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19 Nov 2007, 12:47

I can't brag about singing. At all. My vocal range is so tiny, I struggle with the highest notes of 夢のあと, and even the lowest note of Nude! And anything by dear Sondre Lerche is practically impossible! Out at karaoke I'm always fiddling with the transpose buttons, which annoys my friends no end. And... my kid brother has a golden voice. Genes work in strange ways eh.

But there are a few songs I can sing entirely:

4. But Beautiful = makes me imagine snow outside, for some reason.

3. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right = one octave up. I think it sounds okay.

2. Biomusicology = by the way, this is lyrically one of my favourite songs ever. It gives me hope in grey times.

1. Love Is a Losing Game = This is the only song of hers I have. For some reason I just fell in love with it.

... my beloved In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is just at the bottom of this range, so I have to sing it in a kind of harmony thing, a bit higher. Maybe I can teach my stellar brother the normal part and we can sing it together. If he's not too busy conquering the world! ._.


  • perspex

    hmm can I reply? omoshiroi? as are you! This is a good repertoire! And I'll have to investigate those High Lows. haha I want to hear someone singing El Scorcho, I grew up with that song. As for guitar, I want your skills :P I'm so bad, I've got steel-string acoustic and I find it hard to play .___. (..I'm yowamushi!) Blackbird is so lovely though. Of course. And I've heard your voice only once you know! How about twice? More than twice? I want that too :D okay, here's my plan. Next time I climb the hill behind my house, I'll take a compass, and face northwest-ish and shout something out really really loud :) ... or maybe there's a more certain way. Anyway I think the one year is gonna go by quite quickly!

    21 Nov 2007, 12:32
  • perspex

    very clever!

    2 Dic 2007, 10:48
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