10 Most-Listened Albums Released on 2011


26 Dic 2011, 3:17

New year is gonna come in a less than a week. Time does fly really fast and no one can't stop it. But just before this year end, i 'd like to make a journal about my 'most-listened albums' of 2011 to keep it on my memory.

I choose the phrase 'most-listened album' rather than 'best album' because it is difficult for me to make a list about 'best album'. For me, 2011 offers a lot of great albums to listen; coming from my favorite artist or even from the new act artist. Thus, it will need a lot of energy to sort them into such category; best, better, and good. So here it is, the list of 10 most-listened albums of 2011.

1.) Vanessa Carlton - Rabbits on the Run (2011)
Although this is not her cheerful album, but this is the best album of 2011. Quite different with her previous albums. In this album, Vanessa puts a lot of experimentation, such as simplicity, serenity, and something eerie. Yet, it does not lose its beauty just like the previous. For those who barely dig Vanessa Carlton's albums will find that this one is a kind of boring or something, but for those who listen every work of Vanessa will find that this is a masterpiece; a monumental album she ever recorded.

Overall, this is my favorite album of 2011. Although this is not popular just like the first album, but it is still the best album for me.

2.) Eisley - The Valley (2011)
I've become an Eisley fan since the first listen on 2005, and now i still love this band. Every album they made never fail me, since the first album and the latest. The third album really proves it. Soft guitar distortion, beautiful vocal and harmonization, and imaginary lyric still can be found on this album. It's almost the same with their previous albums actually, but i really like it.

Another thing that i like from Eisley is, they do not change their musical style even after they get more attention from mainstream media just like now. Their competency in preserving musical style really defines how amazing indie band they are.

3.) The Submarines - Love Notes/Letter Bombs (2011)
It's difficult for me to decide which album should be on the third position. But after thinking for a while, i decide to put The Submarines. I don't listen this album as many as Rabbits on the Run or The Valley, but i really like this album and find this one as the best album of 2011.

For me, this is the best album they ever made; catchy, easy-listening, beautiful, and so Indie. you will fall in love instantly The Submarines after listening this one, even if you haven't listened to them before.

4.) Jack's Mannequin - People and Things (2011)
I just don't want to put Jack's Mannequin out from top 5 (considering that Jack's Mannequin is my favorite artist on this planet), but i cannot put him also on the top position. So to make it fair, I'll put this one on the fourth position.

People and Things is a happy album, but unfortunately it is not his best. Actually, i'm little bit disappointed with this album on the first listen. But after giving a try to dig more, i'm kinda love this album finally. The less progressive-piano playing is the main reason why i'm disappointed. But at least, the positive and cheerful songs can save this album.

5.) Industries of the Blind - Chapter 1: Had we known better (2011)
Underrated post-rock band/album of 2011. Though they only has 3 songs on their debut, but I'm so glad to discover and have their album. Great musical harmonization added with captivating violin play makes me feel contented and spirited each time listening to their songs. Overall, it's one of the best post-rock album released on this year. And it's not surprising when this album finally become my most listened album.

6.) Dear Reader - Idealistic Animals (2011)
My favorite indie folk band from Johannesburg, South Africa. The reason why i love Dear Reader is a captivating vocal of Cherilyn MacNeal and their folksy indie tune. However, their second album seems offering different musical elements than their first. It sounds more surrealistic and complicated.

It needs more than fourth time listening to get into the album. Though is not an easy-listening, but it is still a 'worth to listen'. There are plenty of 'surrealistic' beauties that can be found on this album. Besides, Cherilyn MacNeal' vocal still works successfully to captivate the listeners.

7.) The Subways - Money and Celebrity (2011)
More kickin' and rockin', that's what Money and Celebrity is all about. Honestly, i really enjoy The Subways' third album rather than their previous. It offers easy-listening songs without lose their energetic rock n roll spirit. Composed by 12 songs, this album is one of the best albums of 2011 for me.

8.) Paper Aeroplanes - A Comfortable Sleep (2011)
Another amazing underrated album of the year. A Comfortable Sleep is an EP album actually, but i really love this one. Although it only consists 4 songs, but those are so comfortable. Acoustic pop music combined with Sarah Howells' vocal creates such soothing songs to listen. I really feel lucky to discover this artist, and even luckier to get this album.

9.) Armistice - Armistice (2011)
Armistice is a musical project of Cœur de Pirate and Jay Malinowski. I had no idea what kind of band it was before, but after listening their songs, i was surprised suddenly.

Beautiful vocal combination between the duo plus the unique Mariachi music makes me feel contented listening their album. I don't know whether this album is familiar or not, all i know is that this album is just great.

10.) Explosions in the Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (2011)
The sixth studio album from Explosions in the Sky; still great, still amazing. With the same formula (long duration, no vocal, and twinkling guitar harmonization), Take Care, Take Care, Take Care offers 6 easy-listening instrumental music to listen. There is no doubt, this is a kind of post-rock album that i like after the first try.


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