• The Lyric Game!

    6 Mar 2006, 9:30

    Found this one in MozzaC's Journal. Let´s try it

    1) set your media player/mp3 device on random
    2) write the first lines of the first 10 songs
    3) cross of the lyrics if people guess correctly
    4) no google searches, cos that's cheating

    And the lyrics are:

    1. Our love is dead, but without limit

    2. Lay down this latrine in nailbomb

    3. Sick I've lit the bridge on fire

    4. A cabin built for families, not for one

    5. I want you to know, he´s not coming back

    6. It's bugging me, grating me --- khilden - Hysteria

    7. Another sound sprung out on the icy mountain

    8. Full moon make this night, love will heal the wound

    9. Can you hold this for a while?

    10. Cross the street from your storefront cementary

    (Hints: try listening more to Muse, Glassjaw, Khonnor, TV on the Radio, Neon Blonde or maybe Sparta)