Favorite Albums of 2008


1 Dic 2008, 22:26

These are my favorite albums of 08.. in no particular order..

The Mars Volta
The Bedlam in Goliath
I really dig this album.. the new drummer Thomas Pridgen is more than impressive.. he conducts beats w/n beats and beats w/n melodies.. it's unreal.. def a great add to the band... but the thing that always impresses me is how evolved their live performances are.. i could hear hints of Carlos Santana, King Crimson, to Phil Collins, to even Curtis Mayfield.. pretty dope shit.. plus their live shows can last around 2.5hrs to 3 hrs..

Erykah Badu
New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)
She took this album places i thought weren't possible.. i really like the fact that Sa-Ra Creative Partners worked very closely with her on the album... really dig the sound and the message.. PLUS Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta is featured on a track.. this album was def on heavy rotation..

Game Rebellion
Searching for Rick Rubin
This mixtape i think is really underated.. I enjoy watching these guys live and it translates pretty well on wax as well.. Netic is a pretty dope emcee and you can tell he really respects the craft.. this mixtape draws from songs that legendary hip-hop producer and Co-Founder of Def-Jam Records Rick Rubin had something to do with.. (by the way.. he produced The Mars Volta's 1st Album De-Loused in the Comatorium ;) and features folks like Jean Grae, Martin Luther, Zion I among others... definitely something that folks that are only hip-hop heads may be able to get into..

Gnarls Barkley
The Odd Couple
I've seen many reviews of folks hating on this album.. but i enjoyed this album more than I enjoyed St. Elsewhere. It's a bit melancholy.. but that's what i'd expect from a group that's been on top in the world of Pop for like 2 years.. i love the progression and can't wait to hear more from this duo

Guilty Simpson
Ode To The Ghetto
I wasn't impressed the first time I heard Guilty.. I saw him for the first time the day after new years at a Madlib show in NYC.. He was the best performer that night HANDS DOWN... and I've been following him ever since.. Ode To The Ghetto is a more than solid release and I'm beginning to understand why J.Dilla held Guilty in such high regard..

She came on the scene and blew motherfuckers away... it's like damn.. last year i was hyped about M.I.A. and Santogold goes and puts out an album that's waaaay doper than Kala.. and a dub mixtape wit Diplo that keeps folks dancing.. I'm excited by the fact that she fucks wit Bad Brains and she did a cover of Right Brigrade on the Top Ranking mixtape

The Beauty in Distortion/ Land of The Lost
I actually found these folks on ?uestlove's myspace page.. and I'm glad I did... I saw them live and I was immediately in love with Jack Davey.. the stage presence is fucking amazing and drawing.. sexy people and sexy sounds

Mainframe & Blu
Johnson & Jonson
i dig the ole school beats.. and i can't seem to get bored hearing Blu flo.. all around solid album.. not a single track that i skip over

Flying Lotus
L.A. EP 2x3
reminded me of the first time i heard madlib instrumentals... can really feel the excitement he breaths through his music.. plus his sound is larger than life.. definitely made to really play loud. it's super crisps, super clear, with great depth

The Layover EP
pretty much a banger all around.. like the fact that he and The Alchemist are coming out with an album together... really impressed by Fashawn.. def want to hear more from him.. I'm sure I wont be disappointed by Cats and Dogs when it drops next year..


  • shesgotcheek

    That J*Davey you mentioned is at least... 2, 3 years old by now.

    2 Dic 2008, 6:11
  • redking360

    July 1st 2008? http://www.prefixmag.com/reviews/jdavey/the-beauty-in-distortionland-of-the-lost/19818/

    2 Dic 2008, 15:13
  • rbx

    Bedlam is album of the year :). It's even better than SW's Insurgentes !

    3 Dic 2008, 22:26
  • blackdiggs

    Dope List... Think I need to roll a Favorite of 2008 List.

    4 Dic 2008, 20:49
  • ravennote

    It's ashame I don't buy CD's anymore!!! Nice List.

    4 Dic 2008, 21:03
  • 2Serenity

    Thank you. I know so many people this year were telling me to check out Santogold and J*Davey which I definitely will. Eclectic list. Thanks for sharing the wisdom with us.

    5 Dic 2008, 0:09
  • jeenyus05

    i agree on the erykah badu and guilty simpson...blu and mainframe were aight...still haven't listened to evidence's new joint yet but it looks promising...

    5 Dic 2008, 2:22
  • belle_starr

    I agree with you on Santogold... I didn't even know about a dub mixtape wit Diplo... must find it now :D And I wasn't that into the first Gnarls Barkley album but their last few singles have been amazing. J*Davey, Flying Lotus and Blu are some of my favorites as well.

    5 Dic 2008, 11:39
  • -GS-

    I like most of these albums, but I didn't really like Guilty Simpson's too much, or Game Rebellion really. I should probably listen to Mars Volta a little bit more too. Good list.

    5 Dic 2008, 19:33
  • Carter61

    Nice list.

    5 Dic 2008, 20:18
  • airfigaro

    I'm linking your list to my journal. Nice list!

    7 Dic 2008, 0:46
  • JOSHic

    I must admit I did check out The Mars Volta & Game Rebellion earlier this year 'cause I saw them on your charts which I check out quite often (very eclectic taste, man); didn't dig the former, liked the latter ("and fuck Bapes - construction Timbs go with EVERYTHINGGGG" lol). It took awhile before Santogold's album grew on me... kinda hated the fact every hipster was digging it . J*Davey - saw them live in 07, thought they were okay... Wait. NO PRODIGY? NO NAS lol??!? ("Untitled" is my second least favorite album in his catalog if u care to know).

    14 Dic 2008, 22:45
  • JOSHic

    M.I.A. and Santogold are MEANT TO BE BOTH MENTIONED IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH IF NOT THE SAME SENTENCE. No matter how hard you try not to compare the two, you eventually give up.

    14 Dic 2008, 22:57
  • redking360

    ha.. i feel u about santogold and m.i.a... i'm bout to make another list tho.. of albums that should've made it but didn't.. nas is on there.. i was really disappointed with prodigy's latest album.. but liked him on the alchemist cookbook ep

    15 Dic 2008, 0:35
  • mhunke

    nice list, ima drop mine any day now

    18 Dic 2008, 18:19
  • angrycitizen

    nice list...I have to give that Guilty Simpson another listen.

    23 Dic 2008, 1:07
  • 8thlight

    Sadly I can't say I have a top release of the year. I love Santogold, but other than that there hasn't been an official release this year that I can't stop playing. Lots of my favorite stuff for the year is on mixtapes. lol

    26 Dic 2008, 1:48
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