5 Jul 2013, 1:27

    Wed 3 Jul – FIJM: Austra.

    Such a terrific band. The lead singer has a fabulous voice, and the music is a great combination of techno, dance, and ethereal. Fantastic show, but way too short at only an hour. We wanted more! Austra.
  • Terrible Experience

    6 Abr 2009, 7:42

    Sun 5 Apr – The Presets, The Golden Filter

    I was at the concert on Sunday night. I was near the stage and could not enjoy it because of all the idiots behind me who were pushing and shoving. The small venue was packed full with no ventilation and no crowd control. The security guy just stared and did nothing even though those of us in the front were repeatedly being pushed into the stage. The band (The Presets) was irresponsible to keep playing, not caring about people getting hurt. The venue people were also irresponsible in not doing anything, only being interested in packing the house and making money. They should not serve alcohol at these events either; it only makes the crazy people crazier! All-in-all, a terrible experience. I will never go to the Studio Juste Pour Rire again, nor will I put any more money into this band's pockets.