• Top 20 Albums of 2012

    7 Abr 2014, 15:09

    Andy Stott - Luxury problems
    Beach House - Bloom
    Best Coast - The only place
    Cloud Nothings - Attack on memory
    Crystal Castles - (III)
    Death Grips - The money Store
    Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - ALLELUJAH! DON'T BEND! ASCEND!
    Holy Other - Held
    Grimes - Visions
    John Talabot - ƒin
    Lone - Galaxy Garden
    Purity Ring - Shrines
    Submotion Orchestra - Fragments
    Robot Koch - Cosmic Waves
    Wax Tailor - Dusty Rainbow from the Dark
    Clubroot - III - MMXXII
    Mouse on Mars - Parastophics
    Actress - R.I.P.
    Scuba - Personality
    Djrum - Watermark EP
    Burial - Kindred EP
    Saltillo- Monocyte
    Clark - Iradelphic
    pg.lost - Key
    Monolake - Ghosts
    oOoOO - Our Loving Is Hurting Us
    va - Overview #2 (Lessizmore records)
  • Interesting albums of 2014 (and some 2013 releases that I missed)

    7 Feb 2014, 17:40

    Warpaint - Warpaint - Melancholic, Bucholic, Emotional, Kind of cute, Solid, Consistent and Honest. 8.3/10

    Va - 15 shades of white - Interesting compilation of experimental ambient, intelligent. 8/10
    Johann Johanson - McCanick - Needs more listens, couldn't grasp the greatness of JJ in a single hear.
    Mogwai - Rave Tapes - Happier than expected, 7.7/10
    Bvdub - Born in tokyo (2013) - The most interesting of them all
    Bvdub - At night, this city becomes the sea (2013) - Bliss
    Bvdub - A careful ecstasy (2013) - Probably the most known, but found it kind of bland
    Bvdub - I'll only break your heart (2013) - Good. just good.
    Marsen Jules - Beautyfear (2014) - I have a deep love for Marsen Jules, he earned it with Herbstlaub in 2005, and reinforced it with Les Fleurs in '06... this time I couldn't found something as moving or touching as before, I don't know if my new self couldn't grasp his message or if he doesn't have something else to say. anyway, I'd give it a 7/10
    The Glitch Mob - Love Death immortality (2013) - I used to love TGM, but this sounds very very commercial, I guess they're gonna make a huge profit from it, I didn't love it tho. 5.5/10
    The Notwist – Close To The Glass (2014) - Wow! 8.9/10!
    Illum Sphere – Ghosts Of Then And Now (2013) - Much better than expected, introspective, lacks punch but the work shows dedication. 7/10
    Have a Nice Life – The Unnatural World - Eerie, at times tragic, but not ear catching. 6/10
    ††† – †††
    Eleni Karaindrou – Euripides Medea
    John Zorn – On the Torment of Saints, The Casting of Spells & the Evocation of Spirits
    JJ DOOM – Bookhead
    Vijay Iyer – Mutations
    Davwuh – Tokyo
    Raz Ohara – Moksha - Dissapointing :( 4/10
    Sun Kil Moon
    Sunn O))) and Ulver
    Soul Chef - Classics
    Christ. – Liveleventwelve
    John Zorn – The Hermetic Organ St. Paul’s Chapel, NYC Vol. 2
    Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Piano Nights - Noir eargasm 8/10
    Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani – Relive
    Sabrepulse – Terra & Titan [Remastered]
    Dying Sun – Transcendence
    Merzbow – Kookaburra (2013)
    Deadbeat - Primordia (2013) - I love deadbeat and everything he makes, I might be biased, I don't find it as his best album. Colder than his previous works.
    Indian – From All Purity (2014)
    John Zorn & Thurston Moore – @ (2013)
    Shackleton – Freezing Opening Thawing (2014)
    Sunn O))) – La Reh 012 (2014)
    Alcest – Shelter (2014)
    Black Swan – Tone Poetry (2014)
    Fulgeance – Step-Thru Remixes (2014)
    FaltyDL – Danger (2014)
    Ellen Allien & Thomas Muller – Free Nation (2014)
    The Procussions – The Procussions (2013)
    SCSI-9 – Flop Flop (2014)
    Minilogue – The Island Of If (2014)
    Pye Corner Audio – Black Mill Tapes: Volumes 3 and& 4 (2014) - MMMHMPPFFF, Tight! 8.4/10
    Fostercare – Innerspace Vol. 1 (2014)
    Coeur De Pirate – Trauma (2014)
    Mouse on Mars – Spezmodia (2014)
    Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Give the People What They Want (2014)
    Buckethead – Pikes 44: You Can’t Triple Stamp a Double Stamp (2014)
    Milieu – Leaves Painted Purple (2013)
    Taylor Deupree - Lost & Compiled (2014)
    Christian Löffler - Young Alaska (2014)
    Mujuice - Metamorphosis (2014)
    Mujuice - Mistakes and regrets (2013)
    Candle Nine - Lost + Directionless (2013)
  • My TOP 40 Albums of 2013

    25 Ene 2014, 0:05

    40 - Disclosure - Settle
    39 - Foals - Holy Fire
    38 - Low - The invisible way
    37 - Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind
    36 - RJD2 - More is than it isn't
    35 - Bvdub - Born in tokyo
    34 - Lotte Kestner - The Bluebird of happiness
    33 - Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II
    32 - Hecq - Horror Vacui
    31 - Kim Brown - Somewhere else its going to be good

    30 - Murcof & Philippe Petit - First Chapter
    29 - Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus
    28 - Moderat - II
    27 - Oneohtrix Point never - R plus seven
    26 - Gold Panda - Half of where u live
    25 - John Roberts - Fences
    24 - Recondite - Hinterland
    23 - Volor Flex - Sabo
    22 - DjRum - Seven Lies
    21 - Mount Kimbie - Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

    20 - The haxan Cloak - Excavation
    19 - These new Puritans - Field of reeds
    18 - Múm - Smilewound
    17 - Rafael Anton Irisarri - The Unintentional Sea
    16 - Bonobo - Late Night Tales
    15 - Pantha du prince & the bell laboratory - Elements of light
    14 - Mogwai - Les Revenants
    13 - Clark - Feast/Beast
    12 - Peter Broderick - Float
    11 - Fabriclive 68 - Mixed by Calibre

    10 - Zomby - With love
    09 - Diaphane - Lifeforms
    08 - Nosaj Thing - Love
    07 - Darkside - Psychic
    06 - John Talabot - DJ Kicks
    05 - Forest Swords - Engravings
    04 - Slow Machete - Evening Dust Choirs
    03 - Tim Hecker - Virgins
    02 - Jon Hopkins - Immunity
    01 - Nils Frahm - Spaces

    whoa! haven't you heard Old Apparatus - Compendium??? well... you should!
  • Top Albums?

    15 Abr 2013, 18:44

    Ricaaardo's top albums (overall) 1. Jacaszek - Glimmer (340)
    2. Volor Flex - Tramp (223)
    3. Nosaj Thing - Drift (170)
    4. Soap&Skin - Lovetune For Vacuum (71)
    5. Clark - Totems Flare (71)
    6. múm - Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy (62)
    7. Beach House - Teen Dream (62)
    8. Juj - Slack (58)
    9. Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album (52)
    10. Menomena - Under an Hour (52)

  • Top Albums?

    15 Abr 2013, 18:43

    Ricaaardo's top albums (overall) 1. Jacaszek - Glimmer (340)
    2. Volor Flex - Tramp (223)
    3. Nosaj Thing - Drift (170)
    4. Soap&Skin - Lovetune For Vacuum (71)
    5. Clark - Totems Flare (71)
    6. múm - Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy (62)
    7. Beach House - Teen Dream (62)
    8. Juj - Slack (58)
    9. Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album (52)
    10. Menomena - Under an Hour (52)

  • I love you forever.

    9 Oct 2012, 7:18




  • Stats

    9 Jul 2012, 18:32

    My super-eclectic score is currently


    The most similar artists for my profile are Shlohmo (6), Autechre (6), Actress (6), Samiyam (5), Beach House (5), Clark (5), Squarepusher (5), Flying Lotus (5), Teebs (5), Mount Kimbie (5), Rafael Anton Irisarri (5), Mono/Poly (5), Hildur Guðnadóttir (4), Greg Haines (4), FaltyDL (4), Goldmund (4), Scuba (4), Lorn (4), Nosaj Thing (4), Eskmo (4).

    My eclectic score is currently


    My short and long tail are:

    And while I was on it anyway, I calculated a full list of tail lengths and AEP's for all the top50 positions:
    Rank: Artist: Plays: Top: Longtail: Shorttail:Average LongTail: AEP:
    1Volor Flex66199.6%0.40000000000001%99.6%5
    2The National65398.7%1.3%99.13%4.87
    4Bon Iver64498.3%1.7%98.93%4.81
    6Flying Lotus55697.5%2.5%98.52%4.26
    8Four Tet54896.8%3.2%98.14%4.38
    9The Knife53996.4%3.6%97.94%4.39
    11Nosaj Thing511195.8%4.2%97.58%4.41
    12Aphex Twin501295.4%4.6%97.4%4.42
    15Dinah Washington451594.5%5.5%96.88%4.37
    15Last Days451694.2%5.8%96.71%4.4
    18Tim Hecker431893.6%6.4%96.38%4.4
    19Billie Holiday421993.3%6.7%96.22%4.4
    22Sylvain Chauveau402292.5%7.5%95.75%4.42
    23The Walkmen392392.3%7.7%95.6%4.42
    27Eleven Tigers362990.8%9.2%94.73%4.46
    30Boards of Canada353090.6%9.4%94.6%4.45
    35Beach House333589.4%10.6%93.92%4.48
    35Mount Kimbie333789%11%93.66%4.5
    38Xiu Xiu323888.8%11.2%93.53%4.5
    38Peter Broderick324188.1%11.9%93.15%4.52
    42Amon Tobin304287.9%12.1%93.03%4.5
    42Chris Clark304387.7%12.3%92.9%4.51
    47Wye Oak284886.8%13.2%92.3%4.52
    47Mexicans with Guns284986.6%13.4%92.19%4.53

    Our similarity is 82.41%
  • June, Fifteen.

    15 Jun 2012, 5:21

    Pendejadas escritas hasta antes de Junio 15, 2012.
    00.20 am

    Encontre un mensaje dentro de una botella... y era tuyo.

    Habia una vez un Buddha:

    Parado en una costa no alcanzo a distinguir los limites del lado opuesto, el sol anuncia al mundo que amanecio apatico, sin ganas de calentar, "hoy ganas niebla" -dijo al amanecer-, en mis pies el rio avanza haciendo espuma, la corriente ruge mas no veo su caudal, la espuma avanza haciendo cabriolas. El magnetismo me llama, aún vestido camino hacia él, dejo que las primeras olas laman mis zapatos, mojen mi ropa, me meto al río, juguetón, "No te temo!" -le grito al aire-, ahora el agua me llega a la cintura, siento su fuerza sobre mis piernas, siento la vida, siento atracción... y Miedo.

    Como un niño en la mar asombrado ante lo desconocido, me meto al río que siempre escuché y nunca crucé, el rio lleva la fuerza de mil caballos, cada centimetro golpea mas duro que el anterior, sé que pronto no voy a poder mantenerme de pie. Camino entre la niebla sumergiéndome cada vez mas en el rio turbulento, aspiro profundo y sabiendo que ya no tocare el piso doy un saltito, desde antes de abrir los brazos el agua ya me lleva, doy la primer brazada, con la voluntad henchida y sin cansancio, me aventuro al rio con la conviccion que llegaré, la velocidad impera, mi fuerza es finita, el rio no, siento el vaivén, siento la fragilidad de mi cuerpo expuesto a la vastedad del rio, la niebla desdibuja las costas pasadas, oscurece detrás de su velo los sonidos que otrora fueron tan conocidos, se abre ante mi un espacio pequeño de claridad, que no me da direcciones, no me dice a donde voy, el sol me observa desde detras de sus cortinas entretenido.

    Siento el arrastre y el romperse de la ropa entre las rocas, zapatos primero. Nadar no contra corriente, sino contra el tiempo, puedo dejar que me lleve, luego luchar un minuto más, los músculos se rompen poco a poco, la fatiga es evidente pero avanzo un poco mas, respiro agua furiosamente, me tumbo de espaldas y sigo empujando, las piernas se estremecen de cansancio. Es mediodia y el sol arde sin calentar. La niebla sigue ahi, socarrona. Me detengo, vertical, no tiento el piso, no veo nada, jadeo, grito.

    Tengo que llegar ahi antes del anochecer, recupero mis fuerzas cuando yo pense que ya no quedaba adrenalina, me siento poderoso solo por intentar luchar... al rio nunca le ha importado menos, golpea con la misma fuerza, con la misma intensidad, con la misma frialdad que siempre; el rio nunca mintió, solo lo desestime, lo empequeñecí a fuerza de mi imaginacion desacerbada, ahora desnudo, a solas, cansado y con frio, no tengo miedo de ahogarme, el limbo suena a descanso y alivio, me aterra perderme, olvidarme; brazeo a fuerza no ya de voluntad sino de amor, hacia donde nado? -me pregunto-, hacia un sofa empolvado con un cafe caliente? hacia una casa que huele a oficina? una cuna vacía? hacia otra estacion de trenes abandonada? una ciudad desierta?... diganme que no estoy loco! diganme que hay alguien ahi!.

    Habia una vez una momia que vivia en una playa paradisiaca, sus amigos eran los pequeños roedores, los changuitos cocoteros, se encariñaba con las plantas, adoptaba a las aves; tenia el hobbie particular de salir todos los dias a buscar lo que el mar le dejaba en la arena, lo coleccionaba dentro de su pequeña cueva, en un lugar seco, juntando recuerdos de vidas que no eran la suya, viejos discos de vinilo, pañoletas negras con letras goticas, piezas de metal con funciones inexplicables, pedazos de robots heridos en batalla, cartas de amor guardadas en botellas, solo las leia si la botella podia volver a cerrarse y quedar en su estado original, no le gustaba dañar las botellas cerradas, guardaba fotos de personas besandose que murieron hace siglos, guardaba escamas de animales extraños, botellas de perfumes, labiales, tazas de cafe, algunos tablones rotos de embarcaciones perdidas. No era una sed de conocimiento, era nostalgia. Nostalgia por el amor, por la calidez, por el sonido de una voz humana que no iba volver a escuchar jamas.

    Falta un desayuno en la cama, pensar en la ropa del futuro, viajar a playa mosquito, hacer el amor al lado de una fogata, pizza con los amigos, musica para un filme imaginario...

    "Papa... Tilla... Amonos!....Patossss!"
    "Papa!... Popo!! Uacala!" :')

    Tu alla y yo aca, lejos... y sin embargo, redefinimos lo que es estar juntos.

    Sabiduria Deprimente de mi madre parte 3:
    "Me he dado cuenta que cuando alguien se muere, las cosas que se quedan se reducen a trapos y papeles"

    Ganenle!! Tweeteros Adictos!.


    Hay dias en que no se me ocurre nada. En esos dias nunca siento el piso frio.
    El unico registro del tiempo es el polvo acumulado. Un reloj que no quiero leer.
    Solo pienso en ti. En juegos nocturnos llenos de miradas intensas. Risas que hacen eco en los muros.
    Si me acerco mucho a una pared y me quedo asi por mucho tiempo, todavia puedo reconocer tu olor ahi.
    Cada manchita corresponde a un lunar de la espalda, donde dibujaste constelaciones e imaginaste universos alternos.
    En esos dias divago por realidades borrosas que no puedo distinguir de un sueño.
    Estar conectado en el alma.
    La tranquilidad es un sentimiento muy extraño.

    Epifania No. 000000002: All you need is love (aunque me caguen los Beatles)

    "You brilliant son of a bitch!" - Best christmas present, ever.

    -Y yo a ti-

    "My daughter is taking on an onsalught of attention and advances. Her last boy-friend was all touchy feely/grabby the first time I met him, and making tons of innuendo jokes at a dinner at a restaurant. As we left, I told him if my daughter wants something of her own free will, it's her business. Should he do anything outside of that or disrespect a NO, I'd personally feed him his own balls. He paled noticeably and shot a fleeting "WTF" look to my daughter. She stood stock still, smiling."

    "When you have a son you worry about 1 cock. When you have a daughter you worry about ALL the cocks"

    "Dads who are dicks, only make me dick their daughter dirtier"

    "Es como Gybe pero con arpas y sin monedas aplastadas"

    Mein gott! Im Googable: I would like to have le tongue kisses with le scrotum of le budddda.

    -te odio chernobyl-
  • Photo Journal

    15 Jun 2012, 5:19

  • You are enough!.

    2 Abr 2012, 16:00

    You are beautiful. You are enough. The world we live in is twisted and broken and for your entire life you will be subjected to all kinds of lies that tell you that you are not enough. You are not thin enough. You are not tan enough. You are not smooth, soft, shiny, firm, tight, fit, silky, blonde, hairless enough. Your teeth are not white enough. Your legs are not long enough. Your clothes are not stylish enough. You are not educated enough. You don’t have enough experience. You are not creative enough.

    There is a beauty industry, a fashion industry, a television industry, (and most unfortunately) a pornography industry: and all of these have unique ways of communicating to bright young women: you are not beautiful, sexy, smart or valuable enough.

    You must have the clarity and common sense to know that none of that is true. None of it.

    You were created for a purpose, exactly so. You have innate value. You are loved more than you could ever comprehend; it is mind-boggling how much you are adored. There has never been, and there will never be another you. Therefore, you have unique thoughts to offer the world. They are only yours, and we all lose out if you are too fearful to share them.

    You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough.