Looking Out (Live)
Led Zeppelin : Whole Lotta Love (Live Album Version) - from How The West Was Won ("Whole Lotta Love/Boogie Chillun/Let's Have a Party/Hello Marylou/Going Down Slow")
Led Zeppelin : Achilles Last Stand
Deep Purple : Son Of Alerik
Rainbow : Mistreated (Live) (a full track preview is available on the page for Catch The Rainbow: The Anthology)
Gov’t Mule : Sad And Deep As You (from disc 2 of Live...With A Little Help From Our Friends)
Scorpions : Lonesome Crow
Black Sabbath : A Bit of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning
Pink Floyd : Echoes
The Doors : When the Music’s Over

\m/ (ò_ó) \m/


  • ripplemusic

    Freakin great playlist. I used to love to give myself extended concerts, spanning different genres as the concert progressed. Our tastes in music is similar, extremely varied. Basically good music is good music whether its metal, pop or african. There is something exquisite about a perfectly crafted pop song, just as there's something primal about great metal. It's all good. If you get a chance, check out what me and my brothers are doing at The Ripple Effect, a web site dedicated to spreading the word on the great variety of music out there. If you get the chance, peruse through some of the archived reviews and share your thoughts. Best, Todd (Racer X) The Ripple Effect

    7 Feb 2008, 4:42
  • sablespecter

    Dude, when I read this: [quote]The best music that you're not listening to. Reviews of lost classics and obscure titles.[/quote] That was enough to grab my interest. Plus lengthy writing, which you can tell is something I definitely get. Then I see comments about both Prong and Opeth on the same page? I'm there! I'll have to page through and let you know! Thanks for stopping by and the heads up!

    9 Feb 2008, 23:55
  • Mitternacthslow

    I have to say that 2112 Overture and Paschendale are not over 10 minutes..

    4 May 2008, 16:08
  • sablespecter

    Sorry for not being clear: let me explain. What you have pointed out highlights a couple of failings of the Last system: 1) There is no way to accurately link to a specific version of a song on a particular album. In the case of Paschendale, I choose the version from Death on the Road, which is over ten minutes. But your point is valid because you had no way of knowing that I was using the live version since I was not careful to point it out. Looking at this again, I suppose a live track may have no business being in this playlist anyway. It doesn't sound out of place, though... 2) Yes, the 2112 Overture IS over ten minutes - actually over 20 minutes. But progressive rock can be difficult to link to here on Last. In this case, I am pointing to what amounts to a useless tag. Which points out another difficulty: linking to a prog overture such as the 2112 Overture, which is not a single track but actually made up of seven movements? I'm not using only the first movement, but the entire overture, which in this case, I see it should have been pointing to what has been tagged as simply 2112.

    4 May 2008, 20:05
  • lolesco

    Great list, but Cortez the Killer is a song composed by Neil Young ;)

    14 May 2008, 14:48
  • sablespecter

    You mean it wasn't originally a song by Gov't Mule?? ;-D Are you just messin' with me? If not, careful now...I didn't say it [i]wasn't[/i] composed by Neil Young. I very much know that (see discussion here) but the problem with Neil's original is that - even though it is my favorite Neil Young song - it unfortunately doesn't surpass the minimum 10-minute mark I am using for this playlist. There's no restriction against cover songs or extended jam versions, though... Actually, Gov't Mule's version is also over 10 minutes, but the Built To Spill version used in this playlist is even longer, and I decided to use Sad and Deep As You from Gov't Mule for this list (no need to point out that one was originally a Dave Mason song - we've got that covered, too!)

    15 May 2008, 4:49
  • radio-tractore

    Yeah yeah this is damn good list! :D I'd love to hear some of those songs =D

    6 Ago 2008, 19:40
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