Bored Vol.1


12 Oct 2011, 12:40

i'm i found this shuffle quiz/survey thing and decided to do it to kill time.
i doubt it's going to make any sense, but these things rarely do.

To cheer myself up I:
"the perfect drug (aphrodite)" nine inch nails

My favorite thing to do is:
"i drove all night" cyndi lauper

My alter-ego is:
"thin ice" the soviettes

At my funeral they'll play:
"Tsuka Chiten no MUSICA" minori chihara

At my wedding they'll play:
"burn in my light" mercy drive

Next time I'm in front of a crowd, I'll say:
"empty" tura satana

The best thing about me is:
"boy blue" cyndi lauper

Highschool was like:
"new dawn fades" joy division

My last words will be:
"never wanted to dance (pansy mix)" mindless self indulgence

Behind my back, my friends think I'm:
"whoa" the soviettes

What makes me happy is:
"fur lined" how to destroy angels

How will you die?
"maricon puto" coal chamber

This song describes my grandparents:
"really here" far

My parents are like the song:
"woman in chains" tears for fears

This song will be playing when I meet the love of my life:
"nutopia (live)" pigface

My deepest secret is:
"mystery boy (suntori hot whiskey song)" culture club

My family is described by the song:
"biker's theme" steve dorff

My ultimate song for dancing is:
"phantom lord" anthrax

My best friend is like:
"hey man nice shot (full extension mix)" filter

Right now, I feel:
"the best of me" the soviettes

If I reached the top of Mount Everest, what I would scream:
"go to a strange city" polysics

Happiness is:
"outerspace" cold

My day will be like:
"kiss the skull" danzig

My theme song:
"daytime dilemma (dangers of love)" ramones

If I got lost on a desert island, I would yell:
"rock wave don't stop" polysics

What I did last night was:
"moments of pleasure" kate bush

When I'm in the shower, I sing:
"0-0 (where evil dwells)" fear factory

My love of life was inspired by the song:
"love my way" psychedelic furs

Somewhere in my wedding vows, I will include:
"TV III" ministry

My make-out song is:
"dyslexic heart" paul westerberg

huh...only 1 nin song...interesting...


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