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  • In-Dying-Days

    Hmm reading the youtube comments about the album it seems a lot of people dialiked the album. I posted a link to the full album on my facebook from youtube if you havent seen it already

    15 Sep 7:13 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    You should refresh the brain on it. I just downloaded it again and I remeber it being a good album. Also Google Blue Waffle ;) its fke btw but yeah. Tell me how you like it. Haha

    15 Sep 6:50 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    Oh, nvm I just saw we have Morbid Angel in common. Have heard that album though? If so what do you think of it?

    14 Sep 12:45 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    I've been listening to some Morbid Angel, and I must say that their album "Heretic" is a top notch album. I am sure you heard Morbid Angel's music before? Also, do you love blue waffles?

    14 Sep 12:44 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    It would suck if it does! I hope my next tv is good. I am going to look into some good brands for 2013-2014 on what maybe good, but it has to handle gaming. Some tv's do poorly with gaming system, and it has to have a good refresh rate. 600hz is good.. but whatever.. I would love a smart tv, it is however more than a 50" plasma tv. So fuck that! I may go 60"s this time around. But, it maybe too big for me. I mean, I have my setup for gaming with my couch and shit, I don't want to go blind from sitting too close to it lol. I know the bigger the tv, the further away you have to be.

    12 Sep 1:51 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    Well I looked into best kinds of tv's for playing games, and it says plasma's, I am shocked!

    9 Sep 22:14 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    Man, I need a 5 year warranty on my next tv or however long cus this crap is annoying, I had the tv I mentioned that went out for 3 or 4 years, and fuck I will be damned if another one goes out.. I will looked in to seeing if I can get a good LCD for video games

    9 Sep 22:07 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    If I could spend more cash I would update it to a better brand, but I rather put more cash into my main tv I use. Plus I didnt have enough cash for my second tv and it was on sale. But I mean movies and gaming all of the good stuff I watch on my main tv. The one in my room is just for late night or day time boredom when I am laying down it still has a decent hd quality. I just dont see a need for spending a lot on a second tv that I dont really care about the brand. As long as it comes in clear and it oleases me to whatever degree and I am not using it for stuff that I would feel the quality is needed on it doesnt matter. Plus it was on sale as I said :p why not get it for just watchingtv in bed.

    7 Sep 23:37 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    Nope. Not anymore! But I am going to look into getting a good LCD 1080p tv. I want 50 inches again! Or 60"..i will be damned if I could fit a 90" tv in my room. Haha! That would be epic with a super surround sound audip system. My currebt tv is a decent brand but it is an LG. It was plasma though. So I know it is out dated technology but it is a reallly nice fairly high rated tv. I just do jot think plasma will be worth it next time. LED tvs are shit. But I doubt I could afford a smart tv that is lcd st the size I want. But I get what I need from my game console which is netflix and it has usb ports and all that shit you need in a good tv. These repair guys say that the most tv repairs they do is on a samsung tv. I just need to know what kind of tv can take the abuse from gaming. That is all I use it for and movies. I have a cheaper tv flat screen in my bed room only 39" 1080p but it is not as good as my main tv since I just watch late night television nothing special

    7 Sep 23:30 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    Well, I'll be damned. My tv is messed up! It has this small black bar going across the tv on the bottom area. This tv repair man claims it is burned in cus of gaming on it. However looking it up online it says when a driver goes bad in yhe tv there will be a black bar. It was an expensive tv, but I think I might get another tv. I know for a fact it is NOT burned in. Bevause if it was from a game andit isnt bbecause I alway never keep my tv on when it is not being used and is on a gaming screen I may of paused for a while, I am going to get another opinion. It is a solid black bar and none of my games have such a bar on them. And fuck I used that tv a long time playing games for 4 or more hours at once and shit like this never happened before.

    6 Sep 21:51 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    I do not think I will get an Xbox 1, it is made for more of sport fans, but some games look interesting on it. Video games, are addicting sometimes.. I however do not play many lately.

    4 Sep 21:32 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    I get what you mean, and noo steering wheel. haha! It would be so hard to use a gaming steering wheel, I had one on the first Xbox, I believe, and it was not easy to use. I do not know if they even have a steering wheel for the PS4, but it will be a few weeks before I get one I believe. My brother is buying me one. :p I do not need to spend over 500 out of my pocket and fuck, for the internet service my friend said it is 50 dollars for a year! I hope it comes with a free month, cus his did when he got one.

    4 Sep 21:29 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    What does that mumble jumble mean? lol. My game if you mean PS4 wise, I wantthe game called The Crew . Go look at it on the youtubez.

    2 Sep 12:46 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    Nein! Throwing some German your way, here. :p I know basic German words. Other than that I don'tknow jack shit about that language . But yeah.. uhhh my life is boring. I will probably never answer that question with anything other than, nope all the time. Ha! Oh, I will be most likely getting a PlayStation 4 finally.. So I can be hip with all the kidz now-a-dayz. But I still have my PlayStation 3. I won't get ris of that shit I invested too much money in that system with games and downloadable contentin the past years, I will keep it until it shits out on me.

    1 Sep 3:16 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    Haha! Yes, but a lot less barren.

    19 Ago 17:40 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    Ah, I wosh I could go to the beach. There is a really cool place I want to go here called Garden of the Gods. Google it, and look at the images. Itis a huge area, but has very beautiful scenery. Thereare oyher places I want to go here as well. I been inside a cave before.

    16 Ago 0:57 Responder
  • Pyramid_Stomp

    LOVE your tunes......really like the new pics you put up on The Pyramids page ! Cheers from Northern California. ;D

    15 Ago 20:50 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    I will let you know when something ever interesting happens in my life. It just is the same lol.. I need a vacation! 😩

    15 Ago 10:24 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    Well, after 50yrs, I think life begins to go downhill. Your body begins to sag. Ball sag! Haha!

    12 Ago 14:24 Responder
  • In-Dying-Days

    Thanks! And summer here has been more rainy than usual. Also too I do not remember that story. I will have to look into it. :)

    6 Ago 12:43 Responder
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