• 2000's Decade Albums

    30 Ene 2011, 5:00

    no matter if i got it on cd or mp3, no one really keeps track of that stuff anymore... what matters most is if an album makes some sort of impact or return appearances in your car cd player or mp3 playlist. Although it hasn't been the same as the 80s or 90s, this past decade has been an interesting mix... so here's a comprehensive list in an alphabetical / chronological order of albums from the past 10 years that i've listened to:

    A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms
    And One - Virgin Superstar
    Coldplay - Parachutes
    Covenant - United States of Mind
    The Cure - Bloodflowers
    Dandy Warhols - Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
    Doves - Lost Souls
    PJ Harvey - Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
    Placebo - Black Market Music
    Radiohead - Kid A

    Ash - Free All Angels
    Clan of Xymox - Notes from the Underground
    Depeche Mode - Exciter
    Jamiroquai - A Funk Odyssey
    Echo & the Bunnymen - Flowers
    Garbage - Beautiful Garbage
    Gorillaz - Gorillaz
    The Shins - Oh, Inverted World
    Girls Against Boys
    New Order - Get Ready
    The Raveonettes
    Ryan Adams
    British Sea Power

    Daniel Ash - Daniel Ash
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People
    Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
    Covenant - Northern Light
    Dirty Vegas
    Doves - The Last Broadcast
    Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
    The Libertines - Up the Bracket
    Peaches - The Teaches Of Peaches
    The Raveonettes - Whip it On (EP)
    Supergrass - Life on Other Planets

    A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step
    And One - Aggressor
    Benny Benassi
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Take Them On, On Your Own
    Clan of Xymox - Farewell
    Dandy Warhols - Welcome To The Monkey House
    Dave Gahan - Paper Monsters
    Elefant - Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid
    Goldfrapp - Black Cherry
    Kenna - New Sacred Cow
    The Kills - Keep on Your Mean Side
    Longwave - The Strangest Things
    Melotron - Sternenstaub
    Metric - Old World Underground
    Mew - Frengers
    Placebo - Sleeping with Ghosts
    Postal Service
    Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
    The Rapture - Echoes
    The Raveonettes - Chain Gang of Love
    The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow
    Snow Patrol - Final Straw
    White Stripes
    The Wrens - The Meadowlands
    Year of the Rabbit

    Arcade Fire - Funeral
    Autolux - Future Perfect
    The Cure - The Cure
    Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
    Icon of Coil - Machines are Us
    Interpol - Antics
    Kasabian - Kasabian
    The Killers - Hot Fuss
    The Libertines - The Libertines
    Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters
    VHS or Beta - Night on Fire

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl
    Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
    The Bravery - The Bravery
    Brazilian Girls - Brazilian Girls
    Coldplay - X&Y
    Doves - Some Cities
    Depeche Mode - Playing the Angel
    Echo & the Bunnymen - Siberia
    Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better
    Ghostland Observatory - Paparazzi Lightning
    Goldfrapp - Supernature
    Gorillaz - Demon Days
    The Kills - No Wow
    Melotron - Cliché
    Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites
    New Order - Waiting for the Sirens' Call
    Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
    The Rakes - Capture/Release
    The Raveonettes - Pretty in Black
    Supergrass - Road To Rouen

    And One - Bodypop
    Brazilian Girls - Talk to La Bomb
    Clan of Xymox - Breaking Point
    Covenant - Skyshaper
    Kasabian - Empire
    Muse - Black Holes and Revelations
    Peaches - Impeach My Bush
    Placebo - Meds
    The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love

    Ken Andrews - Secrets of the Lost Satellite
    Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Baby 81
    Bloc Party - A Weekend in the City
    Dave Gahan - Hourglass
    Radiohead - In Rainbows
    The Shins - Wincing the Night Away
    VHS or Beta - Bring on the Comets

    Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
    Friendly Fires - Friendly Fires
    The Kills - Midnight Boom
    Ting Tings - We Started Nothing

    Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe
    Doves - Kingdom of Rust
    Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

    Arcade Fire - Suburbs
    Autolux - Transit Transit
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat The Devil's Tattoo
  • Que... was? (songs in other languages)

    27 Ago 2010, 22:30

    I've been learning German, Spanish, & French off & on for the past few years (aside from learning a little high school Spanish)... but i recently picked up a lot more German this summer since i went to Austria. I've been listening to a lot of German bands for the past 10 years. Along the way, I have found a lot of songs in Spanish & French as well. Here's a comprehensive list of songs/bands I like & a lot of songs in those 3 languages, as well as a couple in Italian & Icelandic.

    * - indicates song originally or additionally sung in English

    Absurd Minds - Herzlos
    And One - Panzermensch
    And One - Speicherbar
    And One - So Klingt Liebe
    And One - Steine Sind Steine
    And One - Tote Tulpen
    And One - Traumfrau ... too many to list!!!!
    Beborn Beton - Genauso Wie Ich
    Beborn Beton - Im Innern Einer Frau
    Beborn Beton - Vorbei
    Brazilian Girls - Die Gedanken sind frei
    Brazilian Girls - Sexy Asshole
    De/Vision - In Dir
    Falco - Der Kommissar
    Falco - Rock Me Amadeus
    Funker Vogt - Fur Dich
    * Peter Gabriel - Games without Frontiers
    Melotron - Der Anfang
    Melotron - Glaserne Zeiten
    Melotron - Immer Noch
    Melotron - Kein Problem
    Melotron - Lebenslauf
    Melotron - Manchmal
    Melotron - Menschenfresser
    Melotron - Traumzeit .... toooooo many mehr to list!!!!!
    * Nena - 99 Luftballoons
    * Nena - ? (Fragezeichen)
    Nena - Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann
    Nena - Leuchtturm
    * Nena - Nur geträumt
    Nena - Rette Mich
    Nena - Uner kannt Durch's Marchenland
    * Peter Schilling - Major Tom
    Project Pitchfork - (Mehr Als) Der Absprung
    Project Pitchfork - Endzeit
    Project Pitchfork - Fleischverstarker
    Project Pitchfork - Schall Und Rauch
    Project Pitchfork - Sinus
    Project Pitchfork - Zeitfalle
    Rammstein - Du Hast
    Rammstein - Fur Immer ..... tooooo many more to list...
    Trio - Da Da Da
    Visage - Der Amboss
    Wolfsheim - Kein Zurück
    Wolfsheim - Kunstliche Welten
    Wolfsheim - Wundervoll
    Xmal Deutschland - Incubbus Succubus

    * Blondie - Call Me
    Brazilian Girls - Me Gustas Cuando Callas
    Cetu Javu - Adonde
    Cetu Javu - Quien Lo Sabia?
    * Concrete Blonde - Bajo La Lune Mexicana
    Puya - Mere nino
    Suzanne Vega - Luka

    Arcade Fire - Une année sans lumière
    Blondie - Sunday Girl (French Version)
    Brazilian Girls - Homme
    Brazilian Girls - Sirenes De La Fete
    Brazilian Girls - Le Territiore
    * Chris Cornell - Can't Change Me
    * Echobelly - Car Fiction
    Juliana Hatfield - Fleur de Lys
    * Placebo - Protège-moi
    * Portishead - Only You
    The Violettes - 1-2-3 Go

    Rolling Stones - Con le mie lacrime
    Sting - Fragile

    Sigur Ros - Fludufrelsarinn ... & too many more to list
    The Sugarcubes - Cat
    The Sugarcubes - Dragon
    * The Sugarcubes - Regina (Icelandic)

    more to come...
  • Musical Favorites

    12 Jun 2010, 20:50

    Favourite bands
    (top 10 in a rough order that hasn't changed much in 10 years)
    Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order, Echo & the Bunnymen, Clan of Xymox, The Chameleons, Bauhaus, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, The Damned

    Favourite albums (one each from my faves above)
    Depeche Mode - Violator
    The Cure - Disintegration
    New Order - Substance
    Echo & the Bunnymen,
    Clan of Xymox - self-titled
    Chameleons UK - Script of the Bridge
    Bauhaus - Crackle
    Soundgarden - Superunknown
    Alice in Chains - Dirt
    The Damned - Strawberries

    Greatest single ever made:
    Echo & the Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar - story behind this... i was taping Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" in 1992 & "Lips" happened to merge into the ending... i had never heard it or the Bunnymen before & was immediately intrigued. It's been my favorite ever since.

    Favourite box sets
    I only own The Cure & Siouxsie and the Banshees B-sides

    Favourite Greatest Hits:
    well, i already included a couple of them above... but i also like ones by Erasure, Echo & the Bunnymen, Psychedelic Furs, The Cure, & others that got me into 80s bands, since i was too young to fully get into them in the 80s

    First CD bought:
    Reality Bites - Soundtrack

    First Concert:
    The Offspring - Smash Tour, 1995!!!

    Favourite Concert:
    (accidentally) sneaking into Deep Ellum in Dallas to see The Cure in 2000

    Concert You Wish You'd Seen:
    Alice in Chains :( & Lollapalooza '92

    Best Use of Music In Film:
    The Crow - Soundtrack........ well, that's my favorite one anyway

    Best Use of Music In TV series:

    Favourite music books:

    Favourite Songwriters:
    Robert Smith & Martin Gore

    Favourite album covers:
    don't really have any

    Least fav album covers to albums you like/love/don't mind
    that skinny chick in undies on the 1st She Wants Revenge album... i don't care for that skinny hipless look at all

    Favourite Music DVDs:
    Bauhaus - Gotham ... i have the VHS, ok?!
    Depeche Mode - 86>98 Singles (VHS)
    Ministry - singles (k, that's actually on DVD)

    Artist You Will Always Believe In:
    any from the 80s

    Artist You Will Always Defend:
    The Cure & Depeche Mode... mostly in reference to people who say "oh, aren't they an 80s band?".... um, any band that's still around 20-30+ years later is soooo much more than just an "80s band"!!!!!

    Albums You Will Always Defend:
    i won't defend any of them... i love em, & that's that!!!!

    Singers Who Can Make Your Skin Crawl:
    just look on eMpTV.............. or Billboard top 20

    Artists I'm Supposed to like, but don't.
    this would've been easier to answer like 10 years ago, but i dunno about my age bracket anymore... i hope Gen X'ers aren't supposed to like tween pop!!

    Song You Can't Stand by an Artist You Like:
    there aren't many...

    Artist Who Broke Your Heart:
    Creed... well, i wouldn't say they broke my heart, lol, but i was very disappointed in how popular they got

    Band That Should Break Up:
    just look on eMpTV..............

    Bands That Should Get Back Together:
    any from the 90s

    Guilty Pleasure:
    some Lady Gaga songs... i have gay friends, & they play her often at gay bars, so there ya go
  • Female Rock - 1978-2000's

    3 May 2010, 19:55

    Rock has obviously been dominated by male vocals, so most of the bands i listen to have male vocalists. But here are some of my all-time favorites... these include mostly singles, songs that have a video that may or may not have gotten much airplay, & many that you see normally on Karaoke lists that i love to sing... along with many others i'd luv to see at karaoke (they really need more Siouxsie & Concrete Blonde!!). They're listed basically in chronological order. There won't be nearly as many 2000's songs listed as there are 90s, sadly... it seems to have stopped there for alternative rock.


    Blondie - Heart of Glass
    The Pretenders - Brass in Pocket
    The Pretenders - Tattooed Love Boys
    Joan Jett - Do You Wanna Touch Me
    Joan Jett - I Love Rock n Roll
    The Pretenders - Message of Love
    The Pretenders - I Go To Sleep
    The Pretenders - Talk of the Town
    Siouxsie and the Banshees - Sin in My Heart
    Siouxsie & the Banshees - Spellbound
    Siouxsie & the Banshees - Arabian Knights
    Blondie - Rapture
    Cocteau Twins - Wax & Wane
    Eurythmics - Love is a Stranger
    Frida - I Know There's Something Going On
    Missing Persons - Words
    Missing Persons - Destination Unknown
    Yazoo - Don't Go
    Berlin - Sex (I'm a...)
    Berlin - The Metro
    Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
    The Pretenders - Back On The Chain Gang
    Bananarama - Cruel Summer
    Bananrama - Venus
    Nena - 99 Luftballons
    The Waitresses - Make The Weather
    The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like
    The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping
    Cocteau Twins - Lorelei
    The Pretenders - Middle of the Road
    Berlin - No More Words
    Berlin - Take My Breath Away
    Blondie - Atomic
    Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy
    Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
    Siouxsie & the Banshees - Cities in Dust
    The Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong
    Romeo Void - A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)
    Romeo Void - Never Say Never
    The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian
    The Bangles - Eternal Flame
    The Bangles - Manic Monday
    The Bangles - Hazy Shade of Winter
    'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry
    Sinéad O'Connor - Mandinka
    Suzanne Vega - Luka
    Suzanne Vega - Left Of Center
    10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather
    Concrete Blonde - Dance Along The Edge
    Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane
    Edie Brickell and New Bohemians - What I Am
    10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me
    Xymox - Imagination
    The B-52's - Roam
    The B-52's - Deadbeat Club

    Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson - Candy
    Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U
    Sinead O'Connor - The Emperor's New Clothes
    Soho - Hippychick
    The Sundays - Here's Where the Story Ends
    The Sundays - Can't Be Sure
    Concrete Blonde - Joey
    Concrete Blonde- Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)
    Concrete Blonde - Caroline
    Concrete Blonde - Darkening Of The Light
    Concrete Blonde - Tomorrow, Wendy
    Tori Amos - Silent All These Years
    Tori Amos - Crucify
    Shakespeare's Sister- Stay
    Concrete Blonde - Someday
    Annie Lennox - Why
    The Sugarcubes - Hit
    Siouxsie & the Banshees - Kiss Them for Me
    The Sundays - Wild Horses
    Patty Smyth & Don Henley - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
    10,000 Maniacs - These are Days
    Belly - Feed the Tree
    Belly - Gepetto
    The Cranberries - Dreams
    The Cranberries - Linger
    Concrete Blonde - Mexican Moon
    Concrete Blonde - Heal It Up
    Juliana Hatfield Three - My Sister
    Juliana Hatfield Three - Spin the Bottle
    Bjork - Human Behavior
    PJ Harvey - Man-Size
    Sunscreem - Love U More
    Angelfish - Suffocate Me
    The Breeders - Cannonball
    Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do
    Sheryl Crow - Strong Enough
    Veruca Salt - Seether
    Veruca Salt - All Hail Me
    Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
    Liz Phair - Supernova
    Portishead - Sour Times
    Sarah McLachlan - Possession
    Tori Amos - God
    Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl
    Frente! - Labour of Love
    Faith and the Muse - Scars Flown Proud
    Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet
    Juliana Hatfield - Universal Heart-Beat
    PJ Harvey - Down by the Water
    Bjork - Human Behavior
    Joan Osborne - St. Teresa
    The Cranberries - Ode to My Family
    Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know
    Alanis Morissette - Hand in My Pocket
    Alanis Morissette - You Learn
    Alanis Morissette - Head over Feet
    Garbage - Vow
    Garbage - Queer
    Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains
    Garbage - Stupid Girl
    Garbage - Milk
    The Cardigans - Carnival
    Tracy Bonham - Mother Mother
    Cowboy Junkies - Common Disaster
    The Cranberries - Salvation
    Jewel - You Were Meant for Me
    Jewel - Who Will Save Your Soul
    The Cardigans - Lovefool
    Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls
    Republica - Ready to Go
    Paula Cole - Where Have all the Cowboys Gone?
    Paula Cole - I Don't Want to Wait
    Sarah McLachlan - Building a Mystery
    Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender
    Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Edit)
    The Sundays - Summertime
    Abra Moore - Four Leaf Clover
    The Cardigans - Been It
    PJ Harvey - A Perfect Day Elise
    Liz Phair - Polyester Bride
    The Cardigans - Erase & Rewind
    Tracy Bonham - The One
    Sheryl Crow - A Change Would Do You Good
    Tori Amos - Spark
    Blondie - Maria
    Tori Amos - Jackie's Strength
    Luscious Jackson - Ladyfingers
    Garbage - Temptation Waits
    Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid
    Garbage - When I Grow Up
    Garbage - Special
    Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake
    Sheryl Crow - Anything But Down
    The Cranberries - Promises
    Garbage - The World is Not Enough

    PJ Harvey - Good Fortune
    PJ Harvey - This Is Love
    Peaches - F**k The Pain Away
    Dido - Here With Me
    Dido - Thank You
    Ladytron - Seventeen
    Garbage - Breaking Up the Girl
    Metric - Combat Baby
    The Kills - Wait
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
    Cansei de Ser Sexy - Alala
    Cansei de Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
    Peaches - Kick It
    Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her
    The Kills - Last Day of Magic
    The Kills - Sour Cherry

    this 2000's list is very select... but if anyone has any recommendations, i'll consider them!
  • "They Came From..." - Country Origin Compilation Series

    28 Mar 2010, 3:33

    This has been a work in progress for a while. I started this compilation a few years ago & thought i'd put it together in no time... however, that wasn't so easy. It took longer than i anticipated, plus i kept changing my mind on what bands to include. But gradually, thanks to the use of Last.FM, Wikipedia, & xhochy.org, I was finally able to filter & narrow it down a lot easier. It will still take quite a bit of time to include songs & links, but at least for the time being, i have started the band lists. More to be updated later...

    They came from ... England - #1

    1The Damned- There'll Come A Day
    2Killing Joke - A New Day
    3Siouxsie and the Banshees - Desert Kisses
    4The Cure-The Blood
    5Echo & the Bunnymen-The Yo Yo Man
    6Love & Rockets-Mirror people
    7New Order-Mesh - Substance (Cries & Whispers)
    8Depeche Mode-In Your Room (album version)
    9The Chameleons-Is it Any Wonder?
    10Blur-To The End
    11Radiohead-How to Disappear Completely
    12Doves - Break Me Gently
    13March Violets-Lights Go Out
    15Nosferatu-The Wiccaman
    16The Bolshoi-Books on the Bonfire
    17Danse Society-Hold On
    18Supergrass- She's So Loose
    20The Psychedelic Furs-Into You Like A Train
    21Adam Ant-Survival of the Fetish
    22Fields of the Nephilim-Moonchild
    23Visage - Damned Don't Cry
    24Daniel Ash-Dream Machine
    25The Mission-Deliverance

    I like waaaay too many British bands... & it's official: according to a website i found that generates where bands come from, British bands take up half of my listening time. I honestly didn't know where to start at 1st when i started compiling these lists a few years ago, so i decided to make it easier on myself & just take the top 25 listed bands on my last.fm page... & these honestly represent the types of bands i listen to on a very regular basis, as well as including most of my all-time favorites (my top 4 ever are listed here)! I'm sure i'll like this so much that i'll make a 2nd & maybe a 3rd later, but this will suffice for now ;-) I'm still always baffled how there are so many good bands in a small country...

    They came from ... the United States!! - #2
    1Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds
    2Soundgarden - Zero Chance
    3Ministry-The Land of Milk & Honey
    4Dandy Warhols - Wonderful You
    5My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Devil Bunnies
    6Interpol-Say Hello to the Angels
    7Alice in Chains-Dam That River
    8Until December-Free Again
    9Revolting Cocks-Something Wonderful
    10Juliana Hatfield-Dying Proof
    11Failure-Smoking Umbrellas
    12Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Need Some Air
    14Garbage-Temptation Waits
    15Concrete Blonde-Darkening of the light
    16The Shins-Australia
    17Sheryl Crow- There Goes the Neighborhood
    18Faith and the Muse - Scars Flown Proud
    19Deee-Lite-Good Beat
    20Static X-The Trance is the Motion
    21Autolux-Turnstile Blues
    22Cypress Hill-Cock the Hammer
    23The Wrens-Hopeless
    24Beastie Boys-Gratitude
    25R.E.M. - Can't Get There From Here

    One would think since i'm from the States that this would be easy... but I really had to sort thru all the British bands to figure out what were my top 25 listened to American bands... interestingly, there were only 10 bands from the US in my top 50, & the rest of the 20 barely came in the top 100 bands! Not that there aren't enough bands in this country, but i just prefer British ones. However, i will say my favorite female singers tend to be American, so a few of them are listed here. Bands are listed in order of frequently listened to.

    They came from... Germany! #3
    Project Pitchfork-Beautiful-Logic-Strings
    And One -Schwarz
    Melotron -Manchmal
    Beborn Beton-Eisplanet
    Nena-? (Fragezeichen)
    Das Ich-He Mensch
    Funker Vogt-Nuclear Winter
    Absurd Minds -Brainwash v2
    Santa Hates You-You're Fucking It Up
    Paul van Dyk-Let Go

    & not finished with that one quite yet...

    They came from ... Canada!! - #4
    Skinny Puppy - Candle
    Front Line Assembly - Provision
    ohGr - Cracker
    Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her
    Moev - Yeah, Whatever
    Delerium with Sarah McLachlan - Silence
    Broken Social Scene - Stars & Sons
    Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
    Alanis Morissette - Right Through You
    The Stills - Of Montreal
    Metric - Succexy
    Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender
    Grimes - Genesis
    Chromeo - Needy Girl
    Trans X - Living on Video
    Men Without Hats - Antarctica
    The Dears - Lost in the Plot
    Payolas- Where is this love
    Cowboy Junkies- Common Disaster
    Our Lady Peace- Starseed
    Econoline Crush- Home
    Kon Kan - I Beg Your Pardon

    3 more to come from: Australia, Ireland/Scotland, & mixed European!!
  • Taping songs off the radio in the 90s...

    23 Ene 2010, 7:59

    Ahhh, the early 90s... before cds started to take over, & before I even had access to MTV, you know you were addicted to waiting until a good song came on the radio in the early 90s & pressed RECORD on that outdated thing called the tape player ;-) I might add that i was usually playing Nintendo while listening to these when i probably should've been doing homework *grin*... &/or (God forbid) riding the darn school bus & listening to my WALKMAN!!! bahaha... Here're some of my favorites (in no particular order) that i eventually replaced with mp3s. These songs are still special to me cuz unlike downloading anything at your finger tips these days, you actually got to know individual songs a lot better & grew attached to them. I never grew tired of them, unlike too many overplayed radio singles that (mostly) aren't listed here. This isn't necessarily 1 of those "oh yah, i used to really like this song" moments... I still like these songs. It ain't nostalgic if you never left ;-)

    1. Suzanne Vega - Blood Makes Noise
    2. Stereo MC's - Elevate My Mind
    3. The Shamen - Move Any Mountain
    4. Fluke - Groovy Feeling (Make Mine a 99)
    5. Book Of Love - Alice Everyday
    6. Concrete Blonde - Someday - 1st CB song i ever heard... it's awesome... but they never have it at karaoke *sniff*
    7. INXS - Heaven Sent - this song is just that ;-)
    8. The Beloved - Sweet Harmony
    9. Erasure - Breath of Life - This later has become one of my favorite Erasure songs of all time.
    10. Jesus Jones - International Bright Young Thing - I have always liked this one better than "Right Here, Right Now"... it rocks!
    11. Dr. Alban - It's My Life - I'm wondering how popular this song really got? I'll bet it was fun to dance to at clubs... too bad i wasn't old enuff at the time
    12. The Hunger - Never Again - local Houston boys in their synthpop days that i saw a few times when they went more rock in the later 90s
    13. Utah Saints - Something Good - weird story: I fell asleep 1 night with the radio on & woke up at 2 am to this song. I thought i was dreaming. there was something strangely unreal, yet addicting to it, & it later became 1 of my favorite songs to listen to while playing the Nintendo game Skyshark *grin*. Damn, i really miss that game, & it's been almost impossible to track down online! *sigh*
    14. Toad The Wet Sprocket - Walk On The Ocean - AMAZING!!!
    15. The Judybats - Being Simple
    16. Aztec Camera - Somewhere In My Heart - I didn't know this was an 80s song for the longest time, i just thought it came out in '92 when I heard it... eh, only 4 year difference
    17. The Goodmen - Give It Up - I didn't realize just how good this song was until i heard it on some real speakers years later, since i had the crappiest speakers ever in '94 :-P I'll bet it sounded amazing at clubs, though... waaaay underrated
    18. Anything Box - World Without Love
    19. Soup Dragons - Divine thing - these guys actually played this song on Letterman or some other late nite show in '92... luv this song
    20. Tears for Fears - Break It Down Again
    21. Information Society - Peace & Love, Inc. - more Nintendo memories ;-)
    22. The Cure - Halo - my favorite Cure b-side!!
    23. Morrissey - Tomorrow - This is still my favorite Morrissey song PERIOD!!!
    24. Lightning Seeds - The Life Of Riley
    25. Soho - Hippychick - confession: I actually heard this before the Smiths song that it samples... then a couple of years later i heard "How Soon is Now"
    26. Cracker - Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) - this song partly led to my venturing into alterna-rock territory... & i never looked back ;-) plus the song title was oh so fitting for me at the time ;-)
    27. KLF - 3 AM Eternal - I also didn't realize how awesome this song was until over a decade later on better speakers... wow, it was like listening to it for the 1st time!
    28. Shakespeare's Sister - Stay
    29. Sunscreem - Love You More - I've always loved singing this one, & it wasn't until recent years that I got a chance to sing it at karaoke!
    30. Army of Lovers - Obsession
    31. Cause & Effect - You Think You Know Her - ahhh, Depeche Mode's little cousins ;-)
    32. Martin Gore - Death's Door - speaking of Depeche Mode, so creepy & cool!
    33. Big Pig - Breakaway
    34. Boy George - The Crying Game - I actally saw this in the theater with my best friend in high school.. heh... our innocent teenage selves weren't innocent for long :-P
    35. Machines of Loving Grace - Butterfly Wings
    36. The Farm - Groovy Train
    37. The Charlatans - The Only One I Know
    38. Blur - There's No Other Way
    39. Candyflip - Strawberry Fields Forever - confession: i didn't know this was a Beatles cover until years later... but at the time it came out in 1990, i had a huge crush on this darn song. It would make my best friend & i giddy as all heck for some reason, & it still makes me smile :)
    40. Anything Box - Living In Oblivion
    41. Stereo MCs - Connected - This is a song that I heard a LOT while I was 1st learning how to drive by myself. I always cranked it up when it came on, usually while driving around with my best friend!
    42. Big Audio Dynamite - The Globe
    43. INXS - Disappear
    44. James - Laid
    45. Lightning Seeds - Pure
    46. Matthew Sweet - I've Been Waiting
    47. School of Fish - Three Strange Days - I wasn't too into 'hard rock' in the early 90s when I 1st heard this song... so this was one of those 1st songs with heavy guitar distortion that I invited to my ears. It only took a couple of more years until I couldn't get enough of that distorted sound, thanks to grunge ;-)
    48. The Cure - To the Sky - This is the 1st Cure b-side I ever heard in '91!
    49. Dada - Dizneeland
    50. Lenny Kravitz - Believe
    51. Peter Gabriel - Steam
    52. Simply Red - Stars
    53. Erasure - Always
    54. Big Audio Dynamite - Rush
    55. Four Non Blondes - What's Up - I'll never forget being in a bus full of choir girls 1 sunny April afternoon coming back from a choir contest singing along to this song coming from my boombox... loudly ;-)
    56. Patty Smyth & Don Henley - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough - Kinda poppy, but I've always loved singing along to this song. It fits my vocal range perfectly, & while I was figuring out my singing range at the time, this song helped me figure out just what range that was.
    57. Tori Amos - Crucify - This song also helped me figure out my singing range ;-)
    58. Firehouse - Love of a Lifetime
    59. Seal - Killer
    60. Soup Dragons - Pleasure

    I'll add more as i think of em... but i'll stop here for now ;-) Comment if you like any of these &/or grew up listening to Houston 104's New Music Zone from 7-10 weeknights :-D & thanks KRBE, for at least not playing total rubbish during my impressionable teenage years, even though the station went on a downward spiral after '94... fitting NIN pun intended :-/
  • Christmas Songs

    26 Dic 2009, 2:45

    yes, there are tons of em... but here're some that represent the types of bands i listen to on a regular basis, along with a few old favorites:

    Nat King Cole The Christmas Song
    Bing Crosby & David Bowie - Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth
    The Kinks - Father Christmas
    The Carpenters Merry Christmas Darling
    Siouxsie & the Banshees - Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant
    Cocteau Twins - Frosty the Snowman
    The Damned - There Ain't No Sanity Clause
    The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
    U2 - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
    The Alarm - Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
    Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas?
    The Pretenders - 2000 Miles
    The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping
    Alison Moyet The Coventry Carol
    XTC - Thanks For Christmas
    Enya - Oiche Chiun (Silent Night)
    The Flaming Lips - Christmas at the Zoo
    Smashing Pumpkins Christmastime
    Sheryl CrowBlue Christmas
    Chris Cornell & Eleven - Ave Maria
    The Dandy Warhols - Little Drummer Boy
    Dido Christmas Day
    The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song
    Mew - She Came Home for Christmas
    The Pretenders - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • 2000's Decade Albums

    2 Dic 2009, 3:51

    wow... so, it's that time of year... er, decade again. This is the 1st in a series of playlists in which i've kept track of 100+ albums from this decade, picked 1 song from each album (usually 1 of my favorite tracks), & categorized them into different playlists (5 at the moment). This alternative batch is from albums during 2000-2003

    * - seen live

    Top 2000's Decade Albums, Part 1 - alternative rock 1 2000-2003
    1 Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You *
    2 The Cure - Out of this World *
    3 Doves - The Cedar Room
    4 PJ Harvey - This Is Love
    5 Placebo - Slave to the Wage
    6 Radiohead - National Anthem *
    7 Supergrass - Moving
    8 Ash - Burn Baby Burn *
    9 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread Your Love *
    10 Coldplay - Sparks
    11 Echo & the Bunnymen - Supermellow Man *
    12 Garbage - Silence is Golden *
    13 Gorillaz - Sound Check
    14 The Shins - One by One All Day *
    15 Clinic - The Equaliser
    16 Girls Against Boys - Basstation
    17 Interpol - Untitled *
    18 The Libertines - Death on the Stairs
    19 New Order - 60 Miles an Hour *
    20 Pacifier - Run
    21 The Raveonettes - Attack of the Ghostriders *
    22 Ryan Adams - Burning Photographs
    23 British Sea Power - Remember Me
    24 Broken Social Scene - Cause = Time *
    25 Cat Power - He War *
    26 Dave Gahan - I Need You *

    more playlists to come...
  • Ultimate Basslines List

    16 Ago 2009, 3:24

    For about the past 30 years in alternative rock, new-wave, post-punk, goth rock, grunge, indie, & other similar genres, the following are many of my personal favorite basslines to play along to. I have included songs that helped me learn how to play the bass (in the mid 90s), songs that i personally tabbed out for myself & an online page I had up for many years (RIP, Geocities - message me if you want the tab for the linked tracks &/or with the play icon), & songs i keep coming back to to either play along or just enjoy the bass blasting thru my speakers. Sure, there could be many more, but these are specifically ones that I can play & have listened to constantly... so they are, for the most part, not exceedingly difficult, but many are very fun! I even left some of the easy ones for variety... so hopefully anyone who sees this, particularly those that play bass guitar, will find some that they enjoy as much as i have :) Also, feel free to post any of your personal favorites below that could fit this list. I'll keep adding on to this as i find more old favorites...

    1980s - David J, Peter Hook, & Simon Gallup rule my 80s bass world ;-)

    Bauhaus - Dancing
    Bauhaus - In the Flat Field
    Bauhaus - Hair of the Dog
    Bauhaus - Kick in the Eye
    Bauhaus - She's in Parties
    Bauhaus - Silent Hedges
    Bauhaus - The Sanity Assassin
    Bolshoi - Sunday Morning
    Boomtown Rats - Up All Night
    David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes
    The Call - The Walls Came Down
    The Church - Under the Milky Way
    The Church - Reptile
    Clan of Xymox - 7th Time
    Clan of Xymox - Muscoviet Musquito
    Close Lobsters - Too Bloody Stupid
    The Cult - Rain
    The Cure - Close to Me
    The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes
    The Cure - Fascination Street
    The Cure - A Forest
    The Cure - Hot Hot Hot
    The Cure - Killing An Arab
    The Cure - Lovecats
    The Cure - Love Song
    The Cure - Other Voices
    The Cure - Push
    The Cure - Torture
    The Cure - How Beautiful You Are
    The Danse Society - Belief
    The Danse Society - Godsend
    The Danse Society - Hide
    The Danse Society - Somewhere
    Duran Duran - Rio
    Echo & the Bunnymen - A Promise
    Fields of the Nephilim - Celebrate
    Fields of the Nephilim - Love Under Will
    Fields of the Nephilim - Reanimator
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes
    Gene Loves Jezebel - Bruises
    Gene Loves Jezebel - Upstairs
    Haircut 100 - Love Plus One
    Billy Idol - White Wedding
    The Jam - Town Called Malice
    Joy Division - Dead Souls
    Joy Division - Isolation
    Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
    Joy Division - Shadowplay
    Joy Division - She's Lost Control
    Joy Division - The Only Mistake
    Joy Division - These Days
    Joy Division - Transmission
    Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
    Love & Rockets - Haunted When the Minutes Drag
    Magazine - Definitive Gaze
    Magazine - The Light Pours Out Of Me
    Magazine - My Tulpa
    Magazine - Philadelphia
    The March Violets - Lights Go Out
    The March Violets - Snake Dance
    Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mine
    Modern English - Gathering Dust
    Morrissey - Everyday is Like Sunday
    My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - A Daisy Chain for Satan
    Nena - Rette mich
    New Order - Ceremony
    New Order - Everything's Gone Green
    New Order - Perfect Kiss
    New Order - Procession
    New Order - Sunrise
    The Pixies - Monkey Gone to Heaven
    The Police - When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around
    The Pretenders - Message of Love
    The Pretenders - Love My Way
    Peter Schilling - Major Tom
    REM - Radio Free Europe
    Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - I Can See Stars
    Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Beating My Head
    Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Talk About the Weather
    Romantics - Talking In Your Sleep
    Siouxsie & the Banshees - Arabian Nights
    Sisters of Mercy - Alice
    Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection
    Specimen - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    Talk Talk - It's My Life
    U2 - New Year's Day
    Until December - Sequence Line

    1990s - since i started playing bass in the 90s, it all started here for me... i consider Flea, Ben Shepherd, P-Nut, Alex James, & Tim Bob (aka Tim Commerford) to have influenced me the most :)

    311 - All Mixed Up
    311 - Beautiful Disaster
    311 - Come Original
    311 - Down
    311 - Electricity
    311 - Flowing
    311 - Homebrew
    311 - Prisoner
    311 - Transistor
    Blur - Sing
    Blur - She's So High
    Blur - Girls & Boys
    Blur - Coffee & TV
    The Breeders - Cannonball
    Bush - Cold Contagious
    Cake - The Distance
    The Cardigans - Lovefool
    The Charlatans - Can't Even Be Bothered
    The Charlatans - The End of Everything
    The Charlatans - Weirdo
    Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)
    Depeche Mode - Useless
    Failure - Pitiful
    Failure - Smoking Umbrellas
    Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot
    The Folk Implosion - Natural One
    Garbage - Supervixon
    Garbage - Stupid Girl
    Godsmack - Whatever
    Goldfinger - Here in Your Bedroom
    Live - Pain Lies On The Riverside
    Morrissey - Tomorrow
    My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Sex On Wheelz
    MxPx - Chick Magnet
    Nine Inch Nails - Piggy
    Nirvana - Aneurysm
    Nirvana - Breed
    Nirvana - In Bloom
    The Offspring - I Choose
    Radiohead - Karma Police
    Rage Against the Machine - Bombtrack
    Rage Against the Machine - Bullet in the Head
    Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name
    Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up
    Rage Against the Machine - Freedom
    Rage Against the Machine - People of the Sun
    Rage Against the Machine - Down Rodeo
    Rage Against the Machine - Without a Face
    Rage Against the Machine - Genocide
    Rage Against the Machine - Revolver
    Rage Against the Machine - Settle for Nothing
    Rage Against the Machine - Tire Me
    Rage Against the Machine - Vietnow
    Rage Against the Machine - Year of the Boomerang
    Rancid - Time Bomb
    Rancid - Ruby Soho
    Rancid - Journey to the End of the East Bay
    Rancid - Hyena
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Breaking the Girl
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Funky Monks
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Suck My Kiss
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - I Could Have Lied
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Lovely Man
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul to Squeeze
    Soundgarden - Applebite
    Soundgarden - Blow Up the Outside World
    Soundgarden - Outshined
    Soundgarden - Rhinosaur
    Soundgarden - Slaves & Bulldozers
    Soundgarden - Spoonman
    Soundgarden - The Day I Tried to Live
    Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
    Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty
    Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing
    Third Eye Blind - How's It Going to Be
    Tool - Sober
    The Verve Pipe - Photograph
    The Wallflowers - The Bleeders
    The Wallflowers - The Difference
    Weezer - Only In Dreams
    Yo La Tengo- Moby Octopad

    2000s - i hadn't been drawn to as many bass players this decade (or bands for that matter)... but my favorite by far is Carlos D of Interpol!

    Franz Ferdinand - Auf Achse
    Franz Ferdinand - Michael
    Franz Ferdinand - Tell Her Tonight
    Interpol - Untitled
    Interpol - Obstacle 1
    Interpol - Say Hello to the Angels
    Interpol - Slow Hands
    Interpol - Not Even Jail
    The Bravery - No Breaks
    Broken Social Scene - Stars and Sons
    Doves - Black and White Town
    Elefant - Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid
    Placebo - Haemoglobin
    The Libertines - Vertigo
    Supergrass - Brecon Beacons
    Metric - Combat Baby
    Metric - Dead Disco
    Muse - Exo-politics
    Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely
    Radiohead - Where I End and You Begin
    Radiohead - The National Anthem
    VHS Or Beta - Night on Fire
    VHS or Beta - Alive
    The Wrens - Faster Gun
  • My life according to Love & Rockets

    11 Ago 2009, 0:54

    Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band/artist I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

    Pick your Artist:
    Love And Rockets

    Are you a male or female:
    No New Tale to Tell

    Describe yourself:
    So Alive

    How do you feel:
    Sad & Beautiful World

    Describe where you currently live:
    Here on Earth

    If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
    Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven

    Your favorite form of transportation:
    Kundalini Express

    Your best friend is:
    God & Mr. Smith

    You and your best friends are:
    Rock & Roll Babylon

    What's the weather like:
    It Could Be Sunshine

    Favorite time of day:
    The Dog-End of a Day Gone By

    If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
    An American Dream

    What is life to you:
    Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today)

    Your fear:
    Bound for Hell

    What is the best advice you have to give:
    Yin & Yang & the Flower Pot Man

    Thought for the Day:
    Welcome Tomorrow

    How you would like to die:
    If There's a Heaven Above

    Your soul's present condition:
    All in My Mind

    Your motto:
    No Big Deal