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Music is my love and my life.

Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin

Last.FM Milestones1st track: (18 May 2011)
Vargo - Precious Part One
1000th track: (25 May 2011)
Jazzamor - Fly
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Thunderball - Stereo Tonic
3000th track: (06 Jun 2011)
Zimpala - Sugar
4000th track: (15 Jun 2011)
St. Germain - Street Scene (4 Shazz)
5000th track: (01 Jul 2011)
Beanfield - The Season
6000th track: (04 Aug 2011)
U-Topia - district line
7000th track: (13 Aug 2011)
Minus 8 - Recently at the Opera
8000th track: (20 Aug 2011)
Zhong Chi - And This Is Cut
9000th track: (29 Aug 2011)
Solasoap - Look Around
10000th track: (22 Oct 2011)
NATALIA SAFRAN - Can't get mad
11000th track: (01 Nov 2011)
Flunk - Skysong
12000th track: (09 Nov 2011)
Sunday Munich - Dent
13000th track: (23 Nov 2011)
Wisp - FoldBold (The Siege)
14000th track: (17 Dec 2011)
Rithma - Love and Music
15000th track: (10 Feb 2012)
Mahara Mc Kay - One Life
16000th track: (06 Jun 2012)
Ginkgo Garden - Padparadscha
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Last.FM Milestones1st track: (18 May 2011)
Vargo - Precious Part One
10th track: (18 May 2011)
Sven Van Hees - Coco Skin
100th track: (19 May 2011)
Zymosis - Moment Of Eclipse
1000th track: (25 May 2011)
Jazzamor - Fly
10000th track: (22 Oct 2011)
NATALIA SAFRAN - Can't get mad
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music is the language which is understood all over the world

My other love

laughing my feet.... :-)

The Lone Wolf .......

@ passionatewon*To my greatest love and passion, the music ....*

What has me the sky, I'd like to acknowledge:
No sight is so beautiful, reveals it to me
Non-image, visual, not beauty,
No: it sounds, is I can recognize him.
The voices and the instruments sing,
The sounds wonderful harmony,
The basis is always and never
Matter is that this manifold Blades
Affect not only the heart and awakens feelings
In every soul, it is usual cool,
Not only brings comfort and peace from the daily grind of war;
But the clear, pristine beauty
Shows above ground by these tones,
Unbelievable really is heavenly music. ( P. Tilmann )

@ passionatewoman *An meine grösste Liebe und Leidenschaft, die Musik....*

Was mir den Himmel weist, möcht ich bekennen:
Kein Anblick ist so schön, der ihn mir offenbart,
Nicht Bild, nicht Schönheit visueller Art,
Nein: es ist Klang, der mich ihn lässt erkennen.
Der Stimmen und der Instrumente Singen,
Der Töne wunderbare Harmonie,
Die stets die Basis bildet und doch nie
Ganz gleich ist: dieses mannigfache Klingen
Berührt nicht nur das Herz und weckt Gefühle
In jeder Seele, sei sie sonst auch kühle,
Bringt nicht nur Trost und Ruh vom Alltagskrieg;
Sondern das klare, unverfälschte Schöne
Zeigt überirdisch sich durch diese Töne,
Unfaßbar wirklich: himmlisch ist Musik. ( P.Tilmann )

I love the moon so much, so nice.....

so sweet....:-)


My Favourite Music:
Acid Jazz .
Ambient .
Ambient trance .
Blues .
Classical .
Chillout .
Deep House .
Dream Pop .
Dance .
Down Tempo .
Electropop .
Electro / Synth
Funky Chill .
LoFi .
Lounge .
Latino .
Minimal .
Minimal Techno .
Minimal House
Nu Jazz .
Psytrance .
Psychill .
Progressive House
Soulful House .
Tango .
Trance .
Techno .
Trip Hop .
Vocal Trance .
Vocal House .

Das schwächere Geschlecht ist das stärkere wegen der Schwäche
des stärkeren für das schwächere................Greta Garbo

♥ Lebens-Kü guten wie in schlechten Zeiten ♥

Music is all for me, I can't live without music, it's part of me !

laugh.... and here pray to the moon, the passionate woman andrea

laugh.... my cat say also good bye.....:-)

oh so sweet this little cat ,she must say miau.....laugh....

and this is my greatest cat...laugh he say also good bye and rawr..., not miau,he is my king-lion

look this is my grandma...laughing she say also good bye all my friends :-)

laughing..... and my unicorn says also good bye :-D

Goodbye say passionatewoman.... :-D

the sheep look like me ... laughing

laughing..... :-D

Bye my friends