my picks from 2011 releases


4 Feb 2012, 1:02

there's countless amount of these lists here.. here's another one :)

what I enjoyed from the music of 2011:

Farewell Poetry: Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite
this one here is a diamond for me.. Jayne Amara Ross' beautiful spoken word + slow, mesmerasing ambient/post-rock soundscapes = real stunner!

Regina: Soita Mulle
Regina came back and they had changed.. nice, hip, fit-to-club electropop turned into mellow dream pop and I simply adore it.. Iisa's voice just melts me <3 best Finnish album of 2011 with no doubts!

Christina Rosenvinge: La Joven Dolores
simple and always so good 90s-ish lo-fi rock sonorities, Christina's sexy, soothing voice, español.. mmm

Russian Red: Fuerteventura
at last Lourdes came up with new album.. her smooth, cute, fragile and by all means adorable folk ballads really gets me.. a definite daydreaming album..

Sóley: We Sink
really good debut from Icelandic Sóley Stefánsdóttir.. simple, minimalistic piano songs, her voice and the accent.. just hooks me..

Maria Minerva: Tallinn At Dawn + Cabaret Cixous + Noble Savage
three releases in one year from my southern neighbour, all well crafted synthwaving and ideal for late night chill sessions..

Tes La Rok: Them
we've gone crazy on the dancefloors at his sets, we've been hoping and waiting forever to get a long play from him and now he did it.. quaranteed dubstep killer like no other from Finland..

Burzum: Fallen
Varg came up with this fast, seems like 'Belus' just came out.. not so psyched about this than the previous, but it's good one for my nightly walks at the forests..

Аркона: Слово
I waited for this release and I'm liking it a lot.. one of the best folk metal groups out there imo and Masha, that little slavic warrior princess, damn, she does this better than most men.. gotta love..

Efrim Manuel Menuck: Plays "High Gospel"
'Godspeed You! Black Emperor' man's solo.. as a huge GY!BE fan I obviously had to check this out and found out it's quite neat little package, well done Ef..

now let's stop here.. obviously there's so much music out there and all kinds of gems are still waiting to be found.. this is just a quick list from what has left strongest engrams.. it's good list, see if I update it sometimes..
'til then: good luck and godspeed you my friend :)


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