• Random Song Journal

    24 Jun 2010, 18:56

    Long and coming I know...

    The Frames -Revelate. sometimes I need a revelation. A spiritual reminder. This
    broken child. My human fate. I f@&$"; it up it's hard to pray.

    Stars-Personal. haunting whispering, "wanted single f under thirty-three must enjoy the sun must enjoy the see saught by single m misses destiny send photo to address... rejection. He was going to accept her issues he saw her and pretended not to. "Is it you or me?" Who has the problem? I can really relate to Caroline's feelings of inadequacy.

    David Gray- Babylon. The addictive pull up and/or hammer. Change. Making mistakes renewal openess. "Let go of your heart head and failing." The changing of the colors. I hear the colors. The mixture of vulnerability about
    the past mixed with the hope of the future.

    Alexi Murdoch- Song For You. Dry. His voice. The simplicity confuses me bc it is
    delightful. The comforting words to the girl are identifiable and the
    pause right before the pause. The guitar reaches me more than the
    words. I don't give myself completely to it. "Listen to my eyes."
    Reminds me of Berkeley and visiting Daniel and Carla that one day.

    Mat Kearney- In The Middle. "Crack a smile just to hide the race inside." Leaving
    home. "Behind a curtain uncertain if an encore's in store." The poetry
    and hip hop voice over guitar riffs really nice. I like the mix and he does it well.

    Common- Sixth sense. "Seen street dreams deferred. Under the fubu is a guru
    that's untapped." "...where a man is determined by how much a man make." "This industry will make you lose intensity." I thought he brought out good
    points though he brags too much and does not live up to his word. "More
    than money saved I want to save children." I also loved the music video.

    John Coltrane- Impressions. KQED program on jazz I can feel and see the whole bar and the woman in the dress. Live conversation. Your in the club your see the red dress and the smoke it's all there. That's where impressions sits, stands, taps it's foot really swings man yeah! I love it.

    Switchfoot-This Is Your Life. "Don't close your eyes (2x) are you who you want to
    be? Is it everything you dreamed it would be when you were young and
    you had everything to lose? Yesterday is dead and over." Deep
    questions. Robotic hip hop background for verse, rock chorus, brings me back to earth in hard times.

    OMG Damien Rice- Canon Ball SO MUCH TO SAY! They say genius is connecting contrary ideas to discover the truth between them lyrically he delivers this and more and acoustically the whole thing is a masterpiece. The guitar is so
    delicate over harsh lyrics which again drives the point home. And the
    complexity in my opinion is without rival maybe only Dallas Green
    could compare acoustically. "And I don't want to scare her, it's not
    hard to fall and I don't want to lose, it's not hard to grow when you
    know you just don't know." Perfect timing with words. One of my fave
    acoustic songs.

    Bob Marley Waiting In Vain. Classic. My body comes alive. Chill and so
    sexy. ( A difficult combo) In life I know there's lots of greif but your love
    is my relief.

    Bright Eyes- oh you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet... Infp Oberst. Strangely childlike and despairing. "it is my hidden
    hope that you are still amoung them, well are you?" "And we share a name
    on some picturesque grave..." Romantic and despairing.

    Que nadir te vea. Song perfection. I don't think there are
    storytelling songs that do better this one. The transition of whose
    shame is shown. Child, teenager, adult, old man. The neighbors. The
    outside world. Science, confusion, God making mistakes. The consequences
    of sexual liberation. El tiempo no te tuvo compassion. (Time did not have compassion on you.) Captured it absolutely the facts and feelings without bias, genius.

    Radiohead-High and dry. I get my fix of deep bass drum and high acoustic guitar. Interesting music video. I remember reading all the interpretations. "All your
    insides fall to pieces you just sit there wishing you could still make
    love." And of course the most relateable line, "it's the best thing that
    you have ever had (2x) has gone away."

    Pauline Croze- Larmes. Openness. Soul. The way Pauline croze sings it is so relatable that I feel in singing it I am just being honest with myself. I feel
    it in my heart and I stomp to the music just like the video. And I
    think that makes sense considering the song is about tears the effect
    is there.

    The Verve Pipe-The Freshmen. Regrets. The slowness is relatable. And the excuses one makes. It was them! I can't believe it! I didn't know it was so
    serious! "can't be held responsible/
    Cause she was touching her face.
    I turn my face. Anger toward the end and the childish voice.

    Jude-I'm Sorry Now I first heard him at the record man. Very vulnerable, I
    felt for him and I respected his honesty. Most guys probably feel that
    way but don't/won't admit. "I wish you wished I wished you love." The
    word play is also very cool.

    Glen Handsard-Leave. Glen is a voice master. The tension, the hurt, and the anger are all there and it's so real you're there too. He paints the perfect
    picture and once you hit the climax of the song you can't let go. The
    end doesn't fit it kind of fades out that's the only problem I have
    with it.

    Switchfoot-Meant to live. The song explodes! "We were meant to live for so much
    more." "Dreaming about providence and wheter mice and men have second
    tries... Maybe were bent and broken. We want more than this world's got to
    offer we want more than the wars of our fathers and everything inside screams for second life." I don't know what else to say, my feelings and thoughts exactly. The life of disillusionment.

    Billy Ray Cyrus-Wanna be your Joe love the guitar. Simple love. I just want to make you happy love. Prince without the castle. "Just wanna love you and
    watch our babies grow may not be no millionaire but I want you to you with all that I am." That's what I want. :)

    Wilco-Trying to break your heart. "Disposable Dixie cup drinker I asassin
    down the avenue..." JEFF TWEEDY IS A LYRICAL GENIUS. Saw documentary Jeff Tweedy torturted artist. Word play is understandable. 300 dollars an hour. "Take off your bandaid cause I don't believe in touch downs." "Then I fell asleep and the city kept blinking. What was I thinking when...?
    The best part: the dissonance at the end "... Who loves you... I am the man who loves." And the song falls apart, genius!

    Amy Winehouse-Love is a losing game. Female desparate
    Depression. Drink, drugs, music, one record played over and over. Soulful Patsy Cline Crazy for feeling so lonely. Drowning in tears. Urban hopelessness. "Love is a losing hand more than I could stand self professed profound until
    the chips were down. Memories mar my mind. Over futile odds and
    laughed at by the gods." Fateful. Smart poetic and still sad. "Played
    out by the band" repeating patterns repeated outcomes no matter what.

    John Mayer-Slow dancing... Listening to it in the winter eating hot soup. Like what are we doing? "How dare you say it means nothing to me..." "I make the most of all the sadness." The blues guitar wails. Acceptance. "Don't you think we ought know by now?"

    Arsenal De Rimas-Señorita. So romantic. Favorite part: "¿Que le gusta? ¿qué musica oye? De todo. Escucha rap no le encomoda? Claro qué no. ¿Entonces qué vamos preparando boda? ¡Estas en loco! ¿quières ser mi novia? Lo
    penseré." So sweet. "Una casa, buena cena, y una casita de madera."

    More coming soon!
  • Mat Great Crowd Weak

    7 Nov 2009, 2:23

    Thu 5 Nov – Mat Kearney

    I have to be honest that I was expecting more. I kind of felt like a majority of the people that attended weren't really familiar with his music and if they were they weren't into it. It was pretty sweet that he came off stage and walked around but I didn't feel a lot of energy and there were moments when I felt that the performance was boring. I don't think I'll see him again at the Fillmore. Maybe at a more intimate venue with less people. All in all the performance was great including the performance by the band Vadera (lead vocalist sounds very much like lead of Six Pence None The Richer) but the people who attended were a drag.