wow, wow, WOW!


19 Jul 2007, 3:12

Tue 17 Jul – The Polyphonic Spree @ GAMH

don't have the setlist yet, but they played for more than two hours and did a six- (or seven- ?) song encore. tim told the crowd -- after the best live Nirvana cover EVER (Lithium) -- he wasn't "ready to bring it home just yet," and asked the crowed if they should play Soldier Girl, Hold Me Now, or Light & Day. the crowd screamed loudly for each one and he pondered a moment and then said, "let's do all three!"

i didn't think anyone would top The Arcade Fire this summer, but The Spree did just that. an amazing night i will not forget. this is a band now firmly planted in my "see them anywhere, anytime" list. fun, fun, fun!


  • dpollard

    i agree. while the arcade fire show i saw two or three years ago was perhaps the best show i've ever seen, the spree put on a much much better show than the arcade fire did this summer. also adding them to my see as often as possible list.

    19 Jul 2007, 21:17
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