• random song game

    26 Mar 2007, 2:27

    Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
    Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    Step 4: Bold out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    Here are 50 random songs out of 6326 songs on my computer.

    01. "I call to my Lord who is worthy of praise, and all my enemies don't know where to face."
    02. "I had forgiven you for tricking me again."
    03. "We have waited so long to occur this day."
    04. "Oh my God, hand us down our ribbons."
    05. "Bla nótt yfir himininn Bla nótt yfir mér"
    06. "In this sea of change, understanding is our shore."
    07. "My name is Cupid Valentino, the modern day Cupid."
    08. "Such an awful, tragic night."
    09. "This time you got it all figured out."
    10. "I can't stand to think about a heart so big it hurts like hell."
    11. "Just between you and me, I don't know what I'm doing here."
    12. "How many times do I have to say get away - get gone."
    13. "Would you look around you now and tell me what you see."
    14. "High up on you, you display good traits, though few."
    15. "Wait a minute man, you mispronounced my name."
    16. "I see you there your long black hair."
    17. "Stand up you've got to manage and I won't sympathize anymore."
    18. "I change the key from c to d."
    19. "I don't get many things right the first time."
    20. "She's the little Queen of spades and the men will not let her be."
    21. "With a sigh I greet the day."
    22. "Sometimes you have to be brave and let things fall how they will."
    23. "Take away the sensation inside."
    24. "Making young girls pine, I don't have the time."
    25. "Oh yeah, you're pretty good looking, for a girl."
    26. "Darling, you've got to let me know."
    27. "It's not what you thought when you first began it."
    28. "Some people get bit from the inside, when they talk it's cold and sour."
    29. "Whenever I run, whenever I run to you lost one."
    30. "Ten Thousand times ten thousand."
    31. "Black coffee cup reflection."
    32. "Golden rod and the 4-H dome."
    33. "Slow it down some, no split clown bum."
    34. "Dreaming in a nightmare, a dream you beg of me to lay you down to sleep."
    35. "Father take me away from myself. Free my spirit, give me hope."
    36. "Yes, me friend, dem set me free again."
    37. "Jesus don't cry, you can rely on my, honey."
    38. "I am thinking it's a sign."
    39. "Trinity is one thing."
    40. "You wanna cry when you're dealing with the kids."
    41. "I used to know you like the back of my hand."
    42. "You're tied to a place you know too well."
    43. "Oh, night set on when I fell down in the corner of the field."
    44. "I put on my overcoat and walked into winter."
    45. "All of the kings horses and all of the kings men."
    46. "It just so happens I have many concerns."
    47. "When she was three her barbies always did it on the first date."
    48. "Hold on honey I'd like to say, I'm busting out and breaking away."
    49. "My tattoo was something new."
    50. "And all this time I wait for you, I staple down my heart."
  • Week 2

    24 Jul 2006, 2:54

    It's been two weeks, lets see where we are...

    1) Damien Jurado - 206 tracks
    - Again, no surprise here. What is it that is so attractive about Jurado's music? Simplicity. Honesty. Power. And that voice...

    2) Sufjan Stevens - 158 tracks
    - Sufjan moves up and takes the number two spot this week. Why do I listen to Sufjan? If you have to ask that question you either haven't heard him yourself or your head is stuck in your ass.

    3) Five Iron Frenzy - 140 tracks
    - FIF moves down to the number three spot this week. It was only recently that I was able to once again listen to Five Iron again after the break up several years ago. Why do I still listen? Nostalgia, partly. Plus, I've always felt a kinship with Reese. It's not so much the music, it's the message.

    In other news, expect Rosie Thomas to continue moving up the charts. And if I were a betting man, I might put a couple bucks on Iron & Wine making an appearence in next week's top ten.
  • first week of membership

    17 Jul 2006, 5:20

    I've been a member for one week. 2291 tracks played. that's approximately 154 out of 168 hours in the week. I don't like turning my music off.

    Damien Jurado has come out on top - not surprising as he is my favorite artist.

    Five Iron Frenzy came in second. They were may favorite band back in the day. I guess I just can't let go of some things...

    Sufjan Stevens in a close third. Better luck next time, Sufy.