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  • pindpinevus

    super. mama anarhija, papa stakan portveina...

    10 Dic 9:35 Responder
  • pindpinevus

    hakkan vist suurest kurbusest portveini jooma. sedasama, mis ma oma emale jõuluks kinkida tahan. varsti hakkavad valdo jahilo anekdoodid naljakad tunduma, ostan endale toyota corolla ja 2-toalise korteri elvasse...

    7 Dic 16:53 Responder
  • pindpinevus

    ma lugesin just kõik enda shoutid su shoutboxis läbi ja mõtlesin, et ma olin vanasti ikka palju vaimukam naisterahvas :(

    7 Dic 11:14 Responder
  • Howardown


    18 Sep 15:57 Responder
  • Voorheen

    Last weekend I stood in an overcrowded basement, drenched in sweat, staring at a sloppily painted conrete pillar. I heard Protomartyr. Here's to hoping that I was still in time to wish you an enjoyable fest. My slow-/lameness is boundless. Anyway, the line-up looked pretty decent; Mac Demarco and Real Estate were fun the last time I saw them live - which was before those underwhelming recent records came out. Slint is a source of significant jealousy though. Were they as expected? I remember bonding over them at some nationalist ESN party, which just testifies to their radiant awesomeness. I did go to Bosnia, or actually Sarajevo, stayed there for 3 days and it profoundly dampened my enthusiasm about living in Zagreb. I would subscribe to whatever horrible ngo white kids' burden aid programme of civil society development just to get a residence permit for Bosnia and a minimal wage to spend on Drina and bosanska kava.

    12 Ago 19:39 Responder
  • Voorheen

    I completely disregarded my schedules, on July 18 I'll be travelling back from Paris to Amsterdam so attending Positivus will be kind of impossible. Sadly, this will be a summer without festivals since everything in the Netherlands is either overpriced, sold-out or just plain awful. According to the universal law that every people gets the summer fests and democratic leaders it deserves, I'd say the Estonians are high up in the rankings. The thesis that is eclipsing my summer is on Balkan stereotypes and the intervention in Bosnia. Regarding your academic ventures, I'd like to point out that sore losers don't tend to write plays, get them staged, and land interships at ministries.

    9 Jul 16:10 Responder
  • Voorheen

    Merchandise definitely thrives in better surroundings. They were playing an attic crowd of 13 people, even though tickets were sold half price. Grave conditions. I'm sure they'll reach their true potential in that Estonian hamlet, especially with your president attending. Is he guinely cool or is he just using Pitchfork-approved bands to cover up neoliberal agendas, like Cameron and his Morrissey fanboyness? Summer possibilities: Off festival in Poland, Dour in Belgium (I'm basically being forced to attend by Erasmus' Emilien), or this Positivus fest because of Kraftwerk. Summer certainty: researching, writing, and reviewing my MA thesis, framed by the impeding dread of graduation.

    6 Jun 13:30 Responder
  • Voorheen

    My lateness in replying is disproportionate, unexplainable, and completely uncalled for. I realized the scope of my shortcomings when I saw you pop up yesterday among my suggested 'gig buddies' for a Merchandise concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Word of advice: don't go and see Merchandise, they are touring some awfully uninspired new stuff. Anyway, returning home and finding my old apartment, bike, job, friends, and female companion still intact has been cool. Post-Zagreb blues was kept to a minimum here as well even though disgusting old Cvjetno will always be a good memory. What does the nearest of futures have in store for you? Any summer festival plans?

    4 Jun 7:54 Responder
  • Howardown

    ah see, kohe kui matt sisse tuli, tuli meelde. on küll sarnane, tagasihoidlikum. matt toob rugged faktori kohe sisse

    2 Jun 14:16 Responder
  • Howardown

    ought'il on üks mega bittersweet lugu, mis albumile ei läinud, aga tõmmata saab

    1 Jun 18:39 Responder
  • Howardown

    a kui hold steady kallale lähed, siis kõik kuni heaven is whenever on kuld. teeth dreams oli kahjuks veits disappointing mulle, raskulinecz polnud kõige parem produtsendi valik ka

    8 May 16:20 Responder
  • Howardown

    haha, sheezus'e boonus cd oli parem kui kogu album

    7 May 15:46 Responder
  • pointpleasant

    oh i, m b v m b v m b v m b v m b v more m b v hi fi tõmba terve plaat, kui sul veel pole, sa ei kahetse!

    5 May 16:13 Responder
  • Monnza_

    irv ma vaatasin su täääääge (y) (y)

    30 Mar 17:10 Responder
  • Voorheen

    That first set was suprisingly appealing to me, when I saw it in Amsterdam I just found it slightly annoying. Despite that Lydia Lunch drummer being of former Sonic Youth greatness, 'Retrovirus' doesn't have whatever kind of bad- instead of lame-ass charm 'The Jerks' had. Still, cool to hear that the show was good. How is the inhospitable Baltic winter treating you so far? And no back-home blues?

    12 Feb 18:45 Responder
  • Voorheen

    I sure was, surrounded by overly serious photographers. I think I even saw a television crew prancing around. Anyway, the show was quite good. I see you went to Lydia Lunch as well. I wanted to go there too but chose not to because of the lame-ass band that was backing her up in the youtube clips I saw.

    7 Feb 17:27 Responder
  • entroopia

    spencer krug tervitab

    28 Ene 9:07 Responder
  • entroopia

    kas sa tahad olla minu tüdruk? oled väga ilus tüdruk kuigi sul on karvased käed.

    27 Ene 10:51 Responder
  • MystryMiscreant

    "RSVP for me, baby" also happens to be my favorite pickup line, incidentally.

    7 Ene 5:06 Responder
  • JoosepNilk

    luuramine on vahva !

    6 Ene 22:51 Responder
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