The Say Something About Your Negative 20 Thing


16 Feb 2008, 14:16

I've been meaning to do this meme since forever. All right. Let's go.

20. Tarja Turunen
You know, her singing isn't really as great as what some Nightwish fanatics claim. Tarja can sing, but being classically-trained does not necessarily make you a good musician. So stop using that reason to bash Anette Olzon. Thank you. Oh, and My Winter Storm is an embarrassing album. Is it just me, or has Tarja's voice gone for the worse since she left Nightwish?

(Anyway, I was going to say something about Tarja having terrible fashion sense, but that doesn't really have much to do with her music)

19. The Dresden Dolls
Am I alone in thinking that they're a bit overrated? As cool as Amanda Palmer is, I can't help but thinking that, when you come right down to it, their music isn't really that original.

18. Zero 7
OMG Air RIPOFF ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE. All right, they're not really an Air rip-off. But When It Falls is dull. Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull. What a waste of an album.

17. Lily Allen
You do know that her lyrics aren't that intelligent, right? I mean, she's definitely more bitchy than intelligent. I'm not saying that she's stupid (she's so obviously not), but her songs aren't that clever, really.

16. Loreena McKennitt
I don't really have a lot of complaints about Loreena. Except that she could probably try developing her style a little. All of her recent albums really sound like The Visit Pt. II.

15. Vienna Teng
It's also quite difficult coming up with something negative to say about Vienna Teng. I wish her songs could be more consistent. Sometimes she comes up with really beautiful melodies, but sometimes her songs just fall flat. Oh, and she shouldn't try to be too eccentric.

14. Hooverphonic
What were they thinking? The President of the LSD Golf Club? Seriously, that album is mediocre at best. And have you noticed that their lyrics can be totally lame, overdramatic and stupid?

13. Franz Ferdinand
Just release a new album already. Again, my concern here is consistency. You Could Have It So Much Better had some very good songs and some songs that were just plain forgettable.

12. Regina Spektor
Sounds. Too. Much. Like. Tori. I suppose Regina's eccentricity makes her fun and adorable, although sometimes it seems just plain pretentious.

11. Thea Gilmore
I would like Thea a lot more if her melodies are as catchy as her lyrics are compelling.

10. Josh Groban
Seriously, most of Josh's work leaves much to be desired. Awake is a very good album, but I wonder if it's just a fluke. Noel was dull; the arrangements are terribly uncreative and Josh sounds bored. There's really a lot more he can do with his voice.

9. Nerina Pallot
You know, I have nothing bad to say about Nerina. Really. Except that I really fancy the live versions of her songs more than the versions that appeared on her album; the Live on Abbey Road version of "Idaho" is much more immediate. Perhaps it'll be better if she tried mixes that are less poppy.

8. Metric
Live It Out wasn't a very good album. I really like Metric's older stuff better. I suppose it was more mature and developed musically.

7. Evanescence
Can Amy Lee, like, please stop firing all her band members already? It's not like we don't already know that Evanescence is a one-woman act and everyone else is just there for the accompaniment? And Amy Lee cannot sing live. I think we should just agree on that.

6. Sarah Brightman
There are times where I am totally embarrassed to have Sarah as one of my favourite artists. Not because your grandmother listens to her, really. It's more of the fact that her music doesn't really have a personality. Oh, and she should really exploit her voice more.

5. Lacuna Coil
The production on Karmacode leaves much to be desired. Otherwise, you know, there's not a lot of bad things you can say about Lacuna Coil.

4. Tori Amos
Can we please have the old Tori back? You know, 1 album, 12 solid songs, none of that 'concept album' crap? Seriously, American Doll Posse is a good album. It's just that it would be a great album if you took out the 6 or 7 totally forgettable songs.

3. Nightwish
Some Nightwish songs are simply pretentious as hell. Just look at "The Poet and the Pendulum". By the way, I have no issues with Anette Olzon. In fact, I actually like her singing. Don't you think it's less attention-seeking than Tarja's?

2. Within Temptation
I'm not really sure I like the direction WT is taking with The Heart of Everything. Oh, yes. I think WT can write better bridges. Sometimes the bridge doesn't really flow with the rest of the song. Sometimes the bridge is just too simplistic. Yes, I'm nitpicking.

1. Emilie Autumn
I wish for her singing to be a bit more polished. EA has a very good voice, but sometimes she goes a bit flat (like on "Marry Me") or she sounds too forced (like on "Shalott"). I used to have a bit of an issue with her arrangements, which are sometimes quite dull, but I think she's improving. I really, really love "4 O'Clock", so hopefully her new songs would be as good.


  • LANjackal

    Zero 7 - They're not an Air ripoff, come on Franz Ferdinand - Simply awful Evanescence - Pure pop disguised as goth rock Lacuna Coil - Karmacode is decent, but not as good as Comalies and Unleashed Memories Within Temptation - Enter is as good as they get

    17 Feb 2008, 5:55
  • kingbelly

    you're sooo right about tori, lily, tarja and franz ferdinand. but i disagree with your thoughts about thea gilmore. i think her melodies are achingly beautiful...

    2 Abr 2008, 20:13
  • potatomanda

    Kingbelly: Well, some of her melodies are beautiful. But maybe not as consistently good as her lyrics. And that's the pity, because sometimes the lyrics are much better than the melody.

    3 Abr 2008, 11:24
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