What was I listening to last week: episode one


29 Mar 2008, 3:32

From Pixies to Hawkwind, 253 tracks and 76 artist passed thru my Foobars Audioscrobbler the last week.

I'd like to single a couple of them out, with some personal notes and observations.

Beastie Boys
I don't usually listen to rap or hip hop. My list can argue against that sometimes, but all the rules have some exceptions and the Beastie Boys are one of them.
Rap is most of the time crap. The modern, MTV rap consists of losers turned thug rappers, singing about how many money, women and enemies they have. If they weren't produced by thousands every minute I'd really believe they are from "the street" (I live in a street too, am I a rapper too?) and just throwing lyrics to prove that they are rich and powerful today only because they were poor yesterday. </rant>

Beastie Boys weren't poor, they haven't got hoes to screw and gangstas to shoot. They made a hardcore, instrumental, electronic, country-comedy (!) and rock albums and songs. They have a distinct and great sense of humor and even their rap songs are funny and have some fuckin’ sense.

Other exceptions include El Bahattee (local) who has mind blowing lyrics and great hardcore beats, Edo Maajka (local) who makes it's listeners to laugh at song and cry at some other. His lyrics can really hit directly to the heart and mind, and other can make you laugh like never before.
Eminem makes some funny shit, with other serious stuff (at the top of my head... Stan), Run DMC made the first step to stop the rock-rap hate, the local TBF is really a rock band with rap style lyrics... Uh, can't remember what more...

So, Beastie Boys rule. Next!

The Vines
Well, the only track listened to is probably Get Free. The sole reason is that I know the track from before and didn't have the time to get introduced to the whole artist discography or album. I don't want to waste a perfectly good band because I had a rough day.
While I'm on the subject, I've listened to a couple of songs by The Strokes. "The saviors of garage rock" are nowhere near the title that some overpaid journalist gave to them, since their music is to pussy or slow if you will, to be garage rock. Listen to The White Stripes, The Lords Of Altamont or something else, than talk about garage rock.

Get Free! Next!

Red Hot Chili Peppers
I really love them. All my life I've been listening to their music and only out of the fear of being disappointed I didn't listed to Stadium Arcadium. Disappointment was an issue with By the Way too, but after a couple of listens and thinking things out, it comes out as one of their best albums, without any doubt. I really fear that Stadium Arcadium won't be such a case.

I fear music. Next!

People say it's good. Really good. Fuckin' awesome even. But I have a problem listening to a band that is built on a nazi image. That's the sole reason I'm avoiding a couple more bands - making them think that nazism as an image is OK isn't the message I want to give. Not to others, mostly to me.

Nazism is bad, get rid of the shit and become a mainstream band. Next!

Liam Lynch
United States of Whatever can be a hymn for all the confused youth in puberty with their (our) whatever stance to the world. Too bad Liam had a different meaning in mind.

Good stuff.

And please, pretty please, comment on this journal, give me some hope that I'm not writing this for myself.


  • Justd1e

    But I have a problem listening to a band that is built on a nazi image. ???

    29 Mar 2008, 18:45
  • sqoosies

    Slayer isn't built on a nazi image. The only song, off my scant knowledge of Slayer, I can think of off hand is Angel of Death, and that's only about Mengele and the Holocaust. Besides, you have to realize that even if they are built on a Nazi image that they don't actually support it. [quote]Nazism is bad, get rid of the shit and [b]become a mainstream band[/b]. Next![/quote] You're really asking for a huge beating on this one (emphasis mine). Seriously, way to completely miss the point.

    29 Mar 2008, 21:43
  • rospaya2

    Oh, I didn't mean mainstream as in MTV-mainstream, rather as: attract attention thru good music, not nazi logos and songs.

    30 Mar 2008, 14:01
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