• Tarja: What Lies Beneath Tour 2011 CHILE

    24 Mar 2011, 22:03

    Wohoho, It's easier to write on these, that explain everything with a lot of details on your wall, dear Raivoisa.
    Ok, This is my version about Tarja's concert: Mi., 23. Mär. – Tarja - What Lies Beneath Tour 2011:

    This day started on the subway, Cal y Canto. I had to wait for my best friend, Wilooo, we go to the concert together. 3:20 pm... He didn't arrive... 4:30 the same... almost 5 o' clock, we went to the famous Teatro Teleton. But, my trouble was this: I wanted to go to the restroom .____. In rosas street, is the Mall del Centro. At least, there is a restroom, but I had to pay for used that D: . After my little adventure, we finally came to the theatre. There are a lot of people, metalheads, gothic girls, normal people, even part of finish embassy! (But they I saw inside the theare, not in the entrace :P). So, we had to wait for other 2 hours for entry.

    Cof cof, nice landscape lalala

    While we waited, the guys with vip tickets was called, for to get a pink bracelet, way to recognize their to "the meet & greet". That's right, I have a fuckin' pink bracelet... anything for Tarja ¬¬ (I hate pink). Then, when the clock ticked 7 with something (xD) p.m. we could come in. But, the chilean people is chaotic... we should keep in a line... this didn't happen. Thanks to a nordic miracle, I could entry, and I went to a special part (for my vip ticket): the first place, after the scenery. Oh, before to start the show, we had to wait for other... maybe 1 hour more... This show didn't have supporting artist, but there was tracks... Journey, Northern Kings (I recognoize Marco Hietala's voice!!!)... But, this show started! The lights turned off, and... a curtain was elevated. I saw a giantography of CD cover "What Lies Beneath", with blue lights... Everybody shout!! (Includding me), and then, It's turn off too, and suddlendly, red light exploded and musicians figures we perceived. Tarja sang with this curtain in the scenery. The second track (I think), curtains fell down, and we shout for saw her... She was marvellous, smiley... uf I can't explain...

    The performance was great, with her chances of clothes, the connection with the public... Only It had two fails... In the metal songs, the cello wasn't hear, even Max was playing, and, a lot of records during the show... But It's understandable, is really difficult to copy the real sounds at Stambul street :/ . The songs on the show was excellent, everybody enjoyed, singed and rocked with those. Even with Nightwish's songs... but in my opinion, her version of Higher Than Hope was better than Nightwish. She killed me with Gustavo Cerati's tribute, she sang Signos. Everybody sang it in unison! But really, Tarja had a real party with Where Were You Last Night, because she mixed with Heaven Is A Place On Earth and Livin' on a Prayer. But of course, with her songs, we sang and jumped, and shout, and danced too, with Ciaran's Well, Falling Awake, Until My Last Breath, Dark Star, I Walk Alone,Die Alive ... and for public petition... Wishmaster!!! Ohh, That was amazing! But not all of presents wanted this song... Personally, I preffer Nemo, but I shout and sang with Wishmaster :) . It was the final song...

    After, everybody had to go, and vip tickets waited for "meet & greet" on the hall... I became two friend: Gaby and Eva, while we waited for Tarja. We had to entry again and the staff was dismantled the railings. Almost 40 minutes more, Tarja appeared and sit in a place indicated for her husband ¬¬ . The vip tickets had to get into a line, and wait their turn... In groups for 4 and then 5 persons, we were greeted by her and she autographed anything that we show her... Thanks to my mom, Tarja autographed my Whats Lies Beneath album :). Ohhh... And finally, A stuff-girl (:B) took a picture of Tarja and me :D

    I'm still happy, the little bad details doesn't care for me!! \m/
  • Some Stuffs to

    21 Feb 2011, 20:16

    1. Open your music player
    2. Put it in suffle
    4. For every question, ask it with the title (and artist :P ) of the song that is playing
    5. when you’ll answer next question, press NEXT bottom
    6. Tag your friends :D Including me!!

    1. How do you Feel today?

    Lucca Turilli – Kings of the Nordic Twilight
    (Uff… missing my viking prince ;o;)

    2. What is your life perspective?

    Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween

    3. What do your family think about you?

    Metallica – My Friend Of Misery

    4. What do your friends think about you?

    Korpiklaani – Sulasilmä
    (What a Fuck? xD)

    5. What do the people think about you?

    Avantasia - Blizzard On a Broken Mirror

    6. What do the people (that want to be with you) think about you?

    The Who – Pictures Of Lily
    (haa? O_o)

    7. How have been your private life?? (LOVE)

    Skyclad – A Near Life Experience
    (ohh yess... u.u )

    8.How will be it in the furute?

    Dark Moor – Devil in the Tower

    9. Will you get married?

    Rata Blanca – La Boca del Lobo
    (ohhh… Wolf’s mouth… uuhhh… I’ll investigate it :P
    So, I investigated it... and is strange, if I won't get married, maybe I'll regret, but, if I will... I have to fight! )

    10. Will you have a childrens?

    Metallica – My apocalypse
    (ohh viking gosshh! All my family says that! But I think I’d be s o happy!)

    11. Are you a Good student?

    Scorpions – Does Anyone Know
    (pffff XD Does anyone know?? xDDD)

    12. Will you be successful?

    Sally’s song Piano
    (ohhh… maybe everything finish bad? And my hope will be revive with the flame of love?)

    13.Song for your Birthday.

    Michael Danna & Jeff Danna – The Blood Of Cu Chulainn
    (ohhh That’s cool!! This is my favourite song! And get it perfectly! Ireland and Cu Chulainn… I’m so leprechaun X3 )

    14. Song for your funeral:

    Yasushi Ishii – Dracula’s holy pupil and R&R [Hellsing OST]
    (muahahaha I’ll have a marvelous resurrection 8D)

    15. The song about your life:

    Hunter Shiken Goukaku (Hunter exam finished)
    (Ohh goshh... Yes, My student life finished)

    16. Your best friend and you are...?

    Pulp Fiction – Let’s Stay Together
    (Ohh goshh, I’m not tortillera = Lesbian D:)

    17. For the happy times?

    Nightwish – End Of All Hope
    (Tarja played this song in her last concert… Ohh Nordic Goshh, I wanna that she’ll play this song in March concert too >o<)

    18. For the sad times?

    Axel Rudi Pell – Still I’m sad
    (LOOL xD)

    19. For every days.

    Matt Molloy / Paul Brady / Tommy Peoples - Crosses of Annagh/Mcfaddens Handsome Daughter
    (That’s irish! I like it :) )

    20. For Tomorrow... ?

    Rhapsody Of Fire – Dark Frozen World

    21. your alter Ego...?

    Metantei Conan – Intro
    (pffffff XD Otaku xDD)

    22. Your World perspective?

    Nordheim - Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit!
    (hahahahahhaha xD)

    23.Will you have a happy life?

    Tenacious D – Hard Fucking
    (XDDDDDDDDDDDD This kills me!! xD)

    24. How will be yor death?

    Mägo de Oz – Satania
    (Ohhh :O I'll died with the World's end? When the nature will disappear?)

    25. Are you a good person?

    Tarja – The Reign
    (ohh... That’s true... Is so... deep this song)

    26. That stuff that you dedicate is worth it?

    Wehrmacht – Balance Of Opinion
    (Ok, I have an idea: This group is listened by Dimitri, so… a half of people say “yes! Really is worth it!” and the other part say “no, not really ¬¬)
    Ohh, I thought in him, because Wehrmacht gave me that idea, and I’m dedicated to stalk him XDD)

    27. What does he/she think about you?

    Soundtrack – Burn it Down!
    (oohhh that I’m a witch?? XDD)

    28. your biggest defect.

    Rata Blanca – Sin tu amor (Without your love)
    (ohh… I depend so much to love?)

    29. Your biggest virtue?

    Ensiferum – Deathbringer From The Sky
    (Deathbringer= a god? O.o
    So… I’m a goddness? :D )

    30. Your body..?

    Leo – Tras las puertas del mal (behind the gates of evil)
    Muahaha My body is bad xDD

    31. sexual fantasy?

    The London Symphony Orchestra – Mornay’s Dream
    (hahahaha with a Scottish? Muhahahhahaa xD
    Yes :$)

    32. You die for...?

    The Darkness – One Way Ticket
    (cof cof to Germany cof cof)

    33. What is your childhood friend’s opinion about you??

    Hans Zimmer – Ronin
    (ohhh am I a samurai without lord? ;w;)

    34. What is your political party??

    Savia – Un año (One year)
    (Ohh… Is sad, but my political party is… the year that I lose witout you… (lyrics of the song :P)

    35. You are excited by...?

    Enslaved – Yggdrasil
    (Viking culture! :D)

    36. Your most frustation..

    Avantasia – The Story Ain’t over
    (I don’t understand... Why this song is my frustration? It should be my hope! XD)

    37. What do the people think when see your eyes?

    Korpiklaani – Ali Jaisten Vetten
    ( What a fuuck’ xD I don’t undersand finnish language very well :S)

    38.....your hands... ?

    Carlos Santana – Black Magic Woman
    ( Wohohohoho I like it!! :D)

    39. your most recently relationship? (LOVE)

    Blind Guardian – Wizard’s crown
    (mmhhh... I don’t know O_o)

    40. ¿what is the thing that you afraid about yourself?

    Dark moor – When The Sun is gone
    (so… when “me da la wea” I can destroy everything)

    41. In the bed you are...?

    Dalriada – Búcsúzó
    (What is that?? D:
    ok... Búcsúzó is farewell... so... until in bed i'm depressed? D: )

    42. What make you cry?

    Rhapsody Of Fire- Lamento Eroico
    (LOOOOOOOOOL of course that a “lamento” makes me cry dah xD)

    43. Your ideal soulmate is… ?

    Moving Hearts – The Storm
    A Scottish? D: Or someone that would be proud to born in where he born? XD
    Or… This Scottish isn’t proud to born where he born? So… This Other guy too? :O

    44. The pain is for you like a...

    The Londond Symphony Orchestra – The princess pleads for Wallace
    (The desesperation that you feel when your love is gonna die? Yep… This is pain)

    45. Your personality tend to be...?

    Evanescence – Bing me to life
    Depressed? YES

    46. Nickname?

    Ensiferum – Lady In Black
    (Ohhh thanks you so much, Ensi *heart*)

    47. What is the opinion of the mayority of men... about you?

    INXS – Baby don’t cry
    (Whaaaat? XD)

    48. And women?

    Danzig – Lady Lucifera
    (pffff xD Devil’s wife? XD)

    49. For this special person..

    *looking for a better song*
    Rata Blanca – El Gran Rey del Rock and Roll (The Big King of Rock’n roll) (nope ¬///¬)
    AC/DC – Touch Too much (FUUUUU >//////<)

    Blind Guardian – Curse My Name (hahahahhaa xD Yep, I’m so stalk, that he’ll curse my name XD)

    50. For Say goodbye...

    Fferyllt – Dance Of Druids

    Know the musical taste of your friends (more xD)
    and laugh with the nonsenses and the coincidences xD

    Note about this random stuff: Ohh viking goshh, It’s so fun to do it!! :D

  • My mural :D

    1 Feb 2011, 23:12

    Ohh fuck, to try to draw this mural has been a epic hell! There are my 9 schetchs, and missed yet! ^^U

    This is my first idea, what changed a lot of time in few hours. Sorry if you don't understand, but me either!

    I needed some idea for main character, a viking. I wanted a viking goshh, in other words, a man or guy that make me drool every morning, when I'll wake up... Tried and tried I drew d3mon_rus. Is weird that I drew him, I know (sarcasm). Even, when I was drawing, I imagined his story: He's a viking prince, coming from the war, were he won. It was his first battle, because is very young, but victorious, returned to home, the old Germania!
    yes, I'm crazy

    Before to continue, I needed a favor. With all my love, I asked d3mon his face (hahahaha sound crazy xD), I mean, asked him his consent for use his appearance. Guess... Said yes!! Oh viking lord, I'm so happy yet!!! Thanks you very much, dear! Well, with his consent, I drew the official sketck... these:

    I wanted draw hiss face pose, but is too anime ¬¬ . Supposedly I left two years ago this style. So, I read some books about human proportion... Let's see my monsters XDDD. Oh yes, the ship perspective changed :P

    First attemp. Fail. This perspective don't like me.

    Second attemp. Fail. The face is strange and fucking arm... I need more proportion books. But without words! Only I need pictures :) How can I learn drawing with words? I wanna facts!

    How draw faces I learned, but I need to know how draw bodies with perspective! I wanna marvelous mural! D8<

    Other viking sketch. Maybe will be official structure. I don't sure.

    Scarlett's magic appearance. I went for a few days to her house because I needed learning perpective. FAIL!! XD . We played Guitar Hero (pff xD) and she made me watch "Matrix". At monday night, she drew me this sketch. I understood how can I do... but maybe I won't draw big muscles...

    Bajel sketch! Yes, this kind of ship named bajel ("bayel" if you don't understand, think in mjollnir pronunciation :P is the same xD). Cool, isn't it? Yes, again, I love dragons ^^

    Well, Only I made these, unfortunately, i need other stuffs:

    -Please, bigger photo! I don't see face details! Kind of nose, color eyes... I wanna draw him realest possible, please! If we live in the same country... everything would be most easily.
    [And don't say me "ohh sorry, but would be better another guy". Fucking god, NOOOO! Must be you! (me dio la weá y con la weá me salen mejor los trabajos). I'm inspired with you, qnd I wanna finnished Its with your face in my wall!!
    erm... sorry for that D: but I'm really engaged with your participation.

    -I need watch 13th warrior! VLC doesn't let me watchit! Bulywif's armor is interesting!

    When I'll draw something new, I'll submit it :P

    First conclusion: Yes! I'm a fucking artist insane!!!
  • Tarja gonna come to chile on 2011!! >o<

    5 Nov 2010, 21:23

    Oh my viking goshhhh!!!! My dream comes trueee!!!
    The day wednesday 23th of March on next year... Tarja comes to Chiileeeee :D
    I have... oh viking gosh, is my first concert D:
    And I have a Vip ticket!!! *excited*
    My viking gosh... is more than 4 month but i'm nervious!!
  • The Legend of The Red Demon (Pirika's tale)

    12 Sep 2010, 16:46

    That night, we are both alone. For first time we had a romantic date, we were around a bonfire near to the lake. The Queen of the Night shine our love, even we just were looking us each other. He, to break the ice, he took my hand and whispered:

    - My love, I don’t want to disturb this amazing time, but there is something than worry me.

    - What happened? - I told him - You know that you can trust on me.

    - My dear, today someone told me a story, and the legend says that something bad could happen… - My poor love was looking the fire, he did not be able to see my eyes putting on him.

    - Don’t pay attention to those nonsense. But you leave puzzled me, what is the story about? Please, tell me it to me.

    -Ok, my dear. This story is titled: “The Red Demon”

    “The big clock of the main room was pointing the dinner time. The two brothers, of a big rich family, were just sitting to enjoy of a good meal, even outside of their luxurious mansion, poor people were dying for a piece of bread. The youngest sister, she was fifteen years old, decided to mention an event that surprised her that morning.

    - My brother, today in the morning I noticed a strange event.

    - What did you notice my little sister? - Ask quietly her older brother. He was twenty years old and with a good looking that all ladies felt in love for him.

    - Today a plebeian was executed. The people said that she did a pact with the Devil and he turn into a demon.

    - Please, my dear sister, don’t believe in those hoax. Whole the nobility

    like us know that the plebeian are executed because of their ideals and beliefs about communism and they need more money. When they abuse of their voice “the time is coming”.

    - But brother that girl wasn’t a communist, she almost talked about her family and she didn’t follow Catholic Religion.

    - That was the point, my beautiful sister. The girl was pagan and that was the reason of her death.

    - Even that… Before she got burned, she screamed that she will take a revenge… And she asked me my help to go a way from the bonfire.

    - My beautiful sister, with your smile and looking, you overflow sweetness and happiness. Anybody would need your arms to be happy.

    - Brother… - the teenager got embarrassed - you are so cute with me - After that praise, a spectral silence was held. Neither the miss and her brother said any word for space of time. Her brother broke the ice:

    - Are you scare sister? - She just moved the head in signal of fear.

    The big clock of the room marked an hour. They hear squeaking from the windows. The wind didn’t blow. Suddenly they felt cold, but therewas not any winter weather signal. The young girl legs started to shake, her body temperature got lower.They felt some steps toward them, but they stopped.

    - Only I asked your help. If you said “she is my servant”, they put me a way and would be of your propriety by my own free will - Suddenly they saw a feminine figure, sitting on the chimney.

    - Was you dead, wasn’t you? - The older brother argued. When the feminine figure heard that voice so masculine, she got down from her throne to observe with clarity.

    - In truth I’m not human at all. My Lord gave me eternal life. - The figure appeared entirely: A black hair girl, very long, with a white mask hiding a part of her pallid face. She wore elegant: A red coat covered her chest and it wrapped up her hips with a soft piece of satin. She was wearing just a black trousers and mount boats in the same color. The girl made a curtsy when she pronounced the word “eternal”

    -I'm your servant, Master of the demonic nobility - When the mysterious girl pronounced this words, she approached him until to touch his skin, feeling the furtive respiration of the handsome young noble. Her damn lip kissed him. Softly, his heart was stopping to beat and his skin turned cold as ice. The handsome noble died.

    - Brother!!! - His sister screamed. She took a knife to attack her brother’s Killer, but the demon was stronger. The noble young lady died, too.

    - Hum… Now, these corpses have to disappeared. - In this moment, The Demon took the satin and it covered the two brothers. When she took off the satin again, the two brothers disappeared.”

    I was surprised with this story. It was very old, but I didn’t understand why someone could hurt to my boyfriend.

    -And my friends said that who tell or hear legend, The Red Demon will come for your soul.

    - My dear, I can’t believe that you be afraid of a terror story! - Suddenly I felt cold, even I was near of the bonfire. We heard steps that come to us, but we didn’t see something with ours eyes.

    - I’ll die here… - murmured my boyfriend. He was pallid.

    -Please, when the mortals tell my story, they invoked me from hell… - A girl appeared behind us. She wore a red coat, black trousers and mount boats, she had a red top hat, like her coat.

    - You’re The Red Demon! - I screamed. The girl pointed with a gun at my boyfriend. I felt down and fainted.

    I’m in the hospital since “that” event. My boyfriend are missed. I know that The Red Demon kidnapped him, but anybody believe me. Now is night and I feel the some cold… I’ve listened the legend of that girl that was burnt for heretic… Perhaps, she loved the young noble, a impossible love, but this though isn’t useful… Now I’m listening steps toward me…

    The End