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  • gum_on_shoe

    Whoops. When her name was still Windrunner she was better as sup and I bought Waldi (his name XD) for that reason. get on skype and message me for dota m8 if you can. I wanna try and get gud if possible.

    4 Jul 5:47 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    I don't have any cool ones but when I play Wind Runner I buy the wiener dog with a robin hood hat.

    3 Jul 6:33 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Yea summertime is nice. Really happy with all the new music last week. The new Meek Mill Album is pretty good too. Also got some more Japanese meme rap coming for me in the mail.

    1 Jul 18:57 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Its not even high but I'm 2.5k and I should be like 1k at the moment. I just forgot how to play.

    1 Jul 2:31 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Gosh, I'm so bad at DOTA.

    30 Jun 22:45 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    I'll be happy as long as we get C.Viper again. Also we DOTA now. Got a GTX 980Mobile GPU now. Getting 120 FPS on high setting.

    30 Jun 2:58 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Not too much. Too many clowns on that team but I do like their logo. Prob buy it when they make it to LCS(if they can).

    26 Jun 21:17 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Yea its not a fun system. Gotta protect people from the all the scammer who'll clean you of all your accounts items. I wish I had something worth scamming for though. ;-;

    25 Jun 21:23 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Trying to buy dota hats?

    25 Jun 18:58 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Is it your birthday m8? Happy Birthday.

    20 Jun 1:28 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Ok, I ordered a new comp. Time for DOTA soon.

    19 Jun 2:05 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    B-But dota doesn't have the catfish jungler.

    18 Jun 17:32 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Brawl is open now. Free for now.

    17 Jun 18:53 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    A lot of people hated watching one person split push while the other 4 just stall. It was really hard to defend a Furion, Lone Druid, or tinker. In fact anyone could split of they were slippery and had teleboots. Anyways icefrog nerf the hell out of rat dota and no one really plays it.

    17 Jun 18:46 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Не сдавайтесь

    17 Jun 4:55 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Its as if it was made for you. Sadly though we need to play league so we can get 55million cuck points and get a free champion and mundo skin. Should I spend 9600 ip to buy the last two champs I need to get a free extra skin instead of champion???

    16 Jun 2:09 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Ok so some champs have really low skill floors like Lion who is all point and click. Then there are the other champs that completely blow lol out the water like invoker and meepo (only of few of these guy are even meta though). I think the biggest reason for the skill level difference is the items. Like there is a pair of upgraded boots that can switch from giving one of three boosts (int, str, and agi these add hp mana, atk speed,armor and damage depending on the attribute picked). If you can't handle switching the boots on the fly you are better off upgrading your boots into something else. Also there are tons of items that can be used to break cc. Manta Style is a good example. When you activate it it gives you 0.1 seconds invulnerability(makes illusions of your hero to micro and use however you want) which you can use to dodge whatever you want as long as you are good enough.

    13 Jun 19:30 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Yea I think two years is a bit too much but you need to be able to rush the 6.5k-7k mmr in 30-45 days. I do think dota requires way more mechanical skill out of its players even though most skill shot are on click. Also, I really can't think of a dota pro who came from league. I do know a bunch of lol pro that started in Dota. Also lots of dota pro that came from Heros of Newearth

    13 Jun 16:50 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    Maybe dota can force lol to work on their game. Valve is really taking care of dota. Most popular game in the world and its features are really lacking. Then again league is built on spaghetti code so it would take a team a long time to rework their engine and idk why lol still has an adobe air client.

    13 Jun 6:41 Responder
  • gum_on_shoe

    No god. Only you. =>

    13 Jun 6:36 Responder
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