soundtrack to your life survey - i did crap, sorry


29 Mar 2008, 23:54

Set your music player on shuffle. For each new "scene" note down the song that comes next. So no cheating. Unless you feel it's necessary to skip a tune (say, the same song comes up twice, etc.)

WARNING: This "random" survey is more accurate and frightening than one would wish for.

.. I really dislike the shuffle idea but here goes.

Opening Credits:
Horn Intro

that was pretty strange, seeing as this is the intro to Modest Mouse's Good News For People Who Love Bad News which, for the record, is an album I generally never pick songs from, and is one of those you can just listen to all the way through and enjoy.. for me, anyway.

Waking Up:
I Found Out

I'd say this is pretty appropriate, the intro sounds very 'waking up' to me, and also makes me think of morning - I used to travel through the town where the band hail from (Rothwell) on the bus to work a few years ago. makes me think of bright sunshine but a biting wind (because the weather's usually like that round here).

Average Day:
Private Eye

if this were to REMIND me of an average day, I can't really relate. I first heard this song at the age of 13, when it featured on a Kerrang! VHS tape (that's right kids, they used to give away VIDEOTAPES with magazines) at my friend's house, and I loved it. she much preferred the video for Amen's The Price of Reality. I particularly remember her squirming with pleasure at Casey, which we actually did about half a year later when we saw Amen live.

First Date:

first disappointment of the list. as much as I adore this song musically AND lyrically (on to that in a sec), and LOVE El Gran Orgo it's just not the kind of song with a first date theme at all. unless it turned into some kind of hostage situation. although with reference to the above videotape comment, there is the lyric 'press eject and give me the tape if you know what's good for you' followed by the awesome 'ghetto blasting on the basement floor'.

Falling In Love:
L'Via L'Viaquez

now, if we're talking purely musically, this song is so passionate in so many ways it could perhaps define the feeling of falling in love. using translation and by seeing other people's interpretations, I've pretty much surmised that L'Via has killed someone, maybe 25 years ago, maybe people just found out (perhaps because she changed her name she was anonymous for a while) - either way they're after her.

Fight Scene:
Come Out and Play

EXCELLENT choice. not only is this my favourite The Offspring song, but it ties in perfectly. this song is ABOUT fighting (in a context - gun crime), and now it's come on random I can't think of anything better. I'd definitely choose something as upbeat as this, rather than something heavier - personally, this is a happy summery song for me, if you overlook the meaning behind the song perhaps you can see what I mean?

Breaking Up:
Hanging on the Telephone

this song definitely ties in with the theme, perhaps leaning towards breaking up (if a relationship at all) rather than actually doing it. I think it's definitely a story about a one-sided crush, obsession, lust. definitely not love.

Getting Back Together:
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me

definitely an awkward getting back together situation. pretty juvenile as far as love songs go, but gets the message across to me as ANOTHER one sided thing. not much i can really say, as I am now kinda stoned and really am not in the mood to interpret Fall Out Boy.

Secret Love:
A Martyr for My Love for You

secret love is usually a secret for a reason, obviously in this case (and in has been in MY case - oi, this is the soundtrack to my life) because of another person (perhaps the secret love's partner, or vice versa). this is quite appropriate, and I don't think like I've ever just sat and listened to it, and thought about it like I am now. I think this song is about, not necessarily a secret love (but definitely maybe), but a love which cannot be acted upon.

Life's Okay:
We Will Vacation, You Can Be My Parasol

a cool song to dance to, definitely got that funky sound! i'd say this is a suitable song for this subject but it's definitely not one i'd've picked!

Mental Breakdown:
Rolodex Propaganda

the first thing I noticed about this song (which I've never noticed before, though I guess I wouldn't have until I'd thought about it) is how the breakdowns in the song kinda fit in with the subject of mental breakdown - the song is pretty crazy anyway and the different segments tie in musically with the emotions experienced during a mental breakdown..

Just Like Heaven

I don't drive! but I can see how this would be a pretty nice driving song.. makes me think of maybe, driving through the sunny countryside. either way sun is involved, which probably ties in as a metaphor for the happy, dancey theme. without having to try too hard, this song cheers me up. it's mellow and calm without being boring, which I guess is exactly what you want to listen to while driving.

Learning A Lesson:

I am not even going to try decipher Chino's genius, but a hard lesson learnt? definitely. I can see this song being the soundtrack to a sudden realisation that something needs to change.

Deep Thought:
Where Boys Fear To Tread

nah, I wouldn't say this is relevant to deep thought, but the intro riff that starts at 0.28 is amazing. it used to be one of my favourites, actually. as for deep thought, i'd've chosen some radiohead maybe. the term 'deep thought' is too general anyway.. deep thought where? thinking about what? with me, this song would probably fit better in the scene for 'getting lost in your own mind' or maybe 'bad trip'.


the chorus to this song is in the present tense (though not the whole song), which isn't relevant to the subject. the lyric 'we made plans for big times' in the second chorus is really relevant, i also like how the line 'we're all scared of the future' ties in. this song is about war, but i think this fits in more as something that a person never got to do in their life.


yesss! love it. I want to be at the Eriatarka party, definitely ;D at the chorus anyway. this song is beautiful without having to be boring/soppy/acoustic/whiney.. which is definitely a THUMBS UPP!11 from me.


'you used to be my romeo' - yeah you USED to be, now I regret that you weren't! this song is funky, reminds me of being in school, particularly the school holidays which i guess doesn't really count as school. this is a song I can come back to every few years and really enjoy.

Long Night Alone:

wow, I haven't heard this song in ages. it's not depressing enough to be a long night alone song, however my input is that 'long night alone' for me means a night in doing what I want to do, which sounds excellent and therefore not depressing. this song, however, is too boring for me to enjoy.

Death Scene:
Autorelocator (Sunshine Split)

this sounds like a cool death I'd want to experience. LOVE this song, it's so nothing like atd-i but you can't deny that bassline anything. this would be pretty good as an ending credits song, which I guess is where we are now, so yay.

thank god that's over I'm not doing another one of these in a longgg time.


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