• French Teen Idol - French Teen Idol

    30 Ago 2011, 7:13

    Artist: French Teen Idol
    Title: French Teen Idol
    Label: Nishi
    Genre: Post - rock
    Country: Italy
    Release date: May 2005

    FRENCH TEEN IDOL is an experimental project, characterized by evanescent and highly melodical outlines.

    The introvert mood of the Roman artist is projected in his musical compositions, producing esthetical feelings whose inspiration resides in a wide range of styles of contemporary music.

    A minimalistic piano input creates the main pattern of most of the songs, a structure that is completed with a hypothetical mixture of the latest works of The Gathering, Apparat and M83.

    FRENCH TEEN IDOL offers an unusual harmonious combination as a result of a personal and innovative path.

    His compositions are essential and direct, a simple structure on which he builds a catchy, abstract trip.

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  • Fabrizio Paterlini & March Rosetta - Viandanze Re-imagined

    20 Ago 2011, 15:23

    Artist: Fabrizio Paterlini & March Rosetta
    Title: Viandanze Re-imagined
    Label: Test Tube
    Genre: Piano, Contemporary Classical
    Country: Italy & Great Britain
    Release date: 27 May 2010

    «'Viandanze Re-imagined' is a short EP based on four original piano pieces composed by italian musician Fabrizio Paterlini. March Rosetta a.k.a. Tom Carter - a well known british musician among the netlabels - has teamed up with Fabrizio and worked on top of the original pieces, adding some layers of guitar, bass, e-bow, drums, etc. until the original 'classical' pieces sounded more 'popular' and more atmospheric.

    The first piece 'Forever Blue' is the only one voiced by Tom, who has proved himself a very interesting and talented singer, thanks to some previous works signed under the March Rosetta alias. Tom also wrote the lyrics to this song, which is based in a original piano composition by Fabrizio - like the others, called 'Profundo Blu' (taken from the album Viandanze, released by the italian composer and available here). Fabrizio and Tom are both responsible for the final production of this work. Enjoy.» - Pedro Leitão.

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  • Naoto Taguchi - Untitled 8 fragments ordinaries sound materials

    20 Ago 2011, 14:47

    Artist: Naoto Taguchi
    Title: Untitled 8 fragments ordinaries sound materials
    Label: Test Tube
    Genre: Experimental, Ambient, Micro Sounds
    Country: Japan
    Release date: 2009

    «Japanese musician Naoto Taguchi comes back to test tube for another release in his 'Untitled fragments' series. Not surprisingly, 'Untitled 8 fragments ordinaries sound materials' is the logical followup of the tube150 release we published more than two years ago.

    Once again, expect more subtle field recordings mixed with gentle and apparently scattered electronic micro-sounds, in what is becoming Naoto's trademark aesthetics. Somehow, it's becoming clear to me that there's a distinctive 'Japanese electronica' feel about his music, some kind of minimalist music-box-like electronica.
    Naoto's friend and artist Shigehiro is also once again responsible for the excellent artwork for the release. Enjoy!» - test tube.

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  • V/A : Artificios 3

    9 Abr 2011, 11:30

    Artist: V/A
    Title: Artificios 3
    Label: Sincro Netlabel
    Genre: Experimental, Electronic
    Country: Argentina, Spain and Peru
    Release date: 2010

    Third edition of the compilation series from Sincro Netlabel , in this opportunity with the participation of experimental electronic music artists from Argentina, Spain and Peru.

    01 Omar Lavalle - Mesoscopic 2
    02 Mezzo - Caso Omiso
    03 Asolaar - Psychedelic Hate Juice
    04 GUM- Almond Blossom
    05 Ivliss - Galaktiks
    06 Juan Dub Silva - Motos

  • Letna - Colors

    6 Abr 2011, 20:52

    Artist: Letna
    Title: Colors
    Label: Standard Klik Music
    Genre: Acoustic, Experimental, Ambient Cut
    Country: France
    Release date: 2007

    Letna is Sasa Vojvodic (B. 1979) living in Paris, France.
    Besides his collaboration on several Eps and Albums as composer and even producer (Zvezdara, Bridges Buildings...), Letna is the main project.
    Drawing the everyday life inspired by people, cities, nature... his music is a carrier of serenity. Playing sounds that slowly shift between microbeats, melodies and sampled guitars, he wants his music to be more emotional and poetic.

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  • Album to benefit Japanese relief efforts - "For Nihon"

    17 Mar 2011, 21:58

    For Nihon” - it's a compilation of electronic / ambient artists. The income from this project is meant for victim of earthquake in Japan.
    Check this site:
  • Adam Michalak - Seven Colors

    6 Mar 2011, 19:27

    Artist: Adam Michalak
    Title: Seven Colors
    Label: Test Tube
    Genre: ambient
    Country: Poland
    Release date: 2009

    «Adam Michalak is a polish musician who is doing deep ambient from some time, using a blend of synthesized sounds and field recordings.
    'Seven Colors' is a gentle collection of very beautiful pieces that Michalak composed during a period of a year and a half, until May 2009. There are some tracks clearly based on specific field recordings picked out carefully by the musician but most of them are very varied in terms of textures and composition. Some are a bit dramatic, emotional and even a bit thick while some others are more ethereal, dreamy and translucid.

    Michalak uses dusty vinyl, bells and whistles, electromagnetic buzz, echoing keyboards, drones, silence and many other sound textures to build immense walls of amazing ambient music. Like colors in a faded polaroid, Each 'color' represents something and/or tells a story. It's up to you to discover where it leads. I keep the 'Sixth Color' right next to my heart.» - Pedro Leitão

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  • I/DEX - Tetrapolar

    19 Feb 2011, 9:20

    Artist: I/DEX
    Title: Tetrapolar
    Label: Foundamental Network
    Genre: ambient, glitch
    Country: Belarus
    Release date: 2003

    Tetrapolar — is one of the most significant records in discography of Vitaly Harmash. Made in 2003, this album has been around for a while - fans of intelligent and emotional electronic music enjoyed it like a real treasure. For the official release on Foundamental Network, Vitaly has re-recorded and remastered the whole album. Enjoy this subtle and sincere music.

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  • French Teen Idol - Enlightened False Consciousness

    17 Feb 2011, 22:12

    Artist: French Teen Idol
    Title: Enlightened False Consciousness
    Label: Lost Children Net Label
    Genre: postrock, instrumental
    Country: Italy
    Release date: 2007

    Melancholic piano patterns, dreamy atmospheres, vocal samples and striking instrumental crescendos, some of the ingredients of French Teen Idol’s debut album, are sill there, enriched by the continuous search for new musical solutions, including a more classical “song-structure” approach in some tracks.

    Athens-based band GardenBox and Roman artist Patrizio Piastra collaborated with French Teen Idol on track #2, “The Longest Night”. Other collaborations include Fabrizio Lagani (track #3) and Olalla Rey Fernández (track #5).

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    Tracklisting :
    1. The Following Takes Place Between 0’00” And 57’30”
    2. The Longest Night
    3. Memento
    4. Departure
    5. The Fleeting Beauty Of A Butterfly
    6. Compromise Your (He)Art
    7. Ode To A Departing Friend
    8. Enlightened False Consciousness.
    9. Stay
    10. Rebirth