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5 Oct 2008, 23:14

This isn't in order, as it changes all time time, and my scrobbling bears no relevance as iTunes is mostly on shuffle, and I listen to alot of Biffy Clyro on CD. One thing I can say is Solution Devices was my favourite in the old days, and has always remained in the top 3 or so since. Songs from Blackened Sky which have stood the test of my time/overplaying include Stress on the Sky and Convex, Concave.

Vertigo of Bliss was an immense followup. The stand out track for me, which is still apparent, is Eradicate the Doubt. When The Fraction's Fractioned really is a beautiful song, there's a lot of suspense never really released. I have memories of packed house parties that were quite happy to have this album running through.. a sign of things to come perhaps? Artwork was certainly compelling. Now the Action Is on Fire! was a song that first switched me onto Biffy, after seeing them play it live at the free Orange W.O.W Festival on the Gateshead Quayside, months before this album's release. I like the irregular beats and I can hear these colours progressing in Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies.

Infinity Land came out in the september after A-levels, as there was no Uni, I remember listening to this non-stop on MiniDisc on my long commutes to and from a full time call center job which lasted 3 months. I'm sure I'm not alone in the appriciation of the long intro in My Recovery Injection. My favourite of this album is Some Kind of Wizard. It enchanted me, and it reminded me of Sting & The Police. The brass in The Weapons Are Concealed is lush and the ensuing song I think straddles a number of different sub-Genres. I am a big fan of Only One Word Comes to Mind, especially the drums, but was dissapointed with the editing on the single, though the video maybe made up for it.

We all waited a long time for the next Biffy album, but thankfully the release of Marmaduke Duke's The Magnificent Duke bridged the chasm very nicely. I believe the last song Biffy recorded with Chris Sheldon was their cover of Weezer's Buddy Holly. Being a die-hard Weezer fan I couldn't wait to listen to it once I'd heard it'd been done. I'd be surprised if a single biffy fan disliked this track, weezer fan or not. I even played it when I was guest DJing at a clubnight in Le Cooperage. Although I'm not so much a fan of Franz Ferdinand I very much liked the biffed up version of Take Me Out.

Finally Puzzle arrived, and immediatly LIAPBED convinced me I was still very much addicted to this band. A Whole Child Ago's vocal arrangment astounded me and I think Who's Got A Match? was an inspired single choice. However if I owned this album in vinyl form I think I would have played side one more often than side two.

Let's not forget the B-sides! As far as Biffy epics go look no further than Instructio4, ...And With The Scissorkick Is Victorious and Less the Product. I was hooked on the double movements of Bonanzoid Deathgrip, and spent ages learning this on the guitar.

There you have it, might do my favourite Weezer songs next.


  • nijos

    I would pay large sums of money to hear biffy play solution devices and convex concave live again !

    6 Oct 2008, 11:02
  • idiot_eque

    Good journal. I think Biffy fans are much more into it and obsessive over the music than a lot of other alternative rock fans. Infinity Land is what got me into them a few years ago and has remained my favourite despite infatuations with the other albums when I got them. An album full of quality songs, and in my opinion one of the best starts to a record this century: Glitter & Trauma, Strung To Your Ribcage and My Recovery Injection. I don't think I could ever choose a clear favourite from it. Unfortunately they seem to have been affected by the sucess of Puzzle far too much, and while it's a quality album (especially the first 5 and the last two songs) I think playing the whole thing out of order every gig is a bit tedious. They haven't sold out, they still wear their prog influences proudly even on the catchiest songs, but I fear they'll follow it up with a record of acoustic-based dross. We've had their awesome pop album, now let's get back to the spazz-outs again! I'm equally hoping for such classics as Questions and Answers, Eradicate the Doubt and Jaggy Snake among others when I next see them live, as I'm yet to witness them. Despite commercial success, the band shouldn't ignore the fact that they've had 3 albums of absolute underground quality before they made the big time. If it weren't for their gradual rise and the word of mouth over BS, VOB and IL then there wouldn't have been Puzzle in the first place. Its about time they shake off the commitments of their latest release and mix things up a bit on stage Radiohead-style.

    6 Oct 2008, 15:38
  • KCKate

    Good journal. I love how obsessed Biffy fans get over the music. (Moi aussi) It's nice to see someone else who likes all of Biffy's albums and didn't disown them when Puzzle came out! The Buddy Holly cover is epic, one of my favourite Biffy songs. Stress On The Sky wins that title for me though.

    30 Oct 2008, 15:04
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