It's 5-star Wednesday!


5 Dic 2007, 12:51

Based on the brilliant idea from Anrky comes my very own 5-star rating-day dedicated to my highest rated songs. I've got 102 tracks queued up for a total of 7 hour 33 minues and 28 seconds of pure bliss. Here's the alphabetically sorted playlist of songs that for one reason or another makes me smile, cry or just swoon:


  • hdsander

    I prefer to use a shorter playlist of about 60 minutes random selected songs. So I get a new selection of songs every time I want.

    5 Dic 2007, 18:45
  • oslofish

    I wouldn't normally create a playlist this long either, but because it's a 5-star day, I figured I might as well fill up the entire workday! :D Next up is a day of The Nobodies - songs with 0 play. Goodness knows I've got tons of them! Are you finding alot of those in your library, too?

    5 Dic 2007, 18:58
  • hdsander

    Total number of my Nobodies: [b]63,217[/b] :D Due to a harddisk crash early this year the counters started over in march 2007. I don't think, I should publish the list here :D

    5 Dic 2007, 22:02
  • oslofish

    Woah - how many hours of music would that be? Years? :D Sounds like you've got the entire iTunes store on your hard drive! Cool... :) I actually managed to get through all my 5's today. Needless to say, it brought me much joy! Definitely something that needs to be done more often.

    6 Dic 2007, 1:40
  • _ole

    5 stars for Mr. Mister!!!!! :D [youtube][/youtube]

    7 Dic 2007, 21:27
  • oslofish

    Woah, nostalgia, Ole! It's been a while since I saw that video...thanks for posting! You've got to have some guilty pleasures in there, too, yeah? :)

    7 Dic 2007, 21:42
  • hdsander

    When listening to my 5-stars, I can't resist to pump up the volume. Especially the old tunes, ripped from vinyl, with this special atmosphere caused by noise, clicking and cracking make me pushing up the volume control. It would take 187 days to hear all tunes with zero count. Not a long time, if you consider that it's about 14,000 days ago when I started collecting music ;)

    10 Dic 2007, 18:39
  • hdsander

    Btw. your list has 64 matches in my library... not so bad, I think.

    10 Dic 2007, 20:51
  • oslofish

    Dieter, 64 mathches is not bad at all! how you say you're [b]collecting music[/b] - that'll give you an excuse to have a [i]large[/i] music library :D I've found joy in using the party shuffle in recent weeks. It's actually quite the feature, and by default I have it picking songs from my 4-star playlist (which currently is 1239 tracks), ensuring much needed play for these often neglected ones.

    11 Dic 2007, 10:20
  • hdsander

    I listen all my music using the party shuffle. I have some smartlists as input for the party shuffle: ...actual focus, ...actual favorites, ...listen now, forgotten gems etc. For listening to albums or playlists, I send them as play next to the party shuffle. So, I have a never ending music stream. For listening to single tracks the play next assures that my playlists continue playing after that track. In the german version Apple translates Party shuffle to Party-Jukebox - delete the party and the term matches the usage.

    11 Dic 2007, 11:04
  • georgethe23rd

    Not a bad idea, though I'm very sparing of my 5 star ratings, and therefore only have 10 of them. Even so, it won't hurt to play my favourite songs at least once a week! Thanks

    2 Ene 2008, 20:22
  • hdsander

    What's about 5-star albums? Since last year iTunes has the album rating. I use it to rate all albums I'm adding to the library. But there is more to play with: the smart playlist can select tracks from the album rating. I made a playlist to show all 5-star albums and got the list of the albums I rated as 5-star AND the albums with mostly 5-star rated tracks. I was surprised to find as much as 14 albums in the list.

    23 Ene 2008, 14:37
  • hdsander

    Wow! My smart playlists changed because iTunes newly accepts that 4½ stars greater than 4 stars. My 5-star playlist now includes the nearly 5-star (4½) tracks. I digg it. :)

    1 Mar 2008, 21:48
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