Ambient Minimalism -- focus damnit!


23 Ene 2006, 2:37

With so many distractions, I often procrastinate until the very last minute. For example, it's 9:11PM on a Sunday and I've studied about 1/2 my chemistry chapter and i still need to do calculus, english AP questions, and study for a compsci test. But when it is absolutely necessary for me to focus, I usually turn to my Ambient Minimalism playlist.

It provides just enough background noise to keep the wandering part of my brain satisfied allowing me to concentrate.

Trilogy This piano track has strong repetitive chord progression that fades out to atmospheric ambience. A perfect starting track for a playlist that continues to get more mellow.

Everloving Humming, soft guitars, and Moby? Used in the Requiem for a Dream trailer and one of those horse racing sequences in Seabiscuit, this is one of my all-time favorite mellow tracks.

Artisan More of an electronic based song, this track provides a mellow groove for this awesome playlist.

Mogwai's I Know You Are But What Am I?, 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong, and Hunted by a Freak all provide simple melodies that take the minimalism one step further.

I think I was bored one day and decided to download Ambient Generation off's free downloads. Joseph, Travelling, and Vacation interesting use of samples such as a baby's coo ease into a very relaxing listening experience.

I am a huge fan of Thomas Newman and the two White Oleander tracks I have (Meteor Shower and White Oleander) are I believe some of his most minimalist work. Even so, the haunting piano theme of White Oleander and equally haunting atmospheric Meteor Shower both shine.

No ambient minimalist compilation would be complete with Who Am I and Halcyon & On & On. This stuff is just classic.

The remaining tracks:
Falling, Pride, and Unreal round out this brain soothing mix.

I've managed to waste another half hour of time.. but I believe in Mark Twain's philosophy of "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow". Ambient minimalism will be there to see me through all those late nights.


  • knosen1982

    agree with you.. see you... respect..come with peace.. go whith peace.. but every step.. i walk on a ded.. sorry this bad sad mad.. leaders og earth.. shark still alive..for 250.000.000 why??????????? shark is pure magic... the greatest of all.. to survive.. people only make .. war.. cry.. and die. sorry.

    29 Abr 2006, 4:49
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