Sudden rise in The Clash Playcounts


8 Sep 2006, 7:33

I could come up with an explaination for about 100 plays a week. However I won't do that, the matter is rather private. However the other 200 to 300 plays a week are likely to be because I got exessively hooked to that music in particular. Guess that ain't a bad thing! :)

The Clash's been lying amongst my other music for quite a while now, I listened to a few key songs ("Should I Stay or Should I Go" for instance) but never went for an entire album.

Going over my charts now I notice that apparently The Clash crept up slowly, first only occassional plays during a shuffle session or one of the few songs. It did then start in July with weeks that had about 50 plays. Must have been single work days when I "let it flow over me", without listening closely. I did forget about it again, when I had only one or not one play count a week, but then eventually it took over. Seriously took over.

However I'm nowhere close to the top fans. :D
The Clash
Combat Rock
The Clash
London Calling


  • drummerforsale

    How good is combat rock, really? I've heard both sides...that it's the turd of the bunch and also that it's really good.

    9 Sep 2006, 4:55
  • rodeoflip02

    @drummerforsale: Depends on what you want. I have em all on shuffle usually, but sometimes listen to specific cds, including Combat Rock. I love Know Your Rights, the way they kick it off. It seems the album is pretty straight forward, just something to fulfill the contract, but still I like it. Fav tracks, hm. First and foremost: The Card Cheat Guns Of Brixton - the live version (From Here To Eternity) Clash City Rockers - any version Spanish Bombs Rebel Waltz Police on My Back ... and quite a few more, too many to name them all actually.

    10 Sep 2006, 10:23
  • drummerforsale Rock < or > The Clash?

    14 Sep 2006, 20:01
  • rodeoflip02

    Both albums are listed here at Last.FM, with some great previews. Check them out, and then, get them both! ;) But seriously, preview them and then decide for yourself, I'd say. Happy listening! :) The Clash Combat Rock If you do want a rather subjective evaluation from me, check out my charts and see which album is on top. :)

    15 Sep 2006, 7:44
  • drummerforsale

    Oh yeah, I have The Clash. And I love it. I was just wondering if I should get Combat Rock or not. But I decided that I should, and I did! Hooray!

    15 Sep 2006, 14:57
  • rodeoflip02

    Hehe, there you go! :D

    17 Sep 2006, 14:49
  • rand0mnez

    A quick tip on The Clash: Just get everything.

    10 Dic 2006, 4:50
  • rodeoflip02

    Sooo true! :)

    17 Dic 2006, 10:57
  • drummerforsale

    Soo...Combat Rock wasn't that great. Definitely not up to s/t or London Calling standards, but what album really is? I guess it was mildly entertaining.

    18 Dic 2006, 4:42
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