iTunes Shuffle Survey :)


16 Oct 2009, 22:44

To cheer myself up I:
Man Overboard
My favorite thing to do is:
My alter-ego is:
Pacific Ocean Blue
At my funeral they'll play:
The Way You Make Me Feel
At my wedding they'll play:
Island in the Sun
Next time I'm in front of a crowd, I'll say:
Coffee Break
The best thing about me is:
Seven Nation Army
Highschool was like:
Octopus's Garden
My last words will be:
Brilliant Disguise
Behind my back, my friends think I'm:
Get Up And Go Girl
What makes me happy is:
Peace Sign Index Down ft. Busta Rhymes
How will you die?
The Show
This song describes my grandparents:
My parents are like the song:
Rock The Party
This song will be playing when I meet the love of my life:
Mistress Mabel
My deepest secret is:
Flying Without Wings
My family is described by the song:
I've Just Seen a Face
My ultimate song for dancing is:
Go Your Own Way
My best friend is like:
Right now, I feel:
I Will Possess Your Heart
If I reached the top of Mount Everest, what I would scream:
All My Life
Happiness is:
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
My day will be like:
Took It Away
My theme song:
Wolf Like Me
If I got lost on a desert island, I would yell:
One is the Lonliest Number
What I did last night was:
Falling or Flying
When I'm in the shower, I sing:
The Guy Who Turned Her Down
My love of life was inspired by the song:
I'm Only Sleeping
Somewhere in my wedding vows, I will include:
The Bitterest Pill
My make-out song is:
Take on Me


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