• Gothic Industrial Party, Zeche Carl, Essen, 01.11.08

    2 Nov 2008, 11:20

    Sat 1 Nov – GIP

    I hadn't been to a GIP for a long time and it was much fun dressing up for it (or rather maybe variously un-dressing?)...
    The music was great. Two areas, one rather hard industrial and really something to work out your body while dancing.
    The other more melodic, classic goth, at times even a little independent. Felt more at home here, but the other area just offered more food for the eye ;-) ...mainly because there is a balcony where you can watch from above, whatever the beautiful people below are doing to grab attention.
    Everybody took so much care in choosing outfits and being presentable ... and exposing just the right amount of flesh ;-)
    I loved it
    More to be said: the staff created an atmosphere, it is not like the usual parties, where you go to an event created by someone who needs or wants to earn money. Here, the concept was wholly carried by the people in charge. Everyone was just wonderful and even the staff were dressed up to the requirements of event.
    Really, really wonderful. I'll be back - lets hope, they are able to carry on!!

    Oh, one downbeat after all: the wine was crap :-D But that saved me from getting drunk.l