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10 Jun 2008, 2:11 - Open Free Software promotion and Linux knowledge portal

I have started this project a year ago with cooperation with which is used and founded by corporations and universities around the world as a learning system. Linuxgym is ( partially, will be fully linked to the end of 2008 ) linked in form of hints to the I got a idea of using current traffic made by linuxgym and search engines to help all linux GNU Free Software projects by promoting them on the web site. I intend to keep this all for free and free of adds as I think of project as my contribution to the linux and to the open source community. I have just started with this second stage of promoting projects and wondering if there will be some interest.

If you own a interesting linux Free Software project and willing to write basic configuration manual ( you may have one already ) and to present in on just send me a message here or drop me an email to

More info you can find here:


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