• Ledge #72: Replacements Documentary Color Me Obsessed in Minneapolis

    13 May 2011, 1:36

    It’s an extremely surreal feeling to view oneself on a movie theater screen. I just don’t understand how actors can handle it. Sure, if you’re flawless like Clooney or Johansson it’s probably no big deal. If you’re just a normal mess like this flabby mess of a human, though, it’s a potentially frightening experience.

    To say I annoyed everybody I came into contact with before the Minneapolis premier of Color Me Obsessed on May 4 is certainly an understatement. I couldn’t have been more of a neurotic mess, and honestly it probably clouded my overall view of the film that evening. Luckily, a spot was found for me in the audience of one of the following evening’s showings, and I was a lot more relaxed that evening (a couple of pre-movie Jack/Coke’s probably aided this feeling).

    It wasn’t just my own paranoia that had me on edge that evening. I was plenty nervous about not only my reaction to the movie, but the opinions of the band’s hometown fans. Although the word that came out of previous screenings was almost unanimously positive, I still had some doubts that the story of the Replacements could be told without any music or footage of the band. How could two hours of people talking about the band be entertaining?

    Surprisingly, the lack of music is not missed at all, and honestly would have just got in the way of the stories told by friends, colleagues, music critics, and Replacements fans. Actually, Replacements fans should top that list, as almost everybody in the other categories could and would call themselves fans first. Director Gorman Bechard deftly blended the tales of over 100 people into a briskly-edited story that doesn’t shy away from acknowledging missteps and low points of the band’s career.

    Some of these fans are certainly better known than others. Tom Arnold tells a hilarious story about regaling Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur with the backstage exploits of the Replacements when they appeared on Saturday Night Live. Dave Foley proclaims that the goal of Kids In the Hall were to be the “Replacements of comedy”. The Goo Goo Dolls acknowledge that their first two albums were a complete ripoff of the Replacements’ sound, and members of The Decemberists, Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, Gaslight Anthem, and Titus Andronicus proclaim their influence.

    Yet, it’s the “normal” fans who steal the show – the school bus driver who would play Stink’s “Fuck School” if the kids behaved, the pinball player who unknowingly caused Bob Stinson to miss the first three songs of their gig, or the guy in the front row of a show where Bob had nothing under his trademark tutu. Most interesting was the tale of Robert Voedish, whose high school days on the farm were saved after he created a make-believe version of Tommy Stinson to be his best friend.

    As one can probably tell by these past couple of paragraphs, the movie is filled with humor, but it’s not all just loving remembrances. The final albums are correctly and almost unanimously panned. Tommy Ramone discusses his difficulties in getting Bob into the studio during the Tim sessions (his parts on the entire album were eventually recorded during one marathon session). Producer Matt Wallace defends his production of Don’t Tell a Soul; ultimately claiming that the annoying sheen of the album was the fault of the superstar heavy metal mixer the label brought in after the completion of the sessions.

    Bob Stinson’s firing is also fairly handled. For many, it was over when the notoriously wasted band somewhat inexplicably fired him for drunkenness. Yet almost as many proclaim the band’s next album, Pleased to Meet Me, as their favorite. Both sides have their say in Color Me Obsessed, leaving the viewer to decide.

    Is the movie the definitive story? I’d say it’s as close as one can get. Undoubtedly, some will complain that none of the band members are heard or seen in the movie, and one can also quibble that various people are also not present (members of Soul Asylum are names that I keep hearing). Yet every album is dissected, the majority of the “important” tracks are discussed, and there are reminisces of a good percentage of the “infamous” shows. How this movie could be improved seems next to impossible.

    While in Minneapolis for the screenings, I badgered a few people for short interviews both before and after the initial screening. Bechard talked to me on both occasions, which opens and closes this week’s episode of The Ledge. These field recordings occurred in restaurants, hotel rooms, bars, and even the mean streets of Minneapolis. Because of these settings, and also due to my lack of experience with my newly purchased Tascam recording device, the quality of these interviews is not always top-notch. In fact, my apologies to Diane Welsh and Carolyn Baumann in particular for the lo-fi quality of their sections of this show.

    I would also like to thank Bechard and his lovely wife, Kris, for being so kind to this neurotic mess, and also to my good friend Traci Hoem for providing the setting for my five-second cameo. Thanks also must go to everybody else who let me stick my microphone in their face for a few minutes.

    As always, these guests provided the tunes for this episode. Here are their selections:

    Gorman Bechard, Color Me Obsessed Director
    Matthew Ryan, Guilty
    Meat Puppets, Lake of Fire
    Lykke Li, Dance Dance Dance

    Pat Burns, Fan (and former Ledge co-host)
    The Feelies, Higher Ground
    Soul Asylum, Made to Be Broken

    Scott Wickman, Color Me Obsessed Executive Producer
    The Waterboys, A Girl Called Johnny
    Adele, Lovesong

    Matthew Ryan, Singer/Songwriter
    The Clash, Straight to Hell
    The Replacements, Swingin’ Party

    Diane Welsh, Color Me Obsessed Executive Producer
    Brett Dennen, Sydney I’ll Come Running
    Matt Nathanson, Faster

    Dave O’Hara, Fan
    Lucinda Williams, Honeybee
    Dan Israel, 2822

    Jann Radder, Supervising Producer
    Husker Du, Standing By the Sea
    The Minutemen, History Lesson Pt. 2

    Bill Deville, DJ on MPR’s The Current
    The Replacements, Can’t Hardly Wait
    Steve Earle, Waitin’ On the Sky

    Carolyn Baummer, Fan
    The Eels, Mansions of Los Feliz
    John Doe, The Golden State
    Drive-By Truckers, This Fucking Job

    You can hear this show via a number of different methods. The absolute best way is to download the iPhone or Android Ledge app. Or you can subscribe at iTunes, stream it at http://theledge.mevio.com, or directly download it at http://m.podshow.com/download_media/...05-11-2011.mp3
  • New Podcast - The Ledge, Episode 58: 2011 New Release Preview

    28 Ene 2011, 1:44

    Whew! This episode was a disaster in the making. In fact, there were two disasters during its creation. The first occurred with only a few minutes left in the recording session. Not noticing that the two sections of the power cord were somehow unattached, the computer suddenly shut down in the middle of a song. Ok, no big deal. I just powered the machine back up, and recorded a second part to edit together with the first section.

    Unfortunately, there was another problem. These shows are recorded as a wave file straight from a mixing board to an iPod. Somehow the iPod's settings were changed to low quality...which is a much lower bit rate and in mono. Not only did it sound like shit, but my laptop's mixing software wouldn't allow me to insert the interrupted song.

    Surgical procedures on the recording were obviously needed. I had to take the original mono recordings, and cut out and save my between-songs banter. The songs were then reinserted before and after my babbling. For the most part, the cuts are seamless, but those with good ears will hear a couple of bad edits.

    Was this show worth all this work? Yes!!! 2011 is shaping up to be a great year in music, and this episode highlights not only some of the great releases that has already come out but also samples from upcoming albums. Do yourself a favor and download it now at http://theledge.mevio.com. This show won't be streamed at realpunkradio.com, though, as this Friday at 5 pm I'll be putting on another LIVE LEDGE!

    Here's the setlist:

    1. The Twilight Singers, Last Night In Town from Dynamite Steps (available 2/15)

    2. The Feelies, Should Be Gone from Here Before (available 4/12)

    3. Social Distortion, Gimme the sweet and Lowdown from Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes

    4. The Get Up Kids, Tithe from There Are Rules

    5. Robert Pollard, Touch Me In the Right Place at the Right Time from Space City Kicks

    6. Lifeguards, Paradise Is Not So Bad from Waving at the Astronauts (available 2/15)

    7. Cloud Nothings, Should Have from Cloud Nothings

    8. Yuck, Get Away from Yuck (available 2/15)

    9. Switch Blade Justice, Punk Rock Show from Killing the Record Industry, Vol. 1 (available now at http://realpunkradio.com)

    10. Pig Pen, Mattress Back from Killing the Record Industry, Vol. 1 (available now at http://realpunkradio.com)

    11. The Mahones, Ghost of a Whiskey Devil from The Black Irish (available 3/8)

    12. Flogging Molly, Don't Shut from upcoming album to be released on 5/24

    13. Wanda Jackson, Thunder on the Mountain from Wanda Jackson

    14. The Joy Formidale, The Magnifying from The Big Roar (available 2/1)

    15. Telekensis, Please Ask For Help from 12 Desperate Straight Lines (available 2/15)

    16. Hands and Knees, Close Your Eyes from Wholesome (available now at http://handsandknees.bandcamp.com)

    17. R.E.M. It Happened Today from Collapse Into Now (available 3/8)

    18. R.E.M., Mine Smell Like Honey from Collapse Into Now (available 3/8)

    19. The Decemberists, Down By the Water from The King Is Dead

    20. David Lowery, All Those Girls Meant Nothing to Me from The Palace Guards (available 2/1)

    21. J. Mascis, Not Enough from Several Shades of Why (available 3/15)

    22. Jayhawks, Won't Be Coming Home (Demo) from Tomorrow the Green Grass

    23. Jayhawks, Leave No Cold from Hollywood Town Hall

    24. The Dirtbombs, Alleys Of Your Mind from Party Store (available 2/1)

    25. LCD Soundsystem, Drunk Girls from London Sessions

    26. Wire, Two Minutes from Red Barked Tree

    27. British Sea Power, Stunde Null from Valhalla Dancehall

    28. Drive-By Truckers, I Do Believe from Go Go Boots (available 2/15)
  • New Podcast - The Ledge, Episode 51: Hudson's Best of 2010 Countdown

    11 Dic 2010, 18:59

    Every year, I gather stacks and stacks of CD's next to my laptop. After shaking my head over the amount of money wasted, I delve into the seemingly endless task of compiling my list of the favorite albums of the year. Over the next few days, I'll be releasing this list, but you can get a sneak peek on the latest episode of The Ledge.

    You can hear the show at http://theledge.mevio.com, and see the entire list at http://scotthudson.blogspot.com.
  • New Podcast - The Ledge, Episode 50: 1985

    3 Dic 2010, 1:20

    1985 was an important year for his tubby moron, as I graduated from college. It was also an important year in music. No, I'm not talking about the over-produced garbage or hair metal that was all over the airwaves. I'm talking about indie rock, which suddenly started to make inroads into popular culture. Many of the decade's finest bands put out their best and most influential work during that year, and this episode celebrates the 25th anniversary of some great music. So tune into realpunkradio this Friday at 5 pm central, subscribe through iTunes, or directly download at http://m.podshow.com/download_media/24023/episodes/259546/theledge-259546-12-01-2010.mp3.

    Here's the setlist:

    1. Richard Thompson, 1985

    2. The Church, Myrrh

    3. The Smiths, The Headmaster Ritual

    4. The Cure, Inbetween Days

    5. R.E.M., Life and How to Live It

    6. Camper Van Beethoven, Ambiguity Song

    7. The Jesus and Mary Chain, Just Like Honey

    8. The Fall, Spoilt Victorian Child

    9. The Lyres, She Pays the Rent

    10. Young Fresh Fellows, How Much About Last Night Do You Remember?

    11. Hoodoo Gurus, Bittersweet

    12. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Wanted Man

    13. Jason & the Scorchers, Lost Highway

    14. Guadalcanal Diary, Watusi Rodeo

    15. X, Burning House of Love

    16. The Minutemen, Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

    17. Dinosaur, Repulsion

    18. Meat Puppets, In a Car

    19. Husker Du, Celebrated Summer

    20. Husker Du, Makes No Sense At All

    21. Squirrel Bait, Thursday

    22. 7 Seconds, We're Gonna Fight

    23. Mission of Burma, That's When I Reach For My Revolver

    24. Volcano Suns, Jak

    25. Black Flag, Loose Nut

    26. Dead Kennedys, MTV Get Off the Air

    27. The Replacements, Bastards of Young

    28. Killing Joke, 80's
  • The Ledge, Episode 45: Halloween!

    29 Oct 2010, 21:46

    Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was a wee lad. Every year, I'd gather up my pals and we'd make a game to outdo our previous year's candy load. After outgrowing trick or treating, I commenced on collecting Halloween-oriented tunes. Here's almost two hours of tunes from the Hudson library, jumping around from punk rock to alternative to movie and TV theme songs. Subscribe from iTunes, download it here, or listen to realpunkradio this Friday at 5 pm central.

    Here's the tracklist:

    1. Los Straitjackets, The Munsters Theme

    2. REM, I Walked With a Zombie

    3. John Wesley Harding, If You Have Ghosts

    4. The Fall, There's a Ghost In My House

    5. John Doe, Hotel Ghost

    6. Pavement, Space Ghost Theme

    7. Daniel Johnston, Casper the Friendly Ghost

    8. The White Stripes, Little Ghost

    9. Rancid, Ghost Band

    10. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Science Fiction Double Feature

    11. Alkaline Trio, Over at the Frankenstein Place

    12. The Misfits, Ghoul's Night Out

    13. The Lurkers, Frankenstein Again

    14. The New York Dolls, Frankenstein

    15. The Coffin Lids, Frankenstein

    16. The Dead Kennedys, Halloween

    17. The Mutts, Just Another Halloween

    18. Rev. Horton Heat, Halloween Dance

    19. The Ghastly Ones, Ghastly Stomp

    20. The Cramps, Zombie Dance

    21. Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads, Goo Goo Muck

    22. Beat Happening, Zombie Limbo

    23. Frank Black, All My Ghosts

    24. The Flare Up, Too Many Zombies

    25. Penis Flytrap, Cemetary Girl

    26. The Groovie Ghoulies, Graveyard Girlfriend

    27. The Memphis Murder Men, Devil's Night In the USA

    28. Roky Erickson, I Walked With a Zombie

    29. The Pogues, Down In the Ground Where the Dead Men Go

    30. The Ramones, Pet Semetary
  • New Podcast - The Ledge, Episode 43: Big Brother's Matt Hoffman

    16 Oct 2010, 3:56

    It's a rare instance when a reality show contestant has Ledge-worthy tastes in music. This past season of Big Brother, however featured such a person, so once the show concluded we immediately invited Matt Hoffman onto the show. Besides talking about his life before, during, and after the show, Matt programmed the music for this episode, which included a couple of tracks from his band Shooting Blanks.

    I'm sure you know the drill by now. To hear the show, you can subscribe via iTunes, download it at http://m.podshow.com/download_media/24023/episodes/253011/theledge-253011-10-13-2010.mp3, or tune into realpunkradio.com this Friday at 5 pm central.

    Here's Matt's selections:

    1. Shooting Blanks, Swallow My Pride With Cyanide

    2. Social Distortion, Highway 101

    3. Flogging Molly, What's Left of the Flag

    4. Screeching Weasel, I'm Gonna Strangle You

    5. The Misfits, The Forbidden Zone

    6. The Vandals, Fourteen

    7. Goldfinger, Miles Away

    8. Smoking Popes, Rubella

    9. Face to Face, Blind

    10. The Get Up Kids, I'm a Loner Dottie, A Rebel

    11. The Loved Ones, 100k

    12. MU330, Got Caught

    13. Rancid, Radio

    14. Bayside, Phone Call From Poland

    15. Local H, All the Kids Are Right

    16. Rise Against, Bricks

    17. Against Me, Thrash Unreal

    18. Shooting Blanks, It's So Easy
  • New Podcast - The Ledge, Episode 38: The Expletive Show W/The Goddess!

    12 Sep 2010, 17:32

    The Goddess was in a surly mood when she arrived at the Paulisded Studio this past weekend. Initially wary of being within six inches of the fuming beauty, I calmed down after she smiled and instructed me to load the playlist with nothing but expletive-heavy tunes. Besides the tunes we selected, our friends on facebook and twitter suggested so many additional tracks that in two weeks there will be a second episode of tunes that will never meet FCC guidelines. As always, this episode can be downloaded through itunes, or at http://m.podshow.com/download_media/24023/episodes/247952/theledge-247952-09-08-2010.mp3.

    Here's the tracklist:

    1. Harry Nilsson, You're Breaking My Heart from 1972's Son of Schmilsson

    2. Rolling Stones, Star Star from 1973's Goats Head Soup

    3. Sex Pistols, Bodies from 1978's Never Mind the Bollocks

    4. Pavement, Range Life from 1994's Crooked Rain Crooked Rain

    5. The Eels, Old Shit/New Shit from 2005's Blinking Lights and Other Revelations

    6. Pernice Brothers, Grudge Fuck from 2006's Live a Little

    7. Martha Wainwright, Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole from 2005 EP

    8. Supersuckers, Pretty Fucked Up from 2007's Live in Orange County live album

    9. Ween, You Fucked Up from 1992's At The Cat's Cradle live album

    10. The Kills, Fuck the People from 2003's S/T debut

    11. Bikini Kill, I Like Fucking from 1995 Singles compilation

    12. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, This Love Is Fucking Right from 2009's S/T debut

    13. Liz Phair, Fuck and Run from 1993's Exile in Guyville

    14. The Posies, Everybody is a Fucking Liar from 1998's Amazing Disgrace

    15. Ben Folds, ROckin' the Suburbs from 2001 Rockin' the Suburbs

    16. Babyshambles, Fuck Forever from 2006's Down From Albion

    17. Spiderbait, Fucking Awesome from 2004's Tonight Alright

    18. Dirty Pretty Things, You Fucking Love It from 2006's Waterloo to Anywhere

    19. Lambchop, Your Fucking Sunny Day from 1997's Thriller

    20. Big Black, The Model from 1992's Songs About Fucking

    21. Girls, Big Bad Mean Motherfucker from 2009's Album

    22. Replacements, Fuck School from 1982's Stink EP

    23. Dead Kennedys, Too Drunk to Fuck from 1981 single

    24. Camper Van Beethoven, No More Bullshit from 1987 ii & iii

    25. Elf Power/Vic Chesnutt, Little Fucker from 2008's Dark Developments

    26. Superchunk, Slack Motherfucker from 1990's S/T debut
  • New Podcast - The Ledge, Episode 34

    16 Ago 2010, 1:17

    The illicit side of life has always been a part of rock 'n' roll, so here's two hours of some of my favorite odes to pills, powders, and other substances. This show does not necessarily endorse the thoughts of the performers, nor does it condemn those who may find these substances a respite from their dismal life.

    Download the show at http://theledge.mevio.com, or subscribe through iTunes.

    1. Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptions, "Tell Me About Your Drugs"

    2. Velvet Underground, "I'm Waiting for My Man"

    3. Ramones, "I Just Wanna Sniff Some Glue"

    4. Heartbreakers, "Chinese Rocks"

    5. New York Dolls, "Pills"

    6. 20/20, "Yellow Pills"

    7. Translator, "Favorite Drug"

    8. Ted Leo, "Ativan Eyes"

    9. Atlas Sound, "Ativan"

    10. The Hold Steady, "Ask Her For Adderall"

    11. The Jazz Butcher, "She's Got Drugs"

    12. Rancid, "Dope Sick Girl"

    13. Social Distortion "Drug Train"

    14. X, "Johnny Hit and Run"

    15. Rev. Horton Heat, "Bales of Coke"

    16. The Mekons, "Cocaine Lil"

    17. Joseph Arthur, "Cocaine Feet"

    18. Eddie Spaghetti, "Cocaine Blues"

    19. The Supersuckers, "I Want the Drugs"

    20. Zeke, "Let's Get Drugs"

    21. Replacements, "Dope Smokin' Moron"

    22. Yo La Tengo, "Drug Test"

    23. House of Large Sizes, "Big Bag of Dope"

    24. Camper Van Beethoven, "Good Guys and Bag Guys"

    25. The Lemonheads, "My Drug Buddy"

    26. Jesus & Mary Chain, "Just Like Honey"

    27. The Fall, "Totally Wired"

    28. The Godfathers, "Cold Turkey"

    29. Naz Nomad, "Cold Turkey"

    30. Morphine, "Cure For Pain"

    31. Velvet Underground, "Heroin"
  • The Ledge, Episode 30: SST Records

    16 Jul 2010, 4:37

    SST Records was the mainstay of the new release bin of KAUR throughout the 80's, and so many of their releases continue to dominate my ipod time. Along with a few of the mainstays, episode 30 of The Ledge also includes some of the more obscure releases of the legendary label.

    Along with the usual methods of listening, including a direct download at http://m.podshow.com/download_media/24023/episodes/239972/theledge-239972-07-14-2010.mp3, there is one major change that commences with this week's show. My Friday timeslot at realpunkradio has been moved up an hour, starting at 8 pm central time. Join us this week in the chat!

    1. Black Flag, "Six Pack"

    2. Bad Brains, "Re-Ignition"

    3. The Descendents, "I Don't Want to Grow Up"

    4. Husker Du, "Pink Turns to Blue"

    5. Dinsoaur Jr., "Freak Scene"

    6. Meat Puppets, "Lake of Fire"

    7. Saccharine Trust, "Belonging to October"

    8. Angst, "The Weather's Fine"

    9. Redd Kross, "Lovedoll Superstar"

    10. Leaving Trains, "Temporal Slut"

    11. The Stains, "Get Revenge"

    12. Sonic Youth, "Star Power"

    13. Opal, "Supernova"

    14. Minutemen, "Political Song For Michael Jackson to Sing"

    15. Firehose, "For the Singer of R.E.M."

    16. Get Me High, "Trend Junkies"

    17. El Bad, "I Turned Into a Misfit"

    18. Black Flag, "Wasted"

    19. Camper Van Beethoven, "Wasted"
  • New Podcast - The Ledge, Episode 3

    7 Ene 2010, 23:47

    The Ledge - Episode 3

    it's a special all-covers episode, including the following songs:

    Replacements Gudbuy T'Jane

    Flaming Groovies, Feel a Whole Lot Better

    The Lyres, Tired of Waiting For You

    Pixies, Winterlong

    Beat Farmers, Powderfinger

    The Drones, Be My Baby

    AGent Orange, Somebody to Love

    World Party, Happiness is a Warm Gun

    Tommy keene, Kill Your Sons

    Uncle Tupelo, I Wanna Destroy You

    Gear Daddies, Little Red corvette

    Paul Westerberg, Make Your Own Kind of Music

    Bongwater, Porpoise Song