• Xmas journal

    24 Dic 2010, 17:48

    It's ages since I wrote my last journal, but the thing is I don't have a lot of time these days (not an original excuse, yet true)...I almost posted one the other day about the Symphonicities album from Sting, but then I didn't like it and I cancelled it :) anyway I love the album and the point of the journal was that I couldn't have loved an album made of orchestral versions of pop-rock songs by anyone else but Sting... I particularly love the song I Hung My Head, that was originally written for Jhonny Cash... did you have the chance to listen to it? What do you think?

    This goes out to khalota!


  • It's a pity...

    13 Feb 2010, 10:23

    Nowadays there are no more bands such as the Spin Doctors. Period. Great musicians, great songs, yet so simple and unpretentious. That's just too bad.

    How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me)

    ...Ferocious angels send me falling stars
    But I know just how dangerous whishes are...
    ...He's with the pigeons, pecking crumbs,
    I'm on my deathbed bleeding with the cherubim...
  • Cool, Not Cool

    17 Mar 2009, 20:20

    Mon 16 Mar – Scott Henderson
    Cool: having the chance to see such great artists in such small venues, always gives me shivers.
    I got to know and love Scott Henderson from one beautiful heartbreaking track called Tore Down House, and though what he did yesterday night was something completely different, still I could sense the same kind of feeling I got from that song.
    Of course, he's a freaking good guitarist, I can't even get to appreciate properly his incredible technique, I'm just not musically prepared enough to do it.

    Not Cool: the way he refused to exchange guitar picks with a fan after the gig. It's probably a silly thing to ask, that of exchanging picks, still I can somehow relate with the guy's request...after all, music speaks to us, and sometimes it may hit on us so deeply and truly that we just can't help seeking some kind of connection with the person who wrote that music.
    I hate to be judgemental, and I don't want to be, just because to do so would be like ingnoring the fact that a musician is a person with his/her own personality and his/her own private life.
    Still I think that when you lose the ability to understand a fan's need of introducing himself, shake your hand, take a picture, you probably lost one big part of what makes music something so special.
  • Probably the sweetest song ever written.

    9 Mar 2009, 18:10

    May You Never

    And may you never lay your head down
    Without a hand to hold
    May you never make your bed out in the cold.

    You're just like a great strong brother of mine
    You know that I love you true
    And you never talk dirty behind my back
    And I know that there's those that do.

    Oh please won't you, please won't you
    Bear it in mind
    Love is a lesson to learn in our time
    Now please won't you, please won't you
    Bear it in mind for me.

    Well you're just like a good close sister to me
    You know that I love you true
    And you hold no blade to stab me in the back
    And I know that there's some that do.

    May you never lose your temper
    If you get in a bar room fight
    May you never lose your woman overnight
    May you never lay your head down
    Without a hand to hold
    May you never make your bed out in the cold.
  • My 2009 jam is Newton Faulkner

    2 Ene 2009, 13:52

    Here is my recent discovery, Newton Faulkner.

    This is a Massive Attack cover, Teardrop, I have always loved the song, not being a Massive Attack fan myself; I find his version very nice, I think it's amazing just how he makes it all by himself, and I don't see any trace of effort in his performance, I mean, he's a natural.
    The whole album Hand Built By Robots is cool, a bunch of catchy songs, simple and yet original, more than fairly played on guitar, great powerful rock vocals.
    I would love to see him live, they say he's a great performer, and a huge man!
  • I wouldn't go to Rome to see me!

    26 Nov 2008, 15:13

    No need to say, it was an amazing concert; I loved every single new song and it was so nice to hear everybody in the audience singing to the "old" ones; I was afraid she was gonna speak a lot of german during the show, but fortunately she didn't and she was as nice and funny as ever in between the songs.
    Listening to older live tracks and videos on youtube I realized how much she has improved both on vocals and guitar, not that she was bad before, but what I saw in Karlsruhe was just pure class and quality; the whole band is just amazing, Christian Vinne gotta be my favorite, but I have a bias on that. Anyway it was even better than I expected.
    Once again she called me by my name when I went to say hello after the gig (unbelievable, I just met her twice) but she definitely hadn't realized I came all the way from Rome just to be there, maybe because my name has some german equivalent...so when I told her she went "fuck off! I wouldn't go to Rome to see me!" and gave me a big hug and offered me beer, so I told her she should instead go to Rome to see ME, and hopefully play a gig here someday. We'll wait and see, or I gotta be travelling again in a few months.
    Last but definitely not least, it was so nice to finally meet some of the last.fm group members in the audience, and some other people I had met through myspace and stuff like that.
    Here is a video I made, hope you enjoy it.

    Oh and the supporting act, The Life Between, was nice too.
    Sat 22 Nov – Wallis Bird, The Life Between
    Wallis Bird
  • Wallis Bird

    5 Ago 2008, 22:02

    I finally got to see Wallis Bird playing at the Innocent Village Fete in London last Saturday, it was a short and yet intense gig, it was just her and her guitar and she played Counting To Sleep, Moodsets, Country Bumpkin, The Circle, You Are Mine and Blossoms In The Street; she was amazing on stage, funny, original, and just so true; she was also incredibly nice after the gig...
    I just believe she deserves great achievements, and I am so going to see her playing again, as soon as I can and hopefully with the whole band.
  • Linguaggio dei segni e timidezza

    2 Jun 2008, 13:19

    Well the heat is so great
    it plays tricks with the eye
    turns the road into water
    and then from water to sky
    there's a crack in the concrete floor
    and it starts at the sink
    there's a bathroom in a gas station
    and i've locked myself in it to think

    and back in the city
    the sun bakes the trash on the curb
    the men are pissing in doorways
    and the rats run in herds
    i've got a dream of your face
    and it scares me awake
    i put too much on my table
    and now i've got too much a stake

    and i might let you off easy
    yeah i might lead you on
    i might wait for you to look for me
    and then i might be gone
    coz where i come from and where i'm going
    and i'm lost in between
    i might go up to that phone booth
    and leave a veiled invitation on you machine

    and you'll stop me, won't you
    if you've heard this one before
    the one where i surprise you
    by showing up at your front door
    saying 'let's not ask what's next,
    how, or why'
    i am leaving in the morning
    so let's not be shy

    the door opens, the room winces
    the housekeeper comes in without a warning
    and i squint at the muscular motel lady
    saying 'hey morning'
    and she jumps, her keys jingle
    and she leaves as quick as she came in
    and i roll over and taste the pillow with my grin
    well, the sheets are twisted and damp
    and the heat is so great
    and i swear i can feel the mattress
    sinking underneath your weight
    oh sleep is like a fever
    and I'm glad when it ends
    and the road flows like a river
    and pulls me around every bend

    Ani DiFranco
  • Most undervalued artist ever (undervalued by me)

    10 May 2008, 9:36

    The ClashTrain in Vain

    Ho sempre pensato che fossero qualcosa di diverso da quello che poi in realtà sono, e quando li ho ascoltati è stata una vera rivelazione...semplicità, sostanza, leggerezza, corpo.
    Avevano quasi tutto ciò che di solito mi piace nella musica.
  • Shivering with antici-pation

    22 Mar 2008, 21:28

    Comprati i biglietti per il concerto di Bjork il 25 luglio prossimo all'Auditorium.
    Probabilmente non sarà niente di simile a questo:

    Aeroplane è un pezzo vecchio ormai di 15 anni, e anche questo video mi sembra risalga più o meno all'uscita del disco, ma che spettacolo!
    Bene, 4 mesi per familiarizzare con il nuovo album
    Volta, che poi tanto nuovo non è, ma sono rimasta un po' indietro.

    ps. i brividi non sono tanto per la trepidante attesa, quanto per il fatto che mi sta venendo la febbre. D'oh.