Funking heck!


18 Ene 2009, 23:00

It's been a great weekend: On Saturday morning me and Jen tidied the flat. Now, that might not sound great, but once it was tidy I must have got a case of endorphins or something because I felt amazing! And that lasted all day, right through the house-warming party we went to at night!

We put the music channel on at the party, instead of flicking through CDs all night. Britneycame on and while it reminded me how terrible she is, it made me think there must be something there, because nearly all the songs were instantly recognisable. Or maybe that says more about me as a person.

Then today, Sunday, Jen's brother and his wife came round. We played Uno (randomly) to the groovy sounds of Jamiroqui... which was just ACE! Tracks like Virtual Insanity, and space cowboy got me into them in the first place, and a while back I got the greatest hits CD, which is a blast from start to finish. I heartily recommend it!


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