Song Of The Day - 24 Aug 2007: House Of Pain


24 Ago 2007, 19:58

Van Halen / "House Of Pain" / 1984 (9) / Jan 1984

Artist: Van Halen
Original Album: 1984
Track: House Of Pain

As I read about this "long-awaited" reunion tour, I am thinking that I want to go see them when they are in town...the same way you kinda can't not look when there's an accident on the road. Which this could turn out to be! But I may have to miss this one as I am supposed to be on the road Oct 10th.

If you've read Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, you know how Oceania's Ministry of Truth doctors historical records in order to reflect the Outer Party's version of the past. And that this requires never-ending revision of records of past events in order to reflect the continually-evolving "official" view of history.

So how ironically appropriate that David Lee Roth's last album with VH was named 1984, as I read that they also are using the principles of doublethink: "According to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers database, [Michael] Anthony's name has been removed from the songwriting credits of 1984..."

Seems to me that Perpetual War becomes an ever more apt potential title for an inside look at Van Halen over the years!

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