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7 Sep 2008, 16:47

After 2 weeks, and after downloading every free application for the iPhone (as well as a few that cost less than £3) I think I can confidently say that most of it is a big pile of arse. However, there are a few standouts, so here we go.


1. Shazam (free)

Does what dialing 2580 does, but for free. Play any song into your iPhone and it tells you what it is. Great for checking what songs are on adverts or television programmes (especially for working on AQA) and it recognised almost every obscure track I threw at it off my collection, often at very low volumes.

2. Remote (free)

Control your iTunes library on your computer via your iPhone - so you can have your laptop set up with speakers, and control it from whatever room you are in the house via WiFi. Handy, for example, if you're in your kitchen and the computer is in another room. It's free, and easy to use.

3. Simplify Media (free)

Yes, you have to download something to your computer as well, but otherwise it's free and easy. Does the opposite of 'Remote' - you can listen to your entire iTunes library via your iPhone. this is the best thing ever, as my iTunes library is 52gb and the iPhone only holds 14gb. I'm not sure if it works away from the house yet, but as you can also share other people's music libraries (if you have their password) i'm assuming you don't need to be in the house.


1. Birthdays (free)

Simply reminds me of when people's birthdays are. A godsend as you'll know if you've known me longer than a year or two.

2. DoBot Todos (free)

There are loads of to do list apps, some of which cost £6 - this one is the best one, and it's free. You can have loads of different lists, and it's easy to add to (although you can't delete, i just hide the completed ones).

3. Shozu (free)

Now then, there are flickr, photobucket and facebook separate applications, some of which are free, but no separate Live Journal app. This made it really frustrating as unless you have an app for a website, you have to keep logging in all the time as 'safari', the browser on the iPhone, doesn't remember passwords (well, i can't make it remember mine) Enter Shozu, a free application, which encapsulates all 4 of my favourite sites, as well as loads of others i've never heard of. Now when I go to any of the website, i don't need to log in every time. I can update my LJ blog, upload photos to photobucket and flickr, and the facebook bit of the application is much better than the stand alond facebook app.


1. iPint (free)

Guide a pint of beer across a busy bar, and as a prize, get a virtual pint. It's ridiculous (i'm going to have to video it for people who haven't seen it)

2. Hahaha (free)

Turn any photo into The Joker, complete with 'ha ha ha' and 'why so serious' - funny for about 3 days

3. Face Melter (£1.19)

You saw the effects this produces the other day. I still love playing with this.


1. reMovem (free)

Strangely addictive - i paid 59p for the upgrade, but it wasn't worth it, so just keep the free version.

2. Skippy lite (free)

Basically Solitaire - skip balls over each other to remove all the balls from the board. Classic.

3. Othello (free)

I love Othello anyway, but this is nicely put together, and it's free as well.


1. Picoli (£2.99)

Photo editing, so you can rotate pictures and change the settings on it. Could use a crop tool, but otherwise worth spending £3 on.

2. Ambiance (59p)

Need white noise to get to sleep? Want to listen to cicadas all evening? Download this. It plays lots of different sound effects on a loop. Strangely calming. It's massive though, so once you know which sounds you like, delete the others.

3. iRibbit (free)

An eBay tool. It's not perfect, as you can't sell through it, but you can search, watch items and bid on them, and get alerts when the items you're bidding on are nearly finished. It's free as well. Don't bother with the paypal application, it's rubbish.

AND THE REST - handy ones to show children (and big kids) to keep them quiet, or to show off the iPhone capabilities

1. koi Pond (59p)

Run your finger through a pond and watch koi swim away from you.

2. Bubbles (free)

Create and pop bubbles

3. Bubblewrap (free)

Pop bubblewrap and get a high score.




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