Biggest musical discoveries of 2009 so far


16 Jun 2009, 13:16

Mine would have to be Borgore, Falty DL and Heyoka :)


  • reinformpulse

    alright then since no one else has found anything exciting this year I'll continue adding my discoveries: Mochipet, Senking (yeah yeah well he is new to MY ears), Clubroot, Bibio...

    10 Jul 2009, 7:07
  • reinformpulse

    I shouldn't be this surprised considering that it IS Resonance FM but... The Sound Projector (the Railway Special???) has left me speechless and almost unable to type. I WILL try my best to remember to tune every friday at 5:30 pm gmt :) and as I'm typing a completely bonkers remix of Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express is playing!

    24 Jul 2009, 17:38
  • reinformpulse

    DONAE'O!!!! I'd knight him :) Oh and those 'pure garage' comps vols 1 & 2 are the biggest rediscoveries.

    7 Oct 2009, 12:55
  • 14M5K0T

    Discoveries of the year? Off the top of my head: Floating Points, Dam-Funk, Mount Kimbies, Nosaj Thing, Few Nolder... Definitely agree with FaltyDL, I've loved his stuff. I bought the Clubroot CD but so far it hasn't really drawn me in... Bibio is great too but he's been kicking it on the steel guitar for a while. Never thought he'd sign to Warp. Donae'o I knew from "Bounce" but it's great to see him finally crossing over. Other stuff - Mochipet, Senking, Borgore, Heyoka, I'll check out as I haven't heard of any of them :/

    15 Dic 2009, 15:21
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