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4 Jun 2010, 7:12

Sat 29 May – Sasquatch! Music Festival 2010 says that I have 99% compatibility with this festival so good thing I went!

This is a review but it is also a re-experience. I am going to go thru the festival as I saw it, thru my eyes and the video cameras of the lovely people that have posted their videos on youtube.


Fell asleep when the sun was coming up and woke up a few hours later. Waited in a long ass line to get into the venue, but at least Portland's own All The Apparatus was playing for the folks who were waiting. They were really good and even covered Nantes which was the perfect song for a beautiful sunny day in the Gorge.

Brother Ali was the first act we caught. He was fun, played a lot of songs of The Undisputed Truth which is a really great record. DJ Snuggles blew everyone away with his beatboxing skillz.

We scooted up front for Minus the Bear. The sound was really good, spot on.

(<3 this song)

Much better than the last time I saw them in Portland, when everything was a little off, you know. Minus the Bear needs to be spot on to be good. I thought it was a really great set, even if they did choose the songs with the cheesiest lyrics possible. I really do like OMNI (LOVE the synth), but the sensual lyrics are awkward coming out of Jake Snider's mouth, being sung the way he sings them. It is like he is going in for a soft caress but ends up poking you in the eye. Or you are making out with them and then your teeth touch. *shudders* Anyways, here is the setlist, and as a bonus, my favorite cheesy quote from each song:

1. Knights "I owe you, don't I" or "A piece of you for a piece of me"
2. My Time "the sweat rolls down your thigh"
3. Summer Angel "My summer angel keeps me on the run"
4. Pachuca Sunrise "Is it possible to put this night to tune and move it to you?"
5. Secret Country "Swim through my time/As I float out to you/I dream of your caress" or "Your rain soaked pirouette/Spins me around again"
6. Into The Mirror "her hunter eyes lock on her prey" or "you get what you pay for/we could cost a lot."
7. Throwin' Shapes "she'll wrap the sheets around us, forget the sun"
8. Hold Me Down "I'm in the wind, I don't know how long the breeze will let me stay"
9. Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse nothing cheesy about this song

Next on the mainstage was Brad, let's pretend that never happened.

After that was OK Go. I was sleeping, but I heard them play "Get Over It" and that treadmill song. They seemed fun.

Broken Social Scene: They were beautiful, although I really hate it sometimes when old bands come out with new albums and you just want to hear them play You Forgot It In People but they only play 2 songs from it. I listened to them sitting on the grass, which I think was better than standing. Here was the setlist (thanks to for about half of these):

1. World Sick
2. Stars & Sons <3
3. Texaco Bitches
4. 7/4 Shoreline
5. fire eyed boy
6. Forced to Love
7. Art House Director
8. Cause = Time <3
9. All to All
10. Sweetest Kill
11. Meet Me In the Basement

Vampire Weekend: I thought I hated this band, but I was totally wrong. They seemed so appropriate for the sunset timeslot and Giving up the Gun made me smile.

deadmau5: Hella trippy. I actually really liked his show overall, but I don't get why it is so good. I mean he just does the same thing over and over again for like 10 minutes. Perhaps it's the lights or something, but somehow he is just awesome. Check it out:


They Might Be Giants put on a puppet show. It was hilarious and uncomfortable at the same time.

Kid Cudi: What an ego Kid Cudi has and I absolutely love it. Not just anyone could pull off the "When I say 'Kid' you say 'Cudi'" routine like he did. Or the massive man ring that he wore. I loved that he played Memories because I think it summarizes Sasquatch as a whole for me: "All the crazy shit I did tonight/Those will be the best memories" <3

It was amusing to watch the male-dominated Kid Cudi crowd be replaced with the female-dominated Tegan and Sara crowd. I thought those two girls were cute and I'm starting to think I need to get their CD! I loved Back in Your Head it was soo good live.

LCD Soundsystem was one of the best this weekend.

Setlist (from

1. Us v Them
2. Drunk Girls
3. Pow Pow
4. Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
5. I Can Change
6. Tribulations
7. Movement
8. Yeah
9. All My Friends

LCD Soundsystem was pure genius. Forgive me if this comparison has been made before, but they are the modern day version of Talking Heads, specifically off the album Stop Making Sense. C'mon the sing-talking, the use of repetition, the build ups... I just kept expecting Psycho Killer to be the next song. I couldn't find a good video that really illustrated this point but you'll have to trust me. And dancing. Now, at my alma mater there is a semiannual Stop Making Sense dance party which gets pretty crazy but NOTHING could compare to the dance party that was happening in the audience. Everyone was moving, everyone was dancing, and even if you had never heard this band before, you figured out the lyrics and sung along. What collective effervescence.

Down in the Rumpus Room, A-TRAK played "Heads Will Roll" (Yeah Yeah Yeahs remix) and someone gave us some glow sticks. Back on the main stage, Massive Attack depressed me by flashing these numbers on the screen like how many slaves were sent to America and how many gallons of oil were spilled in the gulf. Some people really liked them though.

[ loud vid ]


The line was too long to make it to Seattle Rock Orchestra's tribute to Funeral by The Arcade Fire, but I could hear it from the line and sung along. I hear it was amazing.

Don't you love it when a band lives up to their name? Passion Pit was exactly that. I was already in a good mood and then they started playing. Their music is like pure bubbles of esctacy. I joined a dance party/passion pit on the hill. Everyone went crazy when they played Sleepyhead and I also loved I've Got Your Number, Smile Upon Me, Better Things (!!!) and all the other songs (if anyone has the setlist, please share!) They sounded exactly like the CD (how in the world does he sing like that?) except even better. THANK YOU Passion Pit if you are reading this for sharing your cosmic energy with me.

From the pit: [ shaky -don't watch if you get motion sickness easily ]

From the hill:

She & Him were good but it was hard to listen when you were busy fantasizing about Zooey Deschanel. Damn you Ben Gibbard.

Band of Horses were okay. One of my favorite bands on CD but the live show was ho-hum.

MGMT disappointed me at first, but made everything better when they played Kids. I think Kids is probably one of the greatest songs ever made. My favorite part was when everyone sung the kids melody do do do do dodo dodo dooooo dooooo. But I don't care much for their new stuff, I mean it sounds okay but it's nothing special. I'm glad they played Time to Pretend and Electric Feel too.

I love how the band gets really into this song, and I love the part at the end.

Ween was so weird. But they actually do have a good live show and they sure know how to rock out.

Boys Noize ended the night right for me. Sometimes you need to dance.

Regrets- bands I missed

Local Natives
The xx
The New Pornographers (but I saw them in 2008)
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Public Enemy
Miike Snow

Either I didn't make it there early enough, or I didn't want to watch them on the Bigfoot stage (which sucked). Many of these bands were too big for the bigfoot stage, IMO.


Wow. After writing this review, I really feel like it was totally worth the price of the tickets. And I didn't even include the afterparties, the crazy costumes, all the nice canadians, the day drinking, the campfire food, and bonding with friends new and old. "I must admit now going down with this ship/I couldn't have a better crew to travel with." Love you Sasquatch! See you in 2011??


  • FilmoreHolmes

    The crowd for Tegan and Sara was not 'female-dominated'. I'm a man, I was there, and the mix was about even [whether all the guys wanted to be there is another question]. I got to see them perform 7 years ago in a bar in small-town BC, and it's nice to see such nice people get this kind of main stage recognition. You need to get their last four CDs [you can skip their first two].

    4 Jun 2010, 18:20
  • papiercalque

    Ha I thought someone might say something like that. I don't know about the actual sex ratio on the floor, but when I was walking from the floor to the hill during the Kid Cudi - Tegan and Sara transition I saw way more guys moving out and girls moving in, which I found amusing (as if it is not manly to listen to Tegan and Sara or something silly like that which is clearly not true since you listen to them).

    4 Jun 2010, 19:34
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