Depressive days


25 Nov 2006, 19:00

Because of recent events I've been looking over my collection in search for some rather depressive music. I've noticed that my collection kind of lacks that kind. I might want to look deeper into and stuff as well as maybe Cradle of Filth and the likes. Any suggestions?


  • JaimeChiens

    from glancing at your charts, it looks like you like really hard stuff... so i dont know if my recommendations will help.. but for depressed music i love... Elliott Smith & Bright Eyes. Elliott Smith (especially Speed Trials, The Biggest Lie, Twilight and Between the Bars) Bright Eyes (Haligh Haligh A Lie Haligh, Bowl of Oranges, a Perfect Sonnet) Cursive (The Recluse) Cold (A Different Kind of Pain, Ocean) Coldplay (Everything's Not Lost) Sugarcult - Over Three Days Grace - Pain

    25 Nov 2006, 19:29
  • rodeoflip02

    I do like the harder kind, that's correct, but thank you for the recommendations, I will look into them. I forgot one of the saddest songs around, just came accross listening. It's of course the great Hello

    25 Nov 2006, 21:03
  • darkphreak

    To keep the integrity of the comment-language here i'll try in english - so better expect nothing ;) First I think Coldplay is really a good choice. Not special for this situation, but for a constant level it helps. As you know, my lib really contains some kind of depressive music. But it's not the type of hard music. While talking about Evanescence, Missing is harder than Hello i thing.... Missing Although i did not want to recommend sume music i'll do ;) So for some silent moments, i'll recommend Antimatter. Especially Planetary Confinement. Perhaps also Lacrimosa helps or Theatre of Tragedy. Besides i recommend you: 14 Shades of Grey Signs of Life Without You I'm Nothing (If you just talk about Depressions and not the reason why, it is THE Placebo Album) Endstation Eden Seelenschmerz The Best of One Of 18 Angels

    26 Nov 2006, 13:28
  • panicvision

    The best CoF album, IMO, is Cruelty and the Beast. It definitely sets a certain mood when zoned in to that CD. Another odd choice might be Velvet Acid Christ. It's just different and allows you to sink into your own thoughts for a while.

    29 Nov 2006, 19:40
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