2009 favorite aammaazziinngg aaaaaa all time favorites all time favs amazing amazing album closer beautiful beirutiful best chorus evar best happy birthday song ever best of 2009 best of 2010 best song ever best songs ever brilliant bring the funk cheesy sax clarinet :d confident avey current favourite songs daaaarling dancefloor sexy-time delicious epic favorite songs favorites favorites 2008 feelsdoucheytobegrinningatmycomputerscreenlikethis fiveefffinyeeeears freakey stylish fuck not emo fuck yes fucking awesome fucknowthatsintense futuristicretrogem genius get on the damn dancefloor happiness hit her like a bullet in the head haunting hella fast heyiboughtthisalbum:d i can grow to like this i fucking love this i heard this and instantly recognised owen pallett i like to sing and dance it in my undies in front of the mirror i love this fucking song i think i will listen to this song more i want to make love to this track i would eat her voice if it were candy ijustcreamedmyself indie indie rock italo smackdisco kak sam si seksi lalalove this like soooooooo cool like woah:o likedyoubetterwhenyouwereworse love makes me want to shout it from a rooftop matt tong is my drummer god more addictive than crack mysmileismymakeupsincemybreakupwithyou new orderesque neworderrippoff notgreatbutilistentoitanyway nowthatsamasterpiece oh my god this song is fucking amazing omgomgomgiamfreakinout omgsosexyy one of the best bloc party song pan flute jam pearls in stereo perfect perfection pop nostalgia propably my song for 2009 quirky saw this live sexy sheer epic skin tight hot as hell so catchy like a case of anthrax so right on some bob dylan shit songs that i will still be listening to in a billion years sortoflikeadream staring out the window on a roadtrip tahitasstolenidentity that eighties sound this makes me so fucking happy throw your hands in the air and smile till your cheeks explode toro y moi totallywicked tropinoise ummm about that vanshemaybe wat the fuck when your sparkle evades your soul woahwoahwoah wtf is that morissey