New Music - 2007-06-07


8 Jun 2007, 5:15

Figured that I'm not doing much else with this journal, so I may as well use it to document my new album acquisitions, eh? Yes, I Still Buy CDs.


  • Baheena

    Yay, Swing Out Sister! Are those the Japan-only albums that you had been wanting for a while?

    11 Jun 2007, 5:53
  • patchcali

    Very much YAY! :D Where Our Love Grows is indeed an import, but I think it's seen a reissue: It's listed on Amazon as Japanese Import, but Last.FM here lists it as having been released through EMI UK, while my own copy comes from the label Shanachie. I don't think I'd ever even [i]heard[/i] of Where Our Love Grows until I saw it at the store last week. SUPRIZE ALBUM'D :o The Japanese imports I believe I happily talked about with you once upon a time were Filth and Dreams, and their dance remix album Another Non-Stop Sister, the latter of which features Corinne Drewery doing a supercute-anime wink pose(!?) on the cover. (Soooo want to make a forum avatar/journal icon out of that face. XD)

    11 Jun 2007, 17:41
  • ZmoBedlam

    I've heard good things about Feist... hmm. :)

    15 Jun 2007, 14:53
  • fmera

    where our love grows - it's easily my favorite album by them. i've been trying to get the cd for the longest time, but the japanese imports are so pricey.

    8 Oct 2008, 6:27
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