We DID get to Siberia. And we made our best concert ever.


27 Feb 2007, 15:13

Vox Vulgaris tour to Siberia succeeded at last, against all odds. Arrived in Akademgorodok after the starting time for the concert, etc.

Next day everything went better, as we had some hours to rehearse with our Siberian colleagues of Insula Magica. Truly unforgettable concert in Novosibirsk philharmonic society!

Here's a travel report in Swedish (very long for covering just two days, but it departs from the topic several times), also including som links to live recordings (but from the weaker first concert, not the wonderful second one).

And here's our picture gallery from the tour.

Still it's hard to understand the wonderful response from the audience in Novosibirsk. It consisted of people from all ages, some which apperently run LiveJournal blogs.

Out of curiousity, I tried babelfishing their reports from our concert. It's amazing to read.

nanka_11 writes:
Yes Insula Magica&.Vox Vulgaris.
Music of the middle ages.
This was... as good that this was in my life!

trojanrabbit writes:
Returned now from the concert of our Insula Magica and Swedes Vox Vulgaris. Power! Insula as always are good, Swedes also very. But together it came out stronger than if separately. Interesting to listen to as musicians they improvise and at times begins frankly durachitsya.:)
Last song played Swedes with the drummer intensified by ladoshami of hall. It came out amusingly)
P.S. by all whom saw and did not see there - regards!

Soffio Della Prin writes:
With my entire love for the skill of the middle ages, it must recognize that unknown in it for me, and the truth, too much. It is amazing, where the musicians take these melodies, me it seems, besides as on their concerts, this music nowhere cannot be more heard. Indeed I search for))
Insula Magica Fulfilled medieval music of written tradition, music of the privileged part of the society. As always infinitely excellent and refined. From the first composition me did not leave the sensation, that 4 on concert Ophelia'.s Dream, because the first, yes especially very first composition completely could enter into their best to my taste album - Not a second Time. Came out in the medieval suits, especially charmingly looked girls in their dresses! Tools, as always, ancient, that damage imagination. Some were to me already familiar, some cannot be even described, because it is simple not with which not to compare.)) But I nevertheless will try to describe about one: this was tremendous terribly long pipe (and is probable, terrifically heavy), hammered together of three bars, which is gradually expanded, with the triangular opening and one string (although me it seemed that string it was two). On it they play by bow and hold as violin, only they place not on the arm, while - I assume to the breast, this is purely female tool;))) But the most surprising - these are the sounds, which the tool published: they greatly resembled the electrical discharges, than they strongly resembled contemporary indastrial! Now I know, as this is done!))) Is called this remarkable tool tromba marina.
What music played Swedes - Vox Vulgaris - understandably from the name. This was people music, merry, but very interesting by the complexity of impact. Swedes were characterized by openness and tendency be cheered to dashingly to public and to cheer. Nevertheless Europeans differ radically from us in terms of larger state of being unchained, recklessness, dependent on that, Irish this group, Swedish, German or any still - manner of performance in them in all is very similar by the tendency to make from the concert of show, by the tendency to amuse by its form and to durachit'sya (I visited sufficiently concerts in order to isolate regularity). Our musicians are more locked, although they try to show listeners as those for them roads, they more than sderzhanny are majestic. Which there not was, and Insula Magica to me they were pleased more. It is it's a pity, that they so rarely give the concerts of medieval music! And it is it's a pity, which until is succeeded in finding their albums precisely with such compositions.

Lady Renata writes:
10. with kildor completely randomly us carried into the philharmonic society to the concert "Insula Magica" and Swedish group "Vox Vulgaris". Children lit up! :)

Kildor writes:
randomly fell into the philharmonic society to Insulu To magiku and Vox Vulgaris - in the pripolneyshem enthusiasm from the craftsmanship of Swedes. [; -)] Generally, was at first light cognitive discord, since privyk look at the scene from other side

Exidina writes:
They descended yesterday by entire family + Of yulen'ka into the philharmonic society on Insula Magica + Vox Vulgaris. Was obtained enormous pleasure both from our and from the Swedes. Surely even it is more from the Swedes. As they on the scene annealed!!! It is magically simple! There can be hall it reacted well, can still something, but to the completion of concert peasants entirely raskhuliganilis' and began to play something of the type of roknrolla on the ancient tools.

Well, what to say?

We really, really hope to get an opportunity to come back to Siberia and play again with Insula Magica.

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  • Ainurel

    As they would say in Tatarstan: Supergood! Happy to hear that you brought down the house. If I understand correctly, durachitsya (mentioned twice) means silliness and raskhuliganilis' means something like die Sau rauslassen...

    28 Feb 2007, 12:20
  • Erro-Silvae

    Durachitsya = acting silly, raskhuliganilis' means "they began acting silly"

    29 Ago 2008, 18:46
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