My Ishmael Live: Flow


6 Oct 2011, 23:34

First part, the Plot of Animals As Leaders at Kosmonavt, September 29, 2011

Both, human memory and video camera microphone mask flaws of the gig, as the former forgets and the later compresses.


1. Point to Point
2. Wave of Babies

Here Javier played sad ambient piece, while Tosin had been fixing his gear.

3. Song of Solomon

4. Tempting Time

Here Javier played much more integral piece, which is either an intro to new song, or even a separate one.

T-t-t. Saint-Petersburg, hello! Hello. We’re gonna play a new song for you now.
5. Isolated Incidents

6. On Impulse
7. Thoroughly at Home

So, this is our first time in Russia, and it’s really awesome to be playing for so many people. We’re really appreciate it, thanks. We’re gonna do one more song and hopefully will be back in Saint-Petersburg in near future. See you next time.


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