podcast 124: Parking Lot Blow-Out #3


2 Jul 2008, 14:11

Erin and Jess of the Columbus Music Co-op guest on this edition of pat radio. They pick music from bands playing at the Here Comes Your Weekend Parking Lot Blowout #3 and talk about the fine work the Co-op is doing to help the local music community. We also hear selections from the freely download-able compilation, Sounds Like Columubs, vol. 2, which you can get at meritbadgerecords.com.

Stream It: http://patradio.org/blix/wimpy.php

Right-Click (or Cntrl + Click) and "Save-As" to download:

Play list:
1. Magic City - OH/IO (Washington Beach Party)
2. Lydia Loveless - The Only Man demo cd
3. Moon High - Where You Go Sounds Like Columbus, vol. 2
4. Heavy Mole - Provin' It To A Squirrel Sounds Like Columbus, vol. 2
5. Super Desserts - Fashion Sounds Like Columbus, vol. 2
6. This Is My Suitcase - cat sounds Sounds Like Columbus, vol. 2
7. The Tough & Lovely - I Will Not Hurt You Born of the Stars
8. The Kyle Sowashes - In The Mail What's Important (and What's Not)
9. Great Plains - Letter to a Fanzine
10. Bush League All-Stars - Papercut
11. Brainbow - Track 02 Ruff Mixes - Early Summer '06
12. Church of the Red Museum - Never Easy 7"
13. Times New Viking - New Times, New Hope Present the Paisley Reich
14. The Dead Sea - The Sabbat Woodcut Desiderata
15. Fly Union - S.B. alive! Amplified Sounds of Columbus 2008
Lydia Loveless
The Tough & Lovely
The Kyle Sowashes
Great Plains
Times New Viking
Super Desserts
Moon High
Heavy MoleThis Is My Suitcase
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Columbus Ohio
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