• Deadmau5 – Random Album Title - Feb 09

    26 Mar 2009, 0:47

    I did at one point lose the understanding of buying “dance” artist albums, but instead to buy the tunes, but then I heard Diy when it came out and suddenly it all made sense again so they are starting to filter back in and in fact two were in this months purchase order.
    I’ve known about Deadmau5s productions for quite a while. Looking back probably from 2004 when .Not Exactly was included in a Jody Wisternoff – Way Out There free download mix ( I have to admit I saw the name before I heard it pronounced, and always pronounce it “dead mau five”, rather than “dead mouse” as it should be (for those that don’t know, he djs as a mouse. Check out vids on youtube), but do I care?. It really took off when I heard Jaded in a Dynamix (goes by the name of psysex in mix (psysex user profile). What a tune it is. Unfortunately Jaded doesn’t seem to be on any album. Random Album Title is Deadmau5s 3rd artist album, which shocked me.
    This album is mixed, but as all artists albums should be, not too much that if you do like to use any kind of random choon selection like iTunes Party Shuffle / iTunes DJ, like I do sometimes, then it shouldn’t spoil it.
    To me this album is very prog orientated, which I love, but you probably wouldn’t get a none prog lover to listen to as they probably won’t get it, or wonder be moaning for the first twenty minutes asking when it’ll “start”. I’d say it “starts” on track 5 with Brazil. The warm glowing synth that I love from Jaded. The album never really “starts having it”, but then that’s not the Deadmau5 style. It’s good prog music that could be used in a dj set, but also chucked on in the background to chill out to.
    Sign of a good “prog dance” artist album in my eyes. Not too in your face, but has it’s warm glowy moments.
    On a side note, I do have to admit I bought the album before hearing any samples, and seeing the “& artist]Kaskade” on I Remember, scared me, but then I’m an idiot and was thinking of that pap Cascada (Everytime We Touch). It’s alright, Deadmau5 has not gone kiddy eurotrance.
  • Album purchases

    26 Mar 2009, 0:41

    Ok, so I'm sure no-one will read this or care, but it'll be more interesting for me in the future to look back on. Each month I give myself a ballpark figure of £20 to spend on cds online. It stops me from going into HMV and spending my entire wage.
    I have a long to get list, and very few albums are brand new, but I don't care. These choices can be from recommendations, and checking some samples out, from owning other albums by the artist, or knowing the artist from somewhere else. I'll hopefully explain as I go along. Most of these purchases are from Amazon as that is where my wanted list is. The only other place I buy from is Play, which possibly can be cheaper, but I’m too lazy to check.

    I was going to write one journal per month, but I seem to have written lots somehow, so I may as well split it into each album.