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I’m still young, I’ve got a lot of growing, but I’ve changed so much, I’ve realized something through situations and struggles, and that there are many friends that you think are there but are really nothing, I’ve realized how much true friends matter, and how much caring about someone truly with everything can slap you in the face, how being honest and telling the truth, can make you a mean jerk, I know what life shows us through lessons, and for a damn young kid who has a lot of growing left to do, I’ve seen a lot and I learn every day, the difference between a man and a child are his actions, and not what others think of them, but what they truly are, and i know that I’m becoming a man, while I’ve got a long way to go, I know that I’m just starting young, and I’ll see that I make it happen in every possible way.

I am what I am, what I am, what I am, a Train wreck.... I love my life, and I love my friends..

I am in the Air Force, I am currently in Tech School at Goodfellow AFB, TX

I love music, I live for music, I don't just hear music, I listen to it, I understand it, and I learn from it. If there is one thing in the world that can change how I feel, what I want, or what I am thinking about, music is it.
If you don't like me, you probably don't understand me, I am intellectual, I enjoy meaningful conversations, if you can't have one, you may find it hard to talk to me.
I am sarcastic, learn to deal with it.
I am straight forward, I don't like to beat around the bush, taking time to walk around an issue is wasteful, if that pisses you off, get over it.
Don't expect me to change for you, because I won't. But, I also will not expect you to change for me...
Don't tell me you know me; 'cause I don't even know me...

“A successful person is someone who can establish a firm foundation, while using the bricks that others threw at him to build it.”

I'm here for the hard times The straight to your heart times Whenever it ain't easy You can stand up against me And maybe rely on me cry on me....

I'm starting to see, more and more as life goes on that it's not so much about pleasing yourself, but rather making sure the impact you have on the world is a positive one; that every person you meet is someone that is a potential friend and not a potential enemy. Do your best to be the best person you can; go out of your way to help someone in need, focus less on "me" and more on "you" or "them". We are here for each other, and it is all too often we forget this, think of the people you care most about, and make sure they know this. Be around to be that shoulder to cry on, you will find that your life is impacted more by this.